He opened the front car door for me, and I entered with smiles.

Not until that tiny evil spirit voice sent by my village people spoke to me.

“See as you dey shine teeth for inside another man car, c’mon close your teeth.”

As that ministration came to me, I packaged my smiling face back to normal.

Derek entered the car immediately as we drove off.

“I’m thrilled, seriously.”

“I can’t wait to have you in my life, Ada.”

“Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t ask me any question,” Derek said with smiles.

I just giggled with no words in mind to reply.

“Talk to me Ada, is it that you don’t like knowing much about people?” Derek further queried.

“Not that Derek, just that I felt I could find out by myself with time,” I replied.

“Well, that’s nice. So where are you from in the east?” Derek asked.


“Okay…where in Anambra?” Derek further asked.

“Do you know anywhere there?” I retorted.

Derek laughed and teased me.

“Naija babe, answer me joor.”

“Okay…I’m from Nnewi,” I replied.

“Wow! Place of wealth for the state,” Derek screamed in excitement.

“How did you know that?” I curiously asked.

“Because I’m from Anambra too,” Derek replied.

“It’s a lie, you are not Igbo,” I retorted.

He laughed for some minutes, and my curious eyes didn’t leave his face, because I wanted to hear the next lie he would tell me.

“O maka na mu adiro asu Igbo? ( Is it because I don’t speak Igbo)?” Derek said.

I was shocked to my bones.

“Goddddddd…..,” I screamed.

Do you know why I was shocked? It’s because I have abused him severally in the Igbo language.

I thought he was from Rivers with Kelvin.

“Why are you so surprised?” Derek asked.

“I thought you were from Rivers with Kelvin,” I replied.

“Mba o (No o), I’m from Orifite in Anambra state.”

“Wow! So we are from the same state?” I said with smiles.

“Yes Ada, that’s part of the attraction…I guess.”

“Although I didn’t grow up there and can’t speak fluently, but I always try my best,” Derek said.

“That’s nice…so where did you grow up?” I asked.

“Haa…at last, my lady has asked a query,” Derek playfully said.

We both burst into laughter for a few minutes.

“Well, I grew up in Lagos and partly London.”

“Hmmm….London?” I exclaimed.

“Yes! I stayed there for two years for my post-graduate program.”

“I see…this is nice,” I excitedly said.

“Yes Ada, and I want you in my life to make my life nicer,” he playfully added.

We both burst into another round of laughter.

“So indirectly, you are calling me Miss. Nice right?” I asked.

“Yes Ada, I love you so much. I can’t hide it anymore. Just give me the chance to express my feelings,” Derek said as he stopped in front of our gate.

“I will give it a thought…I promise,” I replied because his eyes were fixed on mine.

“Alright…thanks so much, I appreciate,” Derek said as he opened the car to open the gate.

My thoughts traveled as usual.

“Hmm…this might be a good try o.”

“Maybe I should give it a thought and see how this goes.”

“But won’t he be like the rest of the guys I have come across?”

“Mba o (No o), he has crossed the border and might not be as foolish as Chuma and Kelvin.”

“Even Queen attested to that.”

“Hmm,…I just have to be careful.”

Those were my thoughts as Derek came back into the car and drove in.

He parked properly, wind up the car glass and pecked me on the forehead.

“I love you,” Derek said as we both exchanged a warm hug.

I opened the car and came down.

He equally came down, locked the car and held me by the hand as we both climbed the stairs without speaking any word to each other.

We got to our door, and he knocked for me.

“I’m home already Derek!” I said.

“I know, but I need to see you enter the house,” he replied.

As we were still deliberating on that, Juliet opened up.


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