I woke up the next morning feeling sick and nauseated.

I didn’t know how best to start taking permission from a work I just started.

I had to call my Boss immediately.

Luckily he picked!

ME: Good morning Sir.

BOSS: Same to you Brenda.

ME: Sir please I can’t report to work today, I’m not feeling well.

BOSS: We don’t work on Fridays in our department, so it’s your free day.

ME: Thank God! Thank you so much, Sir.

BOSS: You are welcome. Get well soon!

ME: I will.

And I hung up***

I felt relieved a bit.

I lay on my bed not knowing what or the right medications to take.

I tried calling REX, but his phone was off!

I heard a knock on my door; I had to stand up to open the door.


She came to check up on me.

“Ucee good morning. Hope you slept well?” she asked as she walked into my sitting and locked the door.

“I did dear. Thanks for yesterday”.

“It’s nothing. It’s like you have early morning sickness, let me help you with a warm cup of tea”.

“Thanks, Onyinye.”

She walked into the kitchen and made a warm cup of tea for me.

I drank it and suddenly regained myself.

“Ucee! He has to know”.

“I know ONYINYE, I will tell him.”


“Let me prepare your water for you to have your bath.”

“Thank you so much Onyinye.”

“It’s nothing.”

She went in and made warm water for me for a bath.

The funny thing about ONYINYE’s flat is that I have never entered inside.

But she knows my apartment so well.

“ONYINYE are you going out?”

“No oo, I will stay with you!”

“Wow! Thank you so much. But we will go over to your house once I’m done with having my bath”.

“It’s okay if it’s what you want.”

I stood up and entered the bathroom, had my bath and wore something casual.

I arranged my hair, picked my phone, and we entered into ONYINYE’s flat.

“Wow! Your space is beautiful,” I exclaimed.

“Yeye girl, is it your first time in my house?”

“Yes oo, it is.”

“I never observed, please make yourself comfortable.”

“Thank you, dear.”

She decorated her sitting room so well that you would easily mistake it for a rich guy’s space.

“Please don’t mind all this decorations oo, na when person still de work for bank. You know bankers and their unnecessary packaging”.

We both laughed about it.

That was the season of the movie, “EMPIRE,” so we kept ourselves busy with it.

After an hour, she entered into the kitchen to make noodles for us to eat.

“ONYINYE put pepper oo; I don’t want to puke oo.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

As I just concluded that, a call came into my phone.

It was REX!

I wanted to pick it immediately but discovered it was a flash.

“Mtcheeew….Why is he flashing my line?” I thought to myself as I dropped back the phone.

After like two minutes, a text message entered my phone.

I opened up the message immediately, and it read….

“……Pretty please I’m so sorry. I have seen how foolish I have behaved towards you; please forgive me. The truth is; I have learned from every happening in the past weeks, and I have seen that I caused it all. I love you so much, and you don’t know how these days without you have been for me. Please for the sake of our unborn baby, open the door for me to come and show how sorry I am. I know you are at home, please open for me….”

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