We woke up the next day being Friday, very happy as if we all just met.

“This is how we are supposed to be,” I said with smiles.

“You can say that again dear,” Ijay cut in.

“Wait, make una two no begin feel say we are the problem o,” Juliet playfully said.

“Juliet, who is the ‘we’ in your statement?” Prisca asked.

“Me and you naa,” Juliet replied.

“You dey craze, in fact, bomb dey your head,” Prisca playfully retorted.

We all burst into laughter for a few minutes.

“You dey add me to your category as babes wey no get bobo naa,” Prisca chimed in.

“You get bobo before?” Juliet playfully cut in.

“Dey there make pant dey wear you. You are the only one in that ‘booless’ zone o,” Prisca said.

“Abeg, both of una suppose dey comedy industry with this una craze,” Ijay said with smiles.

“Make we better think of wetin to eat this morning o, I don dey hungry already o,” I said as I yawned.

“Food dey kitchen naa, na to prepare cooking rooster remain,” Prisca said.

“Cooking rooster? Is that necessary?” Juliet asked.

“Yes o Juliet, I know say you no sabi cook; you must learn am,” Prisca replied.

“Well, I enjoy cooking and don’t see it as stress,” Ijay said.

“Thank you Ijay, no mind this monitoring spirit Prisca,” Juliet defensively replied.

“No Juliet, we must do the cooking rooster for you to learn,” I said.

“Thank you, Ada, you are in the spirit,” Prisca echoed.

“Wait! Juliet can’t cook?” Ijay surprisingly asked.

“Yes o, she is not good with anything in the kitchen,” Prisca replied.

“Haba! Are you me?” Juliet asked Prisca.

We all burst into laughter because that was a reigning slang at that time.

“But on a more serious note, Juliet, you need to learn,” I said.

“I know Ada, but I can’t learn with just practicing immediately without watching to learn how it’s done from you girls,” Juliet replied.

“Yea…you will watch and practice too,” Ijay said.

“Grown up woman like you can’t cook, you can’t even do the other type of cooking in the other room; Juliet that is too bad!” Prisca said with sarcasm.

We all burst into another uncontrollable laughter.

“Prisca you are a clown,” Ijay said with smiles.

“No, she’s permitted to yab me naa, that’s what I do to every other person here,” Juliet playfully said.

“Kai!” I exclaimed with smiles.

“I just love the happiness we are sharing this morning, but I will learn how to cook; it’s a promise,” Juliet said.

“No o, we don’t need your promises, it’s for your own good,” Prisca said.

“I know! big mouthed Prisca,” Juliet playfully replied.

“Well, all these haven’t solved my problem o,” I said.

“What’s your problem,” Juliet asked.

“I’m hungry,” I repeated.

“Well, nice to meet you; I’m Juliet,” Juliet replied with sarcasm as she brought her hand for a handshake.

That was when I understood what she meant.

We all burst into another round of laughter for a few minutes.

“It’s alright girls; let me enter the kitchen and make noodles and egg,” Ijay volunteered.

“Yaay!” Juliet screamed with excitement.

“Foodie that can’t cook,” Prisca playfully teased Juliet.

“Prisca free my case jare,” Juliet screamed.

I left them to help Ijay in the kitchen.

We started making noodles for four.

At a point, I started chatting with Ijay to the extent that we went personal.

“Ada do you really like Derek?” Ijay asked me.

“I can’t really say for sure, but I know that our last night dinner date stroke a chord in me.”

“That’s lovely Ada, just carefully give him a chance.”

“Ijay that’s the problem, the ‘carefully’ is not what one is in control of. You can’t tell your heart how to feel.”

“I know Ada, but just don’t rush it for now.”

“I know that dear, now, enough of me; what about you and Dickson?” I asked.

Ijay smiled for a few minutes before replying.

“He’s fine; he has called this morning.”

“Wow! Love in the air, I’m happy for you,” I said.

“I will equally take it easy as I advised you o Ada.”

“Yea…we all have to. You don’t really know with men,” I retorted.

“This noodle is big o, can we finish it?” Ijay said as she added the necessary sauce to the noodles.

I came closer and had a look at what she termed big.

“It’s not big o Ijay!” I said.

“It’s big for breakfast jare,” Ijay cut in.

Immediately Prisca eavesdropped on us in the kitchen as she joined us unannounced.

“I like it big Ijay, we will finish it,” Prisca said.

As I was about replying to her, a knock came at the door.

I left the kitchen to join Juliet in knowing who was knocking because something in me made me feel it was Derek.

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