“Maybe we should open the door because if Queen finds out that it’s Chuma at the door, the possibility of them making up would be zero,” Prisca said.

“Exactly,” Juliet echoed as she hurriedly opened the door.

“Thank you, Julie,” Derek said as he and Chuma rushed inside our apartment like rats been chased around by a cat.

“You are welcome,” Juliet replied.

“Please, where is Queen?” Chuma asked.

“She’s having her bath,” I replied.

Ijay stood up from the foam she was lying down and went inside the bedroom.

I perfectly understood her actions as Prisca joined her too.

“Ada! Ada!” Queen screamed from the bathroom.

“Yes dear, I’m coming,” I answered as I hurriedly walked to the bathroom.

“Yea, thanks for coming Ada, please get my towel from my bag for me, and you would see a nightie there too,” Queen requested.

“Alright,” I replied as I left her immediately to get the things she requested.

“Ada where is she?” Derek asked as I returned to collect the things Queen demanded from her bag.

“She’s in the bathroom, you both have to wait,” I replied.

After about two minutes, I saw her towel and nightie from her bag.

I immediately took them to her in the bathroom.

“Thank you so much, Ada,” Queen said in appreciation.

“You are welcome dear,” I replied as I walked back to the sitting room where Chuma and Derek were patiently waiting.

I should have joined Prisca and Ijay inside, but I wanted to watch little of the drama like Juliet.

After about three minutes, Queen came out from the bathroom innocently.

“Ada where is Juliet,” Queen asked as she made her way to the sitting room.

Immediately, Chuma and Derek knelt down.

I couldn’t believe my eyes that night, and that was the point I had to leave the sitting room to the kitchen to eavesdrop.

“What! Who opened the door for this idiot Chuma,” Queen asked with rage in her tone.

Trust Juliet, she had to walk away and joined me in the kitchen too.

“See Derek, you have to stop killing yourself for your friend, Chuma is not worth it,” Queen said to Derek.

“I know Queen, but please, just this once; if it happens again I will support you,” Derek pleaded.

Suddenly I heard someone crying.

It was Chuma….

“Hmm! Men and their cheap tears, all these to win her and continue bartering her?” Juliet said in an undertone.

“If only women would learn to think with their head and not their weak heart. These men are devil I swear. I’m waiting for the person who will tell me again that women are manipulative then the person would have to answer what this show of shame is called,” I replied to Juliet’s comment.

“I pity Queen, she might be feeling that she might not see another guy that she can cope with hence, would accept anything from Chuma,” Juliet said.

“Such a pretty woman wasting with this abusive Chuma,” I cut in.

“Chuma leave me alone. I’m no longer interested please,” Queen screamed.

“Queen please, it won’t happen again,” Derek said.

“Derek should just close his mouth naa,” Juliet muttered out to my hearing.

“No be small o, he should leave them to settle this on their own,” I said in concurrence to Juliet’s statement.

“Chuma you have abused me enough, and I can’t take it again. You have once told me that I won’t get anyone better than you, that I want to challenge. I have made up my mind, and not even you or anyone can make me go back on that decision,” Queen said.

“Menh! I love Queen,” Juliet said.

“Yes naa, enough is enough jare,” I echoed.

Chuma kept crying as the crier he was forming to be.

“Derek, you are a nice person. Please stand up because you did nothing to me,” Queen said to Derek.

“I can’t Queen, please do this for me,” Derek requested.

“No Derek, I want you to go for what you love. Channel your energy to that you desire and not wasting it on abandon projects. Well, when you two are tired of staying here, you can leave. Good night,” Queen said as she walks out on both Chuma and Derek to the bedroom.

Juliet and I had to join them in the bedroom hurriedly.

“Who opened the door for them?” Queen asked in anger.

We couldn’t answer that.

I knelt down, Juliet, Prisca, and Ijay joined too.

“We are sorry Queen; we felt you guys needed another chance,” I spoke out on behalf of the girls.

She went silent on us for five minutes.

We were on our knees until she muttered out something.

“It’s alright girls, I have come to love you all as my younger sisters. I understand you all meant well, but I would be fine.”

“Thank you, Queen,” we echoed in appreciation as we stood up.

Queen climbed the bed immediately, Juliet and I joined her.

Prisca and Ijay had to hang around until Derek and Chuma leave our apartment.

After about five minutes, we heard the sound of our door, which merely meant that Derek and Chuma had left.

Ijay and Prisca had to return to their foam.

Queen sobbed all through the time.

“I can imagine what she’s been through, so painful.”

“God, please, wipe her tears, I feel her pain.”

Those were my thoughts as I slept off without knowing when I did****

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