We all fixed our eyes on her until the caller hung up****

Tears rolled down her cheek as she dropped her phone on the bed.

“What is it again?” Juliet concernedly asked.

Our eyes all rolled in concurrence to Juliet’s query.

“It was his main chick on the phone,” Ijay said in a weary tone.

“OMG! Men are real scum,” I said with disappointment.

“Calm down babe, don’t even shed a tear for all this,” Prisca consoled Ijay as she offered her shoulders for her to lean on.

“But wait, Ijay did Dickson ask you out as you both hung out yesterday?” Juliet rightly asked.

“Yes, he even told me he wasn’t in any serious relationship, and he would wish us to try,” Ijay weakly replied.

“Men! Men! Nawaoh,” I exclaimed.

“Ijay, I’m so sorry that you have been the only one hurting this bad in less than a week. And this is even more annoying that all these hurts are coming from men. My candid advice is for you to steer clear of men for some time, no matter how they come,” Juliet advised.

“Wait o, na the main chick call you with his phone?” Prisca asked to reaffirm.

“Haba Prisca! What does it look like?” I said.

“No naa, this simply means that the bitch even spent the night with him after he dropped Ijay off,” Prisca said in rage.

“Na this kind thing dey always vex me where these men dey, can you imagine the foolish smartness?” Prisca continued.

My thoughts traveled immediately about Derek and I.

“What if he does something worse than this?”

“What if he equally wants to play the ‘youth corper’ game with me?”

“What precautionary measures can I apply?”

“I already like him enough!”

“God, please naa, give us the power to stop our hearts from falling in love when we want.”

“I wouldn’t want to go through what Ijay is going through o.”

“Although Derek looks calm, but them no dey write am for face naa.”

“Well, I will be careful as I can.”

Those were my thoughts as Juliet called my attention with her query.

“Ada, you are absent-minded o. Are you already imagining that Derek might act the same way?” Juliet asked.

“Juliet! You are too intuitive,” I replied.

“Yes naa, it was written all over your face for a deep observer not to notice,” Juliet said.

“Ada don’t feel scared, I think Derek is one of the few good ones that are remaining,” Prisca said.

“Yea, I think Derek is a nice person,” Ijay said.

“Ahhh! Ijay even you that is hurting is commenting and putting in your vote for Derek too?” I asked with smiles.

We all burst into relieving laughter for a few minutes.

“See babes, wetin dey pepper me be say the stupid main chick called me a gold digger,” Ijay complained.

“The babe no get bad mouth be that naa,” Juliet cut in.

“Wetin be your point exactly?” Prisca asked Juliet with a little rage in her tone.

“Abeg leave Juliet. It’s like her ‘touch touch’ don start for her head,” I chimed in.

“But na true naa, the babe get good mouth,” Juliet replied repeatedly.

“It’s okay abeg, I’m always the reason for pity,” Ijay said.

“No naa babe, no feel like that. We are your friends, no mind this sex-starved bitch,” Prisca consoled Ijay and mouth-lashed Juliet at the same time.

At the sound of Prisca’s words to Juliet, I burst into uncontrollable laughter.

“Do I blame you?” Juliet replied.

“Why would you blame me? The truth they say is bitter,” Prisca further added.

I continued with my laughter.

“I can see you that is not sex-starved, Prisca,” Juliet said in a shaken tone.

“Na cry dey your voice so?” I mockingly asked Juliet.

“Cry for wetin? For Prisca bad mouth? She no reach,” Juliet said in defense.

I burst into laughter the more.

Ijay didn’t even know when she joined me in the comic relieve kind of laughter.

“The truth is; Prisca na just Prisca, she no be anybody friend,” Ijay said with smiles.

Prisca burst into laughter hearing Ijay’s description of her.

“No be so o, just that Juliet dey always feel say na only she get the monopoly of bad mouth. She no even sabi say she be learner for my side,” Prisca said.

But it’s like this one pepper Juliet wella o, see as her voice come change,” I playfully said.

We all burst into another round of uncontrollable laughter except Juliet who stood up in anger and went inside the bedroom.

Juliet’s action threw us all into another round of laughter.

“Chai! This one really touch Juliet o. Prisca no joke with sex again o,” Ijay said.

“Haba naa! If she wants to taste how sweet sex is, she should just let me know,” Prisca said in sarcasm.

“Unto sex provider you be naa?” I asked Prisca.

As she was about responding to my query, a knock came at the door.

“Who could that be this time?” I asked in an undertone as I stood up to go get the door.



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