“Yes, Prisca please don’t repeat that rubbish you did tonight,” Juliet said.

“What rubbish?” Ijay inquisitively asked as she didn’t understand from the angle Juliet was coming.

I just ignored them as I tried walking into the room but I paused when Prisca almost lost it with her anger.

“Come back here tigress,” Prisca replied as she dragged Juliet back.

Juliet quickly raised her hand to slap Prisca, but I wedged her hand in the air.

“Leave my hand this minute,” Juliet beckoned.

“Haba! Babes, this quarrel never reach like this naa,” Ijay said as she separated Prisca from Juliet.

I left Juliet’s hand immediately.

“Look at this thing, thank your stars that those leprosy hands of yours didn’t come close to me,” Prisca yelled at Juliet.

“Or what would have happened?” Juliet asked in rage as she walked towards Prisca for more fights.

“Juliet is okay naa, I tire for una o. Does it mean both of you can’t contend your anger?” Ijay said as she was struggling to keep Prisca in check.

“See, I think living together was truly a mistake,” I said in rage as I tried walking into the room.

“And you caused it,” Juliet replied to me.

I did a U-turn immediately to clear her confused head.

“Madam, I can remember such proposal coming out from your mouth.”

“And I can remember what made me propose that,” Juliet retorted.

“Definitely not me,” I said.

“You wish bitch! When you were all over Derek,” Juliet replied.

“Come, don’t make this all about Ada, face me and let Ada be,” Prisca said as she walked to Juliet.

“This is the exact problem with you Prisca, I was talking to Ada, not you,” Juliet replied to Prisca.

“And I have bought Ada’s fight; do you have a problem with that?” Prisca retorted.

“Hmm! I can see you girls are not giving up on this,” Ijay said as she lay on the foam to watch the drama.

“No Prisca, I can fight my fight. Juliet, I can see that all this is all about me. So bring it on,” I replied.

“If you like, be forming the good girl whereas you are the most dangerous,” Juliet said.

“Accepted, any other thing you think I should know?” I asked.

“Rubbish!” Juliet screamed as she left us all and walked in.

After about 10 seconds of silence, we all burst into loud laughter.

“No, come and fight! Crazy girl,” Prisca said.

“Seriously, I’m tired of you girls,” Ijay sarcastically said.

“Juliet is a handful,” I said as I burst into another round of laughter.

“Handful is an understatement,” Ijay retorted.

We suddenly heard a hard knock on the door.

“Who could that be?” Ijay asked in fear.

“What’s the time biko (please),” I asked.

“Almost 10:30 pm,” Prisca replied.

The knock came on again.

“Who’s there?” I screamed out.

“It’s me, Queen.”

“Remind me who that is?” Prisca asked me as I stood up from their foam to get the door.

“Chuma’s girlfriend,” I replied in an undertone as I opened the door.

Queen rushed into our apartment with her bags in tears.

“Girls I’m sorry for barging in on you, please let me stay with you until morning,” Queen pleaded.

“It’s alright dear, come here,” Ijay replied as she took her bags from her hand.

I was surprised at Ijay’s kind gesture.

And I almost mistook that to sidechick’s victory attitude until she proved me wrong.

She dragged Queen to the foam and consoled her.

“Damn! Ijay is mature,” I muttered to myself as I admired her strength even as she consoled her fellow woman.

“No man is worth your tears.”

“When you cry, it makes him feel like he has won, so stop making him the winner with your tears.”

Those were Ijay’s words to Queen.

I’m sure Prisca was as surprised as I was.

Finally, Queen stopped crying after some minutes.

She had beating marks all over her skin.

“Chuma is a beast,” Prisca said as she saw those marks.

“It’s over between us. I have men better than him seeking for friendship from me. I just felt that being with someone you know his flaws is better than going to someone new,” Queen said in tears.

“But someone new will one day be old. Instead of sticking in an abusive relationship because of fear of the unknown, it’s always better you face those fears and gain your freedom,” I said to Queen.

“You are right Ada. Besides, Queen has it all; she’s beautiful and smart,” Prisca retorted.

“Don’t worry dear, Chuma will come back to his senses. Don’t give up yet,” Ijay said.

“Whenever he’s back to his senses, he should continue with the woman he’s cheating on me with,” Queen replied.

“Cheating? Did he say he’s cheating?” three of us inquisitively asked at once, with our eyes bulging out of its socket.


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