“Who is that again?” Juliet asked.

“Abeg make e no be Queen o,” Prisca said.

“God forbid, if na Queen we are in trouble o,” I said.

The knock continued, and we had no option than to open the door in fear.

It was Chuma!

“Good morning,” I greeted.

“Good morning Ada, how are you?”

“Um! Chuma has never been this calm o,” I thought to myself before I replied.

“My night was fine.”

“Please, can you call Queen for me?” Chuma demanded.

“I’m sorry, but you just missed her.”

“Ada how do you mean by ‘I just missed her?’”

“Yea, she just left for the park back to Lagos,” I retorted.

“That can’t be true….,” Chuma screamed as he rushed back into their apartment.

“Oh! Poor boy,” Prisca said as they all observed his reaction from a distance.

I closed the door as we all observed from the window.

Chuma rushed downstairs and hurriedly opened the gate with Derek.

“I just wonder why Kelvin is not assisting Chuma,” Prisca said in an undertone.

“It’s simple, maybe Kelvin wasn’t in support of Chuma’s actions,” Juliet suggestively said.

“That’s not true, from what Derek told me,” Ijay said.

“What did Derek tell you?” all of us echoed at once.

“Nawaoh girls, make una calm down naa,” Ijay said.

“Tell us naa?” Juliet inquisitively demanded.

“Derek said that Kelvin and Chuma fought for the love of Queen and Chuma won. Since then, Kelvin doesn’t contribute in anything that concerns them,” Ijay said.

“Really?” Prisca asked.

“This is becoming interesting o,” I retorted.

“I feel Kelvin would have handled Queen better,” Juliet said.

“You are right Juliet, and the guy would be feeling bad for Queen,” Ijay said.

“I wish he would go after her now,” Prisca said.

“It’s not possible naa, because Queen would see that as an insult,” Ijay replied.

Chuma and Derek drove off in a hurry, and we had to retire to our positions.

“Come, Juliet, how much did Queen give us?” Prisca asked.

“I never even count am,” Juliet replied.

“Abeg count am o,” Ijay screamed.

“Una too like money,” I sarcastically said.

“No o, you no like money bah?” Juliet asked me.

“No be so o,” I replied.

“But what?” Prisca cut in.

“No o, you people should forget Ada for this money o,” Juliet said.

“Make una no try me o,” I said.

Juliet counted the money immediately.

“Na one million Juliet?” Ijay asked.

“Nawaoh! Make una free me naa,” Juliet playfully said.

“Okay, it’s ten thousand naira,” Juliet further added.

“Wow! What are we going to do with the money?” I asked.

“Which kind question be that?” Prisca asked.

“Na to blow am on flex naa,” Ijay said.

“Ada do you have anything in mind?” Juliet asked.

“Yea, I thought we should add it up to the money we would use for foodstuff in the house,” I replied.

“Hmm, that’s thoughtful though!” Ijay replied.

“That’s not a bad one too,” Prisca said.

“So can we?” Juliet asked.

“Yes,” We echoed at once.

“So I’m keeping the money,” Juliet said.

We all stood up to face our various daily activities.

After about an hour, Chuma drove in.

We all still gathered at the window to see if he came back with Queen.

But they took time to come out from the car.

Derek came down and climbed upstairs immediately.

But we were unable to see much from upstairs.

Derek made our observation more difficult by knocking on our door.

We all rushed to the door to see what Derek came for.

Ijay opened the door this time.

“Good morning,” we all greeted out of curiosity.

“Good morning girls, how was your night?” Derek replied.

“Fine, please did you guys see Queen?” Juliet asked.

“Yes, we saw her, but I came to see Ada,” Derek said.

The rest of the girls went in, and I came out to listen to Derek.

As I was about closing the apartment, because I came out to talk to Derek, something happened.

Derek gave me a warm hug that got me a little bit confused and irritated because I wasn’t expecting that from him.

“Are you Okay?” I asked.

“Yes, I am. I’m tired of coming too official. I love you, Ada.”

At that point, I was as confused as anything on the exact response to give.

“Derek this is not a good time for this!” I replied.

“I know, can we have dinner by 7:00 pm?” he asked.

“No problem,” I replied.

“It’s that a promise?” Derek asked.

“Yes!” I replied with smiles.

“Thank you,” he said as he hugged me again.

Just as I was about disengaging from the hug, guess who I saw climbing up the staircase….


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