“Wow! Talk of the devil,” I said in an undertone.

It was Dickson!

“Hello girls, we meet again!” Dickson said as he winds down the car glass.

“Good day,” we all echoed.

“Where are you girls headed?” Dickson asked.

“We are going to the market to shop for some food items,” I hurriedly replied.

“Wow, that’s nice. Maybe I will come over in the evening to enjoy your delicacies,” he said with smiles.

“You are always welcome,” I replied with coy smiles.

“Thank you, Ada, Ijay how are you?” Dickson asked.

Immediately Ijay turned towards him because she previously paid no concern to his pleasantries.

“I’m fine,” Ijay replied with mischievous smiles.

“Can I have your number please?” Dickson demanded.

“Sure!” Ijay hurriedly went closer and called out her digits for him.

I felt so bad seeing all that.

After about two minutes, Dickson concluded with Ijay and drove off.

Ijay returned to us all smiles.

“Chai! The kind drama no be small thing o,” Prisca said.

“You can say that again,” Juliet cut in with mischievous laughter.

“Hey. Oga stop,” Prisca stopped a taxi.

We all entered immediately and headed to the market.

I wore a long face, as we were on our way while Ijay smiled all through.

“Ada are you okay?” Juliet asked me with a mockery face.

I ignored her question and distracted myself with my phone.

She and Prisca burst into laughter.

“So las las, na Ijay come win this fight?” Prisca said.

“Please please, don’t mention Ijay there o,” Ijay cut in.

“Aunty Calm down, no too rejoice before wetin happen in 1900 will repeat itself,” Juliet said.

Prisca and Juliet burst into another round of laughter.

“Chai! These children get bad mouth o,” I muttered to myself as I pretended as if I didn’t hear what they both said.

“But this twist good o,” prisca said.

“Why do you think so?” Juliet queried.

“So that some people’s eyes will be off someone else’s property.”

“Well, you have a point. You failed to add, ‘so that Ada can equally concentrate on the one that loves her.’” Juliet added.

“You are right Juliet,” Prisca replied.

At that point, I felt like leaving my anger mood, so I replied to their discussion.

“Prisca, when did Juliet convert you into something else?” I playfully asked.

“Haa! Madam Ada is out of her bad mood,” Juliet said.

“Ada Ada! You na fine girl sha. No dey make man’s choice to say otherwise,” Prisca said with smiles.

“Prisca, better leave Juliet to enjoy her witchcraft attributes alone. How can you both be gossiping with people that are here with you?” I asked.

“I wonder o,” Ijay cut in.

“Abeg! We can accommodate Ada and not you. Just shift with your ‘oversabi’ abeg,” Prisca replied to Ijay.

“Abeg, we don reach where we go stop o. Oga stop us here,” Juliet beckoned on the taxi driver.

“But we don entertain this driver sha!” Prisca said as Juliet settled the driver’s payment.

“No be small entertainment o. Una know say I been sit for front seat, I caught him smiling to himself many times,” I replied.

“Let’s go, girls,” Juliet demanded as we entered inside the market to shop.

We shopped for more than an hour.

“Thank God we even wrote down a list of what we needed, what if we didn’t?” Prisca said as she sounded so tired from the hot weather.

“I’m telling you o, this market no be small something o,” Ijay said as we all worked to a junction in search of a taxi.

“The truth is, I don’t have any strength to cook o,” Juliet said.

“Even me o,” I gave up too.

“So what should we do naa, because I’m very hungry,” Ijay said.

“Your own is better that you are very hungry, what about me that’s terribly hungry?” Prisca said in sarcasm.

We all burst into laughter.

“But this is not a laughing matter o, wetin we go chop?” Prisca chimed in.

“Yea…I was thinking we should stop by Chidinma’s mother’s restaurant and beg Chidinma to bring us food because we can’t afford to stop there before heading home; the loads are too much,” I suggestively said.

“You have a nice suggestion Ada, I kind of like that,” Juliet said.

“Me too, anything food will cure my tired nature right now,” Prisca said.

After about five minutes, a taxi surfaced.

We packed all we bought into the car boot and headed back home.



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