After like an hour, I was at their gate.

The traffic was hell as expected.

I horned at the gate, and their gateman finally came to my rescue.

I drove in and saw ADA already waiting at the door.

She was smiling and looking too excited.

I came out of the car, and she couldn’t even wait for me to lock the car as she bounced on me with her warm embrace.

“Auntie I missed you. Good day!”

“Good day ADA. How are you,” I replied as I locked my car and held her hands.

We walked together to the sitting room to meet up with her Auntie.

“Good day ma’am,” I greeted.

“Same to you pretty.”

“Haa! Auntie, so you have equally joined uncle REX to be calling her ‘pretty’?”

We laughed at ADA comment as I sat on the closest cushion.

ADA came and sat beside me.

She admired my hair and my earrings.

“ADA oya go and finish up with what I told you to do,” the Auntie requested.

She stood up and hesitantly went inside.

“Yea…Brenda, how are you?”

“I’m fine ma’am.”

“How is my brother?”

“Auntie the truth is; I don’t know.”


“I can’t say, because I don’t even know where to start.”

“You need to start from somewhere. Is it Gina?”

“Not really.”

At that point, I had to give her a download of how everything happened.

“I know he wasn’t fair in his judgment, but at that point, he was a confused man. I’m not trying to justify his actions because he has the blame for everything. But I want you to understand that we all handle pressure differently. I’m sorry on his behalf; please forgive him”.

“I have heard you, Aunty.”

“Thank you very much. He will be so happy to hear from you especially now that the battle is over”.

“What battle?”

“Gina of course.”

“What happened?”

“Hmm….that’s another story oo.”

“Please, I want to hear.”

“The day you and your friend beat her up, she was hospitalized, and that gave REX room with the child. He took the child to Doctor Frank, and he referred him to another Doctor. The Doctor took his blood sample and sent it outside Nigeria for the test. Just Yesterday the result came in, and God vindicated my brother. Right now, Gina is in the police custody making her confessions”.

“She said she was hired and paid heavily by DAVID’s boys and that she need to take back the baby to his parents in the States. Brenda! I was so happy when I heard this news yesterday, but REX was not fully fulfilled. He needs you now! And I know he must have learned from his mistakes”.

“That’s good news. I will contact him once I leave here”.

“Please do! Or do you want me to bring him here by telling him you are around?”

“No Auntie, we will sort ourselves out.”

“I’m happy to hear that from you!”

“ Come! Where is this crazy girl (referring to ADA), Come here,” REX”s sister called out.

Immediately ADA appeared.

Set the dining for Brenda and I to have lunch.

I almost wanted to object, but I just allowed it.

“Just a little of the spaghetti, I wouldn’t eat much,” I responded to ADA.

“Alright Auntie.”

After like 10 minutes, we went to the dining to eat.

But something happened.

As I just perceived the delicious meal, I started feeling nauseated that I puked on my clothes.

“Brenda what’s it, go to the sink,” REX’s sister screamed in panic.

I went to the closest sink and vomited for some minutes.

“What did you eat?” She asked me.

“Just meat pie and drink.”

I immediately lost appetite as I suddenly started feeling weak and dizzy.

I left the dining and went back to the cushion to rest a bit.

REX’s Sister kept staring at me for a while before she went back to her food.

“Auntie, it’s like Auntie Brenda is pregnant for uncle REX,” Ada muttered to REX’s sister.

“C’mon shut your mouth there. Oya get inside,” She screamed in rage.

I just closed my eyes and lay on the cushion.

REX’s sister came to me and asked me a very vital question.

“Brenda! It’s REX responsible?”

“Responsible for what please?”

“You are pregnant, and it’s showing on you.”

“No oo, I can’t be. Maybe it’s food poisoning”.

“When last did you see your flow?”

I quickly brought out my phone to check my menstrual calendar.

“OMG! It’s late by seven days,” I muttered out.

“Just calm down dear. Go and do a PT and let me know. Let’s not conclude yet!”

“Alright Auntie, Thanks so much.”

At that point, I just wanted to start going home.

“Auntie, I think I should be going home now,” I said as I stood up to leave.

“It’s alright. Just take it easy, no matter the result, we are able and capable”.

I smiled at her conclusive statement as I hurriedly left her house.

I entered my car immediately and drove to the closest pharmacy store to pick a PT kit.

I was already tensed with so many things going through my mind.

I thought about CHIEF UBAH reaction if he gets to know.

I even imagined the disappointed look on my mother’s face.

“Father Lord please, don’t allow this to happen to me,” I muttered in tears as I drove home to conduct the test.


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