I thought about what the person that met me in church said to me.

I couldn’t just compose!

I started driving very rough that I lost control of my emotions.

I had to park by the roadside to control myself before continuing with my driving.

I cried and screamed inside the car.

After like 10 minutes, I started my ignition and drove straight into my street.

I finally got to my gate.

Since we don’t have a gateman, I had to come down from my car to open the door.

After which, I drove in like a drunk woman, parked my car and came down.

I took my bag from the back seat and went back to close the gate.

Then I climbed upstairs to my apartment.

When I got to my door, I saw ONYINYE already waiting for me.

“Oh! God, why now,” I murmured in disappointment.

“Babe! I don de wait for you since. Abeg, I dey hungry”.

I ignored her as I unlocked my door.

“Ucee! Are you okay?”

“Yes Onyinye,” I replied as we both entered the house.

As I just dropped my bag on the center table, I felt nauseated again.

I rushed into the bathroom and started vomiting.

Onyinye came to help and saw my mood.

“Wait a minute, please don’t tell me you are pregnant.”

“I don’t know ONYINYE!”

“Sorry. But you need to run a test now,” She advised.

“Yea I bought pregnancy kit to do that.”

“Good! Don’t bother; I can help myself in the kitchen,” she said as she left me to the kitchen.

I stood there, very confused and scared.

I brought out the kit immediately and ran the test.

Out of fear, I left it to read for some minutes.

After 10 minutes, I came back to check the result.

It was positive!

“No ooooooooo,” I screamed in tears.

Onyinye had to rush towards me in the bathroom.

“Ucee what is it? Take a grip of your emotions and calm down”.

I kept crying out loud for 10 minutes.

Onyinye had to take me into my bedroom to console me.

“Stop crying and let’s think of solutions. First, who is responsible?”


“That’s good. We will let him know about it and know what he has to say”.

“ONYINYE please I don’t want him to know about this. Just keep it between two of us for now!”

“It’s alright, But you need to calm down now.”

I had to calm down for some minutes in ONYINYE arms.

“It’s well. Just calm down,” ONYINYE consoled.

After like 10 minutes, I stood up from the bed to undress.

I felt weak and dizzy…

I managed to undress, went straight into the bathroom to have a bath.

But I couldn’t just have my bath.

I was feeling like someone that has disappointed many people.

“But I can’t abort this child! I have never done abortion before, and from what I hear, it’s a risky thing to do”.

“Should I call REX and let him know?”

“No! He might be thinking I want to tie him down with the pregnancy”.

“I can’t even face my mum right now.”

Those were my thoughts as I cried for some minutes in the bathroom.

The truth is, I have never been in such situation before.

I didn’t know how best to handle it at the moment.

I spent minutes in the bathroom that ONYINYE possibly got scared.

“Ucee! Ucee!” She called out.

“Please don’t hurt yourself.”

“ONYINYE I’m fine.”


I took my bath and rushed out of the bathroom.

I changed into something casual and went straight to lay on the bed.

ONYINYE collected a plate of okro soup and left me because I told her I needed to be alone.

I cried so more, and I slept off****

I woke up after two hours to look for something to eat.

It was night already, and I was hungry.

I went into the kitchen and made semolina with egusi soup.

I ate without the getting the taste of what I was eating.

As I was in the dining, my phone rang.

It was REX’s Sister!

I had to pick up immediately.

REX’s SISTER: Hello Brenda, how are you?

ME: Aunty, I’m fine.

REX’s SISTER: Good! How did the PT(pregnancy test) go?

ME: Positive.

REX’s SISTER: Wow! I’m happy. My brother’s right?

ME: Yes ma’am. But I have not told him.

REX’s SISTER: Please you need to tell him.

ME: Alright ma’am.

REX’s SISTER: Take enough rest and don’t cry about it. There is nothing to cry about.

ME: Alright. Thanks.

REX’s SISTER: You are welcome pretty.

And she hung up*****

From the phone, she sounded so excited about it, but I wasn’t.

I summoned the courage and cleared my dining table.

And I went straight to bed*****


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