“No, not really, but I know Chuma very well. The last time he pulled such abusive stunt was when he was involved with another lady,” Queen replied.

“He’s cheating then because you can’t come all this way to surprise him and he turns and beat you up like this,” Juliet said as she surprisingly walked in on us.

“Hey, Julie how are you?” Queen excitedly asked.

“I’m not fine to see you are crying like this,” Juliet replied as she came closer to console queen.

“I will be fine,” Queen retorted.

We had to withdraw a bit and watched Queen and Juliet for a while.

I saw the uneasiness in Ijay’s eyes.

“Who knows if Juliet will spill the beans,” I thought to myself.

“Don’t worry, all will be fine,” Juliet said to Queen.

Queen felt so relaxed in Juliet’s arms and kind of enjoyed her company.

Prisca stood up and went in to have her bath.

“Thank you, sis,” Queen said in appreciation to Juliet.

“Does it mean we didn’t advice her right?”

“Why is she more relaxed with Juliet?”

Those were my thoughts before Queen made a statement that made me feel better.

“Thank you girls; I owe you all for tonight. Don’t mind how I’m so relaxed in Juliet’s arms; she’s my younger sister’s namesake. So with her, I feel like I’m with my sister.”

“We understand dear, just be fine,” Ijay replied.

“Don’t you think you need to bath?” Juliet asked Queen.

“Do you think so?” Queen replied with uncertainty.

“Yea…to feel a little better,” Juliet said.

“I would have preferred warm water,” Queen said.

“Let me help you with that,” I said as I stood up.

“Stop there witch, I didn’t ask for your help,” Juliet cut in.

“No naa, Julie, don’t sound like that. When did you start fighting Ada?” Queen asked.

“Since she took Derek from her,” Ijay replied.

“See, you won’t respect yourself…side chick,” Juliet retorted.

“Which Derek?” Queen asked.

“Don’t mind the silly girls,” Juliet replied.

“Wait, girls, is it the Derek I know?”

“Yes Queen,” I replied expectantly.

“Then Ada is a lucky girl,” Queen replied.

“How is she lucky? Is he any better than Chuma?” Juliet asked.

“Yes…100%. Derek is the best of the guys. He has never had a girlfriend for long because they always break his heart. He’s a one man one woman kind of person. Derek is nice, and I think you should be happy for Ada,” Queen said to Juliet.

“When she treats him like shii!” Juliet retorted.

“See girl; never fight yourselves because of a man. It’s not worth it,” Queen said.

“Tell them again dear,” Prisca echoed as she walked in on us.

“Thank you, Queen. You are truly a Queen at heart and will make a beautiful wife to Chuma,” Ijay complimented.

“Mtcheew…pretenders,” Juliet said as she walked into the kitchen to boil water for Queen.

“Juliet! Don’t tell me you are this troublesome o,” Queen said.

“Thank you Ijay, I appreciate your kind words,” Queen further added.

“Don’t mind that untrained bitch, she will learn with life,” Prisca said, referring to Juliet.

“Ada! You are suddenly quiet. Please don’t mind Juliet…okay?” Queen said to me with a tap.

“It’s alright dear,” I replied.

“See Queen, don’t trust these girls, they are poisonous,” Juliet said as she came out from the kitchen.

“Why are you so bitter with your friends?” Queen asked Juliet.

“Because they care less about my emotions?” Juliet replied.

Ijay stood up immediately to have her bath.

“Which nonsense emotions?” Prisca asked.

“Have you seen it? I wasn’t talking to her o,” Juliet complained to Queen.

“It’s like you girls have underlining issues, so who is ready to tell me about it?” Queen asked.

“There’s no issue, just that Juliet decided to be bitchy,” Prisca replied.

“Juliet what is the problem?” Queen asked.

She went speechless for 5 minutes.

As we were on that, Ijay walked in from the bathroom.

“They don’t want to understand me,” Juliet replied.

“Is that all?” Queen asked Juliet.

“No!” Juliet replied.

“So what next?” Queen further queried.

“Ada feels I love Derek, but that’s not true. I wasn’t just happy the way she treated him earlier today.”

“So is this about you trying to communicate your feelings?” Queen asked Juliet.

“Exactly!” Juliet replied.

“Hmmm…” I said in an undertone.

“Do you know what? Let me go and have my bath while you girls take the time and settle your differences,” Queen said as she stood up to head to the bathroom.

“I’m sorry babes, but you all refused to understand me,” Juliet said almost immediately.

“I don’t have an issue with you, I’m just preaching peace,” Ijay said.

“Same with me,” Prisca added.

“Ada say something!” Juliet said.

As I was about replying her comment, we got a knock on the door.

“Hmm! Who could that be?” Ijay asked.

“It’s almost 11:30 pm, I’m scared o,” Prisca said.

“Who is there?” I asked.

“It’s Chuma!”

“What can we do for you?” Juliet screamed out.

“Don’t open the door, I don’t think Queen might want to see him o,” Prisca said.

“Juliet, please open up, it’s Derek!” Derek screamed from outside.

“Give us some minutes,” I said.

“What should we do?” Ijay asked.

“I think we should open the door, maybe Chuma has come back to his senses,” Juliet said.


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