Juliet hurriedly opened the door without asking to know who it was.

But thank God it was really who we were expecting, but not alone.

It was Ijay and Dickson.

We were a little surprised that Ijay came up with Dickson to our apartment.

“Good evening,” three of us echoed at once.

“Yea…how are you girls?” Dickson asked with smiles.

“We are fine,” Juliet replied.

Dickson handed over nylon of packages to Prisca.

“Well, I wanted to make sure that Ijay got home safe. See you girls some other time,” Dickson said as he turned around to take his leave.

“Alright, Goodnight,” We all echoed as we went inside and locked the door.

Ijay was filled with smiles that we couldn’t help but put our distinct differences behind and ask her why she was so happy.

“Ijay Ijay! Wetin dey sweet your body like this?” Prisca asked.

We all dived into the bed to hear gist.

“Nothing girls, I’m just happy,” Ijay replied.

“No naa, this kind of happiness is not ‘just,’ there’s more to it to ‘just’?” Juliet said.

At that point, I felt nothing for Ijay but love.

I was happy that she met someone that made her feel loved.

I wasn’t envious like before.

“Maybe Dickson proposed,” I suggestively said.

“Haba Ada! On a first date?” Ijay retorted.

“Yes naa, miracles still happen; or are you not a Christian?” Prisca sarcastically cut in.

We all burst into laughter for a few minutes.

“But seriously girls, I think Juliet must have passed her food to Prisca because my friend is no longer the same,” Ijay said with smiles.

“Why una dey talk this kind talk naa? Prisca just decided to be Prisca, and it has nothing to do with me,” Juliet replied.

“Yes o, why are you girls accusing Juliet naa? This is me o,” Prisca replied.

“Please I’m interested in this gist Ijay, don’t cover this gist with Prisca and Juliet talk,” I inquisitively said.

“Me too, please Ijay what happened?” Juliet asked.

“If Juliet no dey interested who will?” Ijay said.

“Yes, I agree say I be tatafo (gossip) only for tonight o,” Juliet said.

“Well, he asked me out, and I think he was genuine about the request,” Ijay said.

“Hmm…my friend, ‘you think’ has broken so many people’s hearts o. I’m not trying to sound pessimistic, just be careful and don’t rush it,” Prisca said.

“Yea, I think Prisca is right. Ijay I would love to see you smile like this every day, which is the more reason you have to be very careful in other to know and not ‘think’ that he’s genuine,” I said.

“Well, I’m of a different opinion though! I think she should just date him with no strings attached,” Juliet said.

“How can I do that?” Ijay asked Juliet.

“Juliet are you okay?” I asked with disappointment.

“Wait make I explain wetin I mean girls. I mean she should just date him for fun, no sex and just for fun.”

“And how long do you think the ‘no sex’ rule can last?” Prisca asked Juliet.

“For as long she wants to date,” Juliet replied.

“Hmm…truly you are still a novice with men Juliet. It’s hard to find a man who spends on you and takes care of your need without demanding for sex,” I said.

“It’s not just hard but very hard Juliet. This will not work at all,” Prisca said.

“Well, I gave my opinion though!” Juliet weakly said.

“It’s alright girls. I can see that you all meant well with your advice. I truly do appreciate that I will do as you all have said. I will just watch and take things easy without investing my feelings yet.” Ijay said.

“Good one dear, that will be perfect,” I said.

“Hmm…meanwhile what’s inside the nylon?” Prisca asked as she reached for the nylon to unveil the package.

“Wow, Fish barbecue! Dickson and Ijay is a goal,” Prisca screamed with excitement.

“Menh! This night is fun,” Juliet exclaimed.

We rallied round together as we descended on the big fish.

Ijay said she was too filled and didn’t join us in the eating.

We equally had a Chivita juice to wash it down our stomach.

We chatted away as we enjoyed the fish together.

At a point, Ijay left us to have her night bath.

But that was a fulfilled united night for us all.

A night void of quarrels and misunderstandings.

After eating the sweet fish barbecue, we had our night bath and kept chatting.

We even forgot that it was getting too late in the night.

We ended up sleeping all in one bed.


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