They both suddenly became quiet, while I enjoyed my smoothie.

After about 40 minutes, Derek and Ijay joined us back.

“Did I miss anything?” Derek asked.

“No man!” Kelvin replied.

Ijay’s face was filled with smiles as if Derek broke good news to her.

I felt like asking her what her happy face was all about, but Derek didn’t give me much room as he came closer and sat next to me.

“Ada, hope you are having fun?” Derek asked.

“Yes dear,” I replied with smiles.

“So tell me, what do you hold against me?” Derek queried.


“Yes, Ada.”


“Why do you dislike me so much?” he further asked.

“I don’t dislike you,” I defensively replied.

“And you don’t like me either,” Derek retorted.

I was boxed to a tight corner with that statement of his.

I went speechless instantly.

“Say something Ada,” Derek beckoned.

“I don’t dislike you, Derek.”

“And you don’t like me…right?”

“I never said or implied that,” I replied.

“It’s alright. I like you, Ada,” Derek said as he reached for my hands.

At that point, my eyes caught that of Juliet’s who gave me an evil eye immediately.

I turned my eyes away and concentrated on my smoothie and Derek.

“Say something,” Derek said.

“Thank you.”

“Just that?”

“Yes Derek, or were you expecting something more?” I asked.

Judging by his facial expressions, he didn’t expect my response to come out the way it did.

“Yes, Ada. That’s not too good for an answer.”

“I’m sorry if it didn’t come out well, but I appreciate the fact that you like me.”

“I want us to be friends Ada,” Derek added.

“We are friends already naa.”

“That’s not true Ada.”

“How do you mean?”

“You don’t treat me how you are supposed to treat a friend.”

“Tell me about it, Derek! How are friends treated?”

“If I were your friend, you wouldn’t have banged the door on my face.”

“I have apologized for that Derek!”

“I know, but you just need to be free around me. I don’t bite.”

“Maybe you do actually bite,” I replied.

“Why do you feel so?”

“Because all the flat 5 boys are bad news to any good woman. Take for instance, Chuma and Ijay’s experience.

“Haba Ada! You can’t judge all of us that way. I’m truly sorry for what happened between Chuma and Ijay.”

“So what makes you feel you are different?” I inquisitively asked.

“I’m Derek and not Chuma…Ada, we are uniquely different in our own way.”

“The difference might be negative or positive…right?”

“Ada, please just be my friend so that you can find out the rest.”

“I just hope that what happened this evening won’t repeat itself?” I asked.

“I’m sorry about the stolen kiss; it won’t happen again.”

“Thank you.”

“Although it felt good,” Derek mischievously replied.

I ignored his comment because I didn’t want us to dwell on erotic discussions.

“So are we friends now?” Derek asked with his hand of friendship.

“We were never enemies Derek, but we can give friendship a try,” I replied with smiles.

“Thank you so much, Ada.”

“You are welcome.”

“Hey, Guys we came out together,” Kelvin screamed out.

We both smiled at him as we turned to face everyone.

“Ada and her smiles can be killing,” Ijay said.

“Derek must have made her happy. She was sad because of this largemouth bitch,” Prisca retorted, pointing at Juliet.

“Hey babes, I’m here…can you stop gossiping please?” I playfully asked.

Derek stood up, walked closer to Kelvin, and whispered something to his ears.

The both stood up and walked to the counter.

I guessed they went to sort out the bills because it was getting late.

Juliet wore a sad face throughout.

Even when Ijay threw a joke at her, she behaved as if someone forced her out.

“Irony of life, she didn’t want me to tag along; but she’s sad now,” I thought to myself.

After about 10 minutes, Kelvin and Derek returned and announced our going.

“Let’s get going girls, it’s late already,” Derek said with smiles.

We all stood up and walked to where Kelvin’s car was parked.

He unlocked his car, and we all entered.

He drove out immediately.

After about 25 minutes, we were at the gate.

Derek came down and opened the gate for Kelvin to drive in.

Kelvin drove in, and Derek opened the door for us to come down.

“Thank you guys, we appreciate,” we all echoed.

Derek came closer to me, held me by my hand as we climbed upstairs.

But as we were climbing the stairs, we started hearing noises.

“What could that be?” I asked in an undertone.

As we got closer to our apartment, the noise became louder.

“Chuma! You are a fool. You are not a man.”

That was the exact comment coming from flat 5.

Immediately Kelvin and Derek left us hurriedly to their apartment.

“Could it be that Chuma is also a woman beater?” Prisca asked.

“Please nne (woman), mind your business and unlock our apartment,” Ijay retorted.

Prisca unlocked the door, and we all entered immediately.


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