It was queen!

She was in a sober mood as Chuma held her so close to himself.

“It’s alright, later,” I said to Derek as I went into my apartment.

“Girls, guess who I saw climbing up the stairs,” I screamed.

“Who?” Ijay asked.

“Guess naa,” I hyperactively replied.

“Queen,” Juliet replied.

“It’s a lie,” Prisca cut in.

“You are right Juliet,” I said.

“I thought the lady had sense, now I know she has none,” Ijay said with rage in her tone.

“Babe! Why would you talk like that? Do you know what it means to be with someone for ten good years? They can’t just separate because of you,” Prisca said to Ijay.

“Gbam! Ijay, don’t allow me to start looking at you with bad belle eye o,” I said.

“You people should free her, she will be fine las las,” Juliet replied.

“Why is it that all of you have refused to see that she made the wrong of all choices by coming back?” Ijay said.

“Leave them alone,” three of us echoed into Ijay’s ears.

“Please….,” Ijay said as she angrily stood up and went into the kitchen.

“See me see winch o,” Prisca said in amazement.

“If I talk now, all of una go conclude say, Juliet get bad mouth. Ijay no get sense at all, the only sense wey she get na bedmatics, and that’s why they keep shining her congo anyhow.”

“You are mad Juliet,” Ijay cut in with rage as she walked towards Juliet as if she was going to swallow her that minute.

“Babe calm down, just that you dey misyarn I swear,” Prisca said as she stopped Ijay from getting close to Juliet.

“How do you mean say I dey misyarn?” Ijay asked Prisca with rage.

“No dey puff up for me, the truth be say, you no yarn this talk well,” Prisca added.

“Abeg shift, no be you bring me out,” Ijay said as she pushed Prisca aside to meet Juliet.

But Prisca is strong because she drew Ijay back immediately.

That stunt even got Ijay scared as she just drew her back with one hand.

“See Ijay, make we dey respect ourselves for this house. Wetin Juliet do now? Because she talk true?” Prisca asked Ijay.

“She said no truth, she just insulted me,” Ijay replied.

“But na your yarn first insult you sef. You yarn nonsense, and we are trying to tell you that your response came with enough witchcraft ingredient, but you don’t want to listen to us,” Prisca replied.

“Because I told the truth?” Ijay asked.

“Biko which truth Ijeoma? Truth from where?” I asked Ijay in a harsh tone.

“If I were her, I wouldn’t have accepted him back,” Ijay said.

“But you are not her naa, let them be,” Juliet said.

“Yes Ijay, let them be,” Prisca cut in.

As Ijay was about replying, we heard Chuma’s car horn, and we all rushed to the window to peep.

We saw how Chuma carefully opened the front door for Queen and put her bags in the boot.

“What is happening?” I curiously asked.

“My dear, I’m lost too. Where could they be going to?” Juliet asked.

“I feel they want to go spend some time alone,” Prisca said.

“Mtcheeeew…,” Ijay sighed as she left us at the window.

“Winch,” Prisca said with rage.

“I don’t even understand this babe one bit,” I said.

“She’s too complicated for my liking. Well, no be she they shine her congo!” Juliet said.

We all started laughing because it came out very hilarious.

“Why una dey laugh naa,” Juliet sarcastically asked.

“I just pray and wish this incidence will perfect their relationship,” I said.

“Amen o,” Juliet echoed.

“I believe in second chance, maybe, this might change Chuma,” Prisca said.

“I pray so too. The truth is that they look good together,” Juliet said.

“Yea…I wonder how beautiful their children would be,” I cut in.

“Haba Ada! Na so you like love?” Prisca asked.

“Leave Ada, and her pretense, after having secret meetings anyhow with Derek,” Juliet said.

“Juliet! Secret meeting?” I playfully asked.

“Yea that reminds me, what was Derek telling you?” Prisca asked.

“Nothing special, he wants us to have dinner this evening,” I replied.

“Wow! Love in the air,” Juliet said.

“Which love?” I asked as I left the window because Chuma has driven off with Queen.

“Ada admit it jare, you love Derek,” Prisca screamed.

“Hey. Prisca reduce your voice before you break the girl code,” Juliet cautioned.

I just laughed about their playful assertions.

We all took our bath and got ready to head to the market to buy some food items for the house.

I finished first and was waiting for them to finish up.

“Ada, you love mild makeup,” Prisca said.

“Yes….it’s not exhausting like the heavy one,” I replied.

“Better come and make-up very well so that Derek would be daydreaming,” Juliet said.

I laughed aloud for a few seconds before giving Juliet a reply.

“You are sick Juliet.”

Finally, we all were ready, and we left the apartment immediately.

“Menh! This sun is much,” Prisca complained.

“My dear o, how I wish we would see a good Samaritan like Dickson to give us a lift,” I said.

We have to trek to the junction before so as to get a taxi.

Just as we were about getting to the Junction, someone stopped his car in front of us.


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