“Good evening Derek,” Juliet greeted.

“Good night,” I cut in as I walked into our apartment.

“Good evening Juliet, how are you?” Derek replied as he chatted away with Juliet behind the door.

“Bebe, what’s up?” Prisca asked.

“I dey o.”

“Na empty hand you carry enter this house?” Prisca asked.

“I suppose come back with a broken hand?” I retorted.

“Haba naa, Babe, you no bring take-away?”

“I went for a dinner date not some beer parlor joint Prisca.”

“But you still suppose no come back empty naa babe.”

“Oya o, sorry I will make up for it tomorrow,” I chimed in.

“Good girl,” Prisca exclaimed.

“Ijay is not back?” I concernedly asked.

“Hmm! Are you expecting that one back soon?” Prisca said.

“Nawaoh…, abeg make I change my clothes,” I replied as I walked into the bedroom to change into something casual.

As I was on it, I noticed I was feeling uneasy with Juliet’s chat with Derek.

“What are they talking about by this time of the night?”

“Is Juliet trying to get words out from Derek’s mouth on how our dinner date went?”

“That silly girl that feels she’s smart.”

“That’s possibly what she’s trying to find out from Derek.”

“I’m even hearing her annoying laughter from here.”

“I’m just wondering if Derek would be stupid enough to let her in on our sweet moment today.”

“Wait a minute o, am I gradually falling for Derek already?”

Those were my conflicting thoughts as I heard the sound of the door, indicating that Juliet has finally left Derek.

I had to concentrate on my search for something casual to wear from my wardrobe.

After about two minutes, Juliet walked into our bedroom.

“Um, Babe, how was it naa?” Juliet asked me.

“You have gotten the gist out of Derek I suppose,” I replied with a tone of Jealousy.

“Wait o Ada, were you thinking that was what I was discussing with Derek?”

“I’m not thinking, I know that was what both of you were talking about.”

“OMG! Ada, you have fallen for Derek,” Juliet screamed to Prisca’s hearing.

Prisca had to hurriedly rush into the bedroom to know what Juliet was screaming about.

“Juliet what’s the problem,” Prisca asked.

“Ada is in love,” Juliet said as she hugged me from my back.

“Na only you know what you are talking about,” I muttered out with an atom of shyness.

“Did Ada tell you that?” Prisca asked Juliet.

“Good question my sister,” I cut in.

“Prisca she can’t deny it o. I came in here, and she started acting jealous that I was out with Derek,” Juliet replied to Prisca.

“Really? This is good. At least I can trust Ada that she won’t open too quickly like Ijay,” Prisca said.

We all burst into uncontrollable laughter for a few minutes.

“It’s confirmed that Juliet has infected you, Prisca,” I said with smiles.

“Ada no call my name o, Prisca’s mouth pass my own o.”

“But na true I talk naa. Who even knows if she has not opened for Dickson already,” Prisca added.

“You girls should let that mistake go naa, she must have learned from her mistakes,” I calmly said.

“I pray o,” Juliet echoed.

“But she left here some hours before Ada left and yet, she’s not back,” Prisca lamented.

“Prisca you dey surprise me for this your kind talk o. I been dey think say Ijay na your friend o,” Juliet mockingly said.

“She is my friend naa, just that I didn’t know that she was this loose. But that notwithstanding cannot stop me from saying the truth.”

“She will come back soon,” I said.

“Ada! Come back soon by 9:15 pm?” Juliet asked.

“Yes naa…maybe they went to a ‘happening’ area,” I replied.

“And you and Derek probably went to ‘a non-happening’ area right?” Prisca asked.


“Abeg Ada no dey form defender of the defenseless,” Prisca cut in.

“A good brought up lady should have been home by this time of the night. Not to even add to the fact that Dickson is a stranger,” Prisca said.

“Well, Prisca has a point. It’s getting late,” Juliet said.

“Once the time is 10:00 Pm, I will put a call through to her,” I said as I dived into the bed.

Suddenly a knock came at the door and we all ran to the door to know who was knocking.

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