As I opened the door, I saw Derek looking so handsome than usual.

I smiled with my dimples on display.

We had to exchange a warm hug.

“You look so beautiful,” Derek whispered into my ears with smiles.

“You too,” I replied as we disengaged from the hug.

“Let’s go dear,” Derek said as he held me by the hand and we walked down the staircase.

I quickly remembered that Derek doesn’t have a car, so I wondered how we were going to go for the dinner date.

“This kind date no need public taxi o.”

“I just wonder how we are going to go.”

Those were my thoughts as Derek walked me to Kelvin’s car.

“Okay, that’s nice. He had to collect Kelvin’s car key? Well, anything for this romantic date,” I muttered to myself.

Derek opened the front car door for me to enter.

“Thank you,” I said with smiles as I entered the car.

He closed the car and moved to the driver’s seat.

He tightened his seatbelt and started the car immediately.

We drove out of the compound.

I had little fear because I have never seen Derek drive.

Although I tried subduing the insecurities with Juliet and Prisca’s WhatsApp chats.

“Hope you are okay?” Derek asked.

“Yea…sure!” I uncertainly replied.

“You are beautiful,” Derek repeated.

“You are good looking too,” I replied as I turned to look at him, beaming up smiles.

His eyes and mine locked as he smiled too.

“Those killer dimples though!” Derek softly chimed in.

I smiled as I distracted myself the more with my phone.

We both went silent on each other until he got to where he wanted us to have the dinner date.

Contrary to what I felt, he drove very well.

He navigated into the hotel and carefully parked the car.

He came down from the car and rushed to open the door for me, but I didn’t let him.

Before he could get to my door, I had already opened it.

“Hey. I wanted to get that for you,” Derek said.

“It’s alright; I got that already,” I retorted.

He held me by the hand as we walked into the private dining in the hotel.

We sat at a corner as the waiter walked towards us.

“Good evening,” the waiter greeted as she handed over the menu to us.

I marked what I wanted on the menu, and Derek did the same and handed the menu back to the waiter who was standing patiently.

“I will be right back with your orders,” the waiter said as she walked away.

“Alright,” Derek replied.

I re-adjusted and concentrated on Derek as he held my hand.

“Thanks for agreeing to come here with me,” Derek said with smiles.

“It’s fine,” I replied.

At that point, my thoughts traveled a bit.

“This guy is truly cool and handsome though.”

“Maybe I should just give him the chance to try.”

Those were my thoughts as Derek brought me back to reality with his question.

“Are you dating?” Derek asked.

I was confused as my mind visited so many factors in a few minutes.

I felt like saying yes to discourage him.

And at the same time, I felt like saying ‘no’ to encourage him.

“Ada, please tell me the truth, I want to know,” Derek chimed in.

“It’s complicated,” I replied.

“But that’s a lie Ada,” I thought to myself.

But that was the only answer that came to my mind to give.

“How complicated?” Derek asked.

“I can’t say to an extent,” I replied.

“Can I complicate it more?” Derek said with sarcasm.

We both giggled at his comment.

“Ada, I like you a lot, and I would want you to be my girlfriend,” Derek said with all boldness.

I went speechless as he fixed his eyes on me.

Luckily for me, the waiter showed up with the orders to save me some amount of shyness.


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