I ignored Juliet’s statement as I concentrated on my novel.

Prisca and Ijay started dressing up for the outing.

“Haba Ada! Are you really serious you won’t go with us?” Prisca said with disappointment in her tone.

“I will be fine dear,” I replied.

After about 30 minutes, they were both ready.

And just as if Derek was timing them…a knock came on the door.

“Wow! It must be Derek!” Ijay said with excitement.

Juliet opened the door immediately since she was in the sitting room.

“Girls, he’s here,” Juliet screamed.

“You girls should have fun,” I said.

“Thanks, but I’m not happy you are not coming with us,” Ijay replied as she rushed out with Prisca.

I waited for two minutes before I stood up to go and lock the door.

But as I got to the door, someone knocked.

“Who again? Or did they forget something?” I soliloquized as I opened up immediately.

It was Derek!

“Good evening,” I greeted without knowing when I did.

Derek closed the door, drew me close and kissed me.

I didn’t know when that happened.

It was just as if I was in a trance.

“I can’t take the girls out without you Ada,” he said.

I looked into his eyes; I saw so much love for me.

I went speechless as he held me by the hand to the bedroom.

“Wear something let’s go,” he calmly said.

I immediately obeyed as if I was hypnotized.

I opened my wardrobe and brought out a midi gown.

He excused himself to the sitting room and waited there for me.

Since he was waiting, I didn’t want to apply make-up.

I just rubbed my powder and joined him immediately.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized.

He hugged me and whispered in my right ear, “it’s okay Ada.”

We both left our apartment to join the rest of the girls downstairs with Kelvin.

I was just quiet and happy at the same time.

As we got to Kelvin’s car, Derek opened the door for me to enter, which I hurriedly did.

“Ada, are you Okay?” Kelvin asked.

“Yes, Good evening,” I replied.

“Good evening pretty,” Kelvin replied.

Ijay playfully pinched me with smiles.

I turned towards her, and I forcefully beamed up smiles.

“I’m happy you agreed to come with us,” Ijay said in an undertone.

My eyes unluckily met with Juliet’s whose face was so stiff as if she was going to stone me to death the next minute.

Kelvin drove off immediately….

I avoided Juliet’s eyes the best way I could as I surfed the internet with my phone.

After about 30 minutes because of the traffic jam, we got to where Derek wanted us to visit.

“Girls we are here,” Kelvin said with excitement.

Derek came down immediately since he was sitting in the front seat and opened the door for us.

We all came down from Kelvin’s car as he locked it immediately.

“This way girls,” Derek directed as he came closer to me and held my hand.

“Truly, the heart knows where it belongs,” I muttered to myself.

We entered into a hall filled with disco lights.

“Its this place a bar?” I asked Derek.

“No baby, here is a club but today is for Karaoke,” Derek replied.


“We got to a table and sat down.

“Ada, I will join you soon. You can demand anything you want with the girls. Kelvin will keep you girls company; I need some private moment with Ijay,” Derek whispered to my ears as he walked away with Ijay to a different table.

“I think I should give Derek a chance,” I thought to myself.

“Girls, the waiter is here, say what you want,” Kelvin said.

I demanded smoothie while Juliet and Prisca went for red wine.

I thought about the surprise kiss with Derek.

It looked as if, I just started noticing him.

“He’s handsome, calm and friendly. I think I should give him a chance and take things slow with him.”

“But what about Dickson?”

Those were my conflicting thoughts as Kelvin called back my attention.

“Ada do you want anything else?”

“No dear, I’m okay for now.”

“Ada, so Derek is your medicine?” Prisca said playfully.

I giggled at her statement.

As expected, Juliet made a nasty comment.

“Leave the pretender, after she would be forming as if she doesn’t want him.”

“See Juliet, I was talking to Ada, not you,” Prisca cut in.

The hall was a little noisy with the loud music, and that made it difficult for Kelvin to hear our conversations.

“She would have cried out of boredom in that house,” Juliet said.

“Juliet do you know what you are?” Prisca asked.


“An untrained witch.”

“Prisca, please don’t just involve yourself in this fight,” Juliet replied.

“Which fight? Because I have decided to ignore you? Don’t worry, make we reach house first,” Prisca replied.

“What will you do?” Juliet asked.

“Expect it!”

I just ignored them as I concentrated on my smoothie and the music.


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