The next morning, we all woke up very early because of Queen.

She needed to leave early back to Lagos.

“Nawaoh! Ten years old relationship gone just like that.”

“Chuma will regret all these.”

“I would have involved Ijay in this curse, but she’s as innocent as Queen.”

“How could she have known that Chuma had a girlfriend?”

“Well, Queen is a strong woman; I commend this bold step she’s taking.”

“She will definitely find someone better…that I know.”

“How can a pretty woman like this be wasting with that stupid Chuma?”

“Mtcheeew…I hope this will teach Chuma and the flat 5 boys some life lessons.”

“This is truly the case of ‘you don’t know what you have until you lose it.’”

Those were my thoughts until Queen called our attention with her comment.

“I’m ready to go girls.”

We all got up from our bed and changed into something better to see her off.

It was 6:30 am in the morning.

“I will miss you,” Juliet got emotional as she hugged Queen.

“I will miss you girls too Juliet, don’t worry I will invite you all to come once schools are on holiday.”

“Really? That will be lovely,” Juliet replied.

“Yes…the big compound will accommodate us all,” Queen said.

“You work at Lagos?” Prisca inquisitively asked.

“Yes, I’m a medical doctor at LUTH,” Queen replied.

“Wow! That’s lovely. Can I have your number?” Ijay demanded.

“Sure!” Queen replied as she shared her complimentary card amongst us.

“This is for you girls to take yourselves out because I was supposed to do that in appreciation,” Queen handed some money to Juliet.

“Wow! Thank you so much,” we all echoed as we walked her to the door with her bag.

“Wait a minute, do you girls intend on walking me until I get a taxi?” Queen asked as she paused at the door.

“Yes!” we echoed.

“No girls, go back to bed. I would want to walk alone.”

“Why?” I asked.

“For memory sake Ada,” Queen replied with a tap at my back.

“It’s alright then, here is your bag,” Prisca said as she handed over Queen’s bag to her.

“Thank you so much, girls,” Queen said as she left our apartment.

I closed the door immediately.

“Chuma is a big fool to have lost this woman,” Ijay said as she jumped into their foam.

“You caused this, hope you know?” Juliet asked Ijay.

“No Juliet, I didn’t,” Ijay replied.

“I think you partly did,” I added.

“From what Derek made me understand about Chuma, I can boldly say that I didn’t,” Ijay said.

“What did Derek tell you?” Prisca asked.

“Derek said that Chuma is feeling pressured about marriage because of the long-term commitment he has with Queen. The problem is; Chuma doesn’t want to marry now, so he wants to try a new relationship with someone younger to buy time,” Ijay said.

“Thunder wey never bath for one year go scatter Chuma head for me,” Prisca said.

“Amen,” I echoed.

“Karma will visit him,” Juliet said.

“Amen!” I echoed.

“So Madam, na you come be the person he wan use buy time?” Juliet asked Ijay.

“According to Derek,” Ijay replied.

“Then according to you which answer you give am?” I asked with a little rage in my tone.

“I told Derek that I would think about it,” Ijay replied.

“Chai Ijay, you wicked true true. You be wicked girl,” Juliet screamed.

“Wait, so you were very willing to think about playing a side chick to a single guy?” I asked Ijay.

“Babe, you fall hand for this your kind talk o, which one be that naa?” Prisca said.

“Wait, girls, I told him that I would think about it and that doesn’t mean I accepted,” Ijay cut in.

“Na the same meaning be that,” Prisca rudely interrupted her with a reply.

“Ijay so you love the pain Queen is going through?” I asked.

“You are bad Ijay,” Juliet muttered out as she left her speechless state in shock.

“I don’t like what he did and is doing to Queen. Besides, I’m not going to accept Chuma,” Ijay said.

“Men are bad o, so all those crocodile tears na for wetin naa?” Juliet asked.

“My sister o, I was almost praying that Queen reconsidered her decision after those tears,” I retorted.

“Thank God Queen took the step she took. Men are deadly animals,” Prisca said.

“I’m still in shock girls,” Juliet said as she sat on the foam.

“I pity women in this world, men depression will kill us o,” I said.

“Biko (Please), Ijay don’t listen to whatever Chuma says to you,” I pleaded.

“I’m not a kid Ada; besides, I demanded Queen’s contact so that I would confess everything that transpired between Chuma and I,” Ijay said.

“No, I think we should keep all that as a secret. She might feel hurt if she finds out we had an idea of some things,” Juliet said.

Suddenly a heavy knock at the door interrupted the discussion.

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  1. Queen just cum back to get what she forgot, now she heard what their saying, i dont lyk what chuma did to queen thats pure wickedness but for queen,i lyk the step she took.she can properly find someone better for herself, lol next oh abeg

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