After about an hour, I was woken up by urine, so I had to use the comfort room immediately.

It was almost 6:00 pm at that time but the house looked deserted as I could even hear my breath.

So quiet that I began to wonder if I was the only one at home.

I had to walk to the sitting room to confirm my suspicion; there I found Juliet and Prisca sleeping like unconscious pregnant women.

I stood there wondering how Juliet could sleep with her mouth opened.

“No wonder she talks too much and meddles into peoples’ businesses,” I said in an undertone.

I felt like playing silly by capturing her with my phone camera as evidence, but I changed my mind as I heard a knock on the door.

“Who could it be? Could it be Ijay?” I thought to myself as I walked towards the door to unlock it.

I opened the door, and it was DEREK!

“Haba! It’s not yet time naa,” I muttered to myself as I forcefully beamed up a smile because I was a bit thrown off balance.

“Good evening,” I greeted.

“Good evening my Ada, how are you?” Derek replied.

“I’m fine,” I retorted.

“I see…I came to request for something from you,” Derek said.

“What could that be this time?”

“I’m sorry, just that I find it a little absurd that I will come and knock at the door to get to you. I was hoping I could get your phone number so that I can call you up instead,” Derek said with calmness.

“It’s alright, let me call it out for you since you have a phone,” I replied.

I called out my phone number for him, and that made his day because one could easily tell from his facials.

“Thank you so much. I will call you up in an hour, hope that is okay by you?” Derek asked.


“Thank you once again,” Derek appreciated with smiles.

“You are welcome,” I chimed in as I went back inside the house.

I felt Derek’s knock at the door woke the girls up.

“Girls, what’s up?” I asked Prisca and Juliet.

“Fine, is it time for una (you and Derek’s) dinner already?” Prisca concernedly asked.

“By this time? I don’t think so,” Juliet replied.

“Madam Juliet, is that how you sleep?” I mischievously asked.

“Ada, how do you mean?” Juliet asked.

“But we didn’t sleep for so long,” Prisca innocently cut in.

“I’m not talking about how long you girls slept,” I replied with mischievous smiles.

“Then what do you mean Ada,” Juliet asked.

“Juliet you sleep with your mouth open,” I said.

Prisca burst into annoying laughter, and I joined her.

“That’s a lie, I don’t sleep that way,” Juliet defensively said.

“OMG! Just that my phone wasn’t within my reach, I wanted to capture that as a proof.”

“Please if you don’t have any other joke to throw at me you keep quiet,” Juliet said with rage in her tone.

“Juliet you play with people and throw annoying words anyhow, but just because Ada said what she observed from your sleeping pattern which you should work on and change, you are getting angry. Well, that will not work for me o,” Prisca said.

“Wait, Prisca, do you mean to tell me that you believe what Ada just said?” Juliet turned to Prisca and asked.

“Of course, I do. Ada cannot lie or play with such.”

“Biko (Please) don’t be angry Juliet; I don’t want to start a fight this evening. I was just saying what I saw,” I chimed in.

“Chai! Juliet has poured levels o. Opening mouth while sleeping can be so disgusting,” Prisca mischievously said as she burst into uncontrollable laughter and I joined her again.

Juliet didn’t say any other words to Prisca and I.

She was angry about how we made a joke with her sleeping pattern.

So I left them, went into the bedroom and changed up to my towel to run a bath and start preparing for my dinner date with Derek.

The time was running so fast that I had to hurry my bath.

I checked my wardrobe and brought out a pink colored midi gown.

I looked for a perfect blue colored heely sandal to complete the look.

While I was at it, Prisca walked into the room.

“OMG! Babe, this is so lovely. Derek is going to bite his tongue tonight,” Prisca complimented.

“Thank you, dear,” I replied with smiles.

“Abeg make-up wella o, no be your team natural make-up,” Prisca added.

I giggled at her comment and sat down to apply my make-up.

After about 30 minutes, I was done with my makeup, packed my hair and was ready to meet Derek.

“I swear, you slayed this look babe,” Prisca said.

“Thank you, Prisca,” I replied.

After about an extra five minutes, my phone started ringing.

I looked at the number, but it wasn’t saved in my contact list so I guessed it could be Derek.

I picked the call immediately, and it was Derek.

UNKNOWN CALLER: Hello Ada, it’s Derek, I’m at your door.

ME: Alright.

And he hung up***

“See you girls later,” I said to Prisca and Juliet as I walked to the door to join Derek.


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