It was Derek…just as I suspected.

“Good morning lover boy,” Juliet said to Derek.

I just intercepted as an owner of a precious gift.

“Good morning dear,” I said with smiles.

Derek was still trying to find himself as Juliet’s description of him threw him off-balance.

“Good morning my sunshine; how was your night?” Derek replied to my greeting.

“I talk am say, the heart rightly knows where it belongs,” Juliet exclaimed.

“Haba! Juliet, na wetin naa?” I asked shyly.

“You no see how Derek answer your greeting and ignored mine. On top say na me greet am first.”

We all burst into laughter as Derek drew me closer to his body.

“Juliet, no reason am like that o,” Derek pleaded as he dragged me into their apartment.

I was wondering what he wanted from me that early in the morning.

At the same time, I imagined the gossip that would be going on in our apartment.

“Juliet will sugarcoat this,” I muttered to myself.

“I’m sorry for dragging you in here without telling or asking first. I knew Juliet wasn’t going to stop her jokes, which was why I dragged you in. I’m sorry,” Derek said as he further dragged me inside his room.

I became a little-scared, bearing in mind how Ijay and Chuma’s own happened.

“What are we doing here?” I curiously asked.

“I’m sorry. We are doing nothing. I just wanted to show you my room and to ask you how you planned your day,” Derek calmly said.

On hearing that, I became a little bit comfortable.

“It’s Okay, your room is fine,” I replied.

“Thank you, Ada. Do you have plans of stepping out?”

“I don’t know yet, but why do you ask?” I asked curiously.

“I wanted to spend the day with you if you are free,” Derek replied.

“It’s okay, if I don’t step out I will come around,” I retorted.

“Thank you, Ada.”

“You are welcome. It’s that all?” I asked.

“Yes pretty, Let me walk you to your apartment,” Derek replied as we walked to their door.

Just as I was about turning around to bid him good-bye, he stole a kiss.

“OMG! That felt good,” I thought to myself as I tactfully withdrew.

I didn’t know if to be angry or happy, as I wore an indifferent look.

“Bye,” I muttered out to his hearing as I opened their door and walked to our apartment.

He was looking at me lustfully as if it was our first meeting while I walked away.

I knocked in front of our door, and Juliet opened up.

I saw how they were busy with the noodles.

“OMG! I forgot that I don’t eat cold noodles and I was busy chatting away with Derek,” I said in an undertone as I hurriedly joined in the eating.

“Haba! Ada, I thought that our lover boy had made breakfast in bed, and probably came to call you o. Just surprised you are struggling this noodle with us,” Juliet mockingly said.

“Ada eat jare, no mind Juliet; Nwanyi onu ugba (the woman with largemouth),” Ijay said.

I burst into laughter.

“If una like, curse me with Igbo, I don’t care,” Juliet said.

“Why won’t they curse you with Igbo when you hardly mind your business,” Prisca retorted.

“Haa! I was about saying that you are unnecessarily quiet,” I said referring to Prisca.

“Why won’t she be quiet when there’s food,” Juliet shaded back at Prisca.

“Yes o, I agree say I like food, but you are a busybody Juliet.”

“Mtcheeeew….., go and find a man Prisca,” Juliet replied.

We all burst into uncontrollable laughter because no one saw that response coming.

“Chai! Juliet, who do you?” Ijay playfully asked.

“They never do me o,” Juliet replied.

“See, you girls have been eating since, make una allow me make I chop small make this noodle settle for my belle,” I said.

“The kiss wey you chop for Derek room go full your belle no worry,” Prisca said.

I was confused as many thoughts ran through my mind in split seconds.

“Does it mean they saw us?”

“How did she find that out?”

Those were the conflicting thoughts going through my mind.

As I quickly summoned the courage to defend myself.

“Which kiss? Una dey dream o.”

“But no be bad thing if lover boy come collect his early morning kiss naa,” Juliet chimed in.

“I know say na this kind topic you dey like,” Ijay replied to Juliet.

“Abeg o, it’s too early to start thinking of kissing,” I smartly said in defense.

Immediately Ijay’s phone rang.

We had to grow quiet as she answered the call.

“It’s Dickson,” She muttered out to our hearing with smiles.

But as she picked the call, her beautiful happy face suddenly changed into a cloudy sky.


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