“Abeg did my phone ring?” Ijay asked.

“Who you dey ask?” Prisca rhetorically replied Ijay as she reached for one of the food packs.

“Mtcheeew….,” Juliet sighed as she handed over some money to Chidinma.

“Thank you so much, Chi!” I said in appreciation as Chidinma walks away.

“Alright,” Chidinma replied as she closed the door behind her.

“Ijay its like you are expecting an important call,” I inquisitively asked.

“Yes o, Dickson said he was going to call me,” Ijay replied.

“Oh! I see…,” I retorted.

“Wetin you see Ada?” Juliet asked.

“I don’t know o,” Prisca chimed in with food stuffed in her mouth.

“I know say you dey regret now why you even asked her that question,” Juliet instinctively said.

“Why is that?” I asked apprehensively.

“Because her answer gave you electric shock for body naa,” Juliet replied.

“Abeg, Juliet free me o,” I cut in.

“Why would that answer give her electric shock sef?” Prisca asked.

“My sister, help me ask Juliet o,” I said.

“We all know that Ada liked Dickson. In fact, it was because of this Dickson you almost lost Derek,” Juliet said.

“Oo! Mrs. Mind reader, I see you o,” I said as I carried my own food to eat.

“No be a matter of mind reader anything, Ada. Just tell yourself the truth for once,” Juliet said.

“Well, just that people are different o. Because left for me, I can’t go for that Dickson guy; I prefer genuine people like Derek,” Prisca said.

Ijay just quietly sat there with us and distracted herself with her phone.

“Why do you think Dickson is not genuine?” Juliet asked.

“Haba! You are not blind not to see the bad guy qualities written all over him,” Prisca replied.

“Hmm…seers association I hail o,” I mischievously added.

“Ada abeg just eat, I’m trying to understand what Prisca is saying,” Juliet said.

“See, Dickson has it all….the looks and the money. He knows that women will always rush him. Do you all know the funny thing?” Prisca asked.

“What?” Inquisitive Juliet asked.

“He noticed that Ada likes him,” Prisca said.

“It’s a lie,” I cut in to cover up that I like Dickson.

“See Ada o, even you wey the claim say you know men. See girls, do you know why he rather came for Ijay?” Prisca asked.

“No o, please continue it’s like I’m beginning to see in your direction,” Juliet hyperactively said.

“He noticed that Ijay was behaving as if she had no interest and he knows that the opposite is always the case with such kind of people,” Prisca said.

“Chai! This is ‘Uncover the play guy game 101’ OMG! Prisca na you be the real mama here o,” Juliet said as she stood up to dance in front of Prisca.

“Mtcheeeew….bunch of nonsense,” Ijay said as she stood up and walked into the bedroom.

“See, Madam congo come back and enjoy this lecture because na you need am pass,” Juliet said to Ijay.

We all burst into laughter for a few minutes.

“Wait a minute Juliet, why are you like this?” I asked.

“Ada seriously, this Prisca babe is bad, and I love her,” Juliet said.

“But Ijay has not carried her food o,” I said as I pointed to the remaining pack of food.

“Maybe she’s not hungry naa,” Juliet said.

“I think she has plans with Dickson. She just came in and had her bath and at the same time, anticipating his call,” Prisca said.

“You are right; maybe she’s expecting him to come take her to somewhere she would eat,” Juliet said.

“Wetin concern me? If she likes, make she no chop because of man. This is almost 4:00 pm and she hasn’t eaten? Well, I will eat for her,” Prisca said.

“But Prisca you are right with this your analogy o, chai! I just pray Ijay would be careful around him,” Juliet chimed in.

“If she like make she open gate for him on the first day, it’s not my business. She’s an adult, and she’s responsible for everything that happens to her life,” Prisca said with a tone of rage.

“Haba Prisca! She’s your friend naa,” I said.

“That, I have not denied. But that doesn’t mean that we as friends can’t tell ourselves the bitter truth,” Prisca retorted.

“Seriously, I was thinking she had some sense, but it baffles me every day how she handles issues. Especially man issues,” Juliet said.

“Make we just free Ijay abeg, she understands herself better,” I said.

“It’s okay that way o because I’m not ready to console an adult over a mistake she decided to do,” Prisca said.

After about 25 minutes, Ijay stepped out all dressed and made-up.

“Where are you headed,” I inquisitively asked since she could only respond to me.

“I’m going out with Dickson, he’s waiting for me in front of the gate already,” Ijay replied.

“It’s alright dear, please don’t return empty o,” I said with smiles.

“I won’t,” She replied as she opened the door.

“Yes Ijay, what about your food? Can we eat it?” I asked.

“You are the only one permitted to eat it, Ada,” Ijay said as she shut the door behind her.

“Mtcheeew….nonsense,” Juliet said as she walked to the kitchen.

“Prisca you said you wanted to eat the food, carry it and eat,” I said.

“I have suddenly lost appetite,” Prisca replied.

“Uhh! I’m heavy now if you girls don’t eat it when I wake up from this short nap I’m going to take, then I would,” I said as I walked into the bedroom to sleep.


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