I picked up immediately since he has never called before.

I wanted to know his reason for calling.

ALEX: Hello Adanne.

ME: Good evening Sir.

ALEX:  Thank you. How are you?

ME: I’m okay dear.

ALEX: Good. Please, I want to beg you for something.

ME: What’s it?

ALEX: Can you forgive REX for his attitude towards you?

I went silent on the phone that he felt I had hung up on him.

ALEX: Hello!

ALEX: Hello!

ME: I’m here.

ALEX: Please forgive him.

ME: I have heard you.

ALEX: Please ADA, he has not been himself for days now.

ME: It’s alright.

ALEX: Thank you so much.

ME: You are welcome.

And he hung up***

I had to unbar REX’s number immediately.

I found out that I was indeed a strong misunderstood woman with reactions.

I didn’t pay attention to REX’s distractive thoughts as I went back to my reading.

After like an hour, I went into the kitchen to prepare semolina for my delicious okro soup.

I ate my dinner because it was almost 7:30 pm.

I went straight to the bathroom for my night bath.

After which, I came back to the sitting room and locked up everywhere.

And went straight into the bedroom for my night prayers.

I prayed and worshipped GOD with my melodious voice.

After my quiet time with God, I slept off immediately******

The long expected day came!

I woke up very early, wore one of my best formal outfits, made up moderately and headed out.

It was my first day at work, and I didn’t want to be late for any reason.

I got there at precisely 7:30 pm, I had an extra 30 minutes to myself.

I parked outside to observe some of the workers and possible get use to some faces.

After like an extra 15 minutes, I walked in and gave the letter Kelvin brought to the receptionist.

She directed me to a section of the same Company.

I went there and I submitted the letter.

“Follow me, ma’am.”

The lady that sat at the reception in that section said to me.

I followed her immediately to a beautiful space she called my office.

“Thank you,” I replied with excitement.

I entered the office immediately and saw some documents that were kept for me on the table.

“Wow! Work has started already,” I muttered to myself as I studied the request I was given to do before the days runs out.

My office was beautiful compared to my former workplace.

As I was trying to figure out the angle to tidy my assignment for the day, a man walked into my office.

“ Good morning Sir,” I greeted as I stood up to show respect.

“Same to you Miss Brenda. Please, you are directly answerable to me, and my office is opposite yours.

“Alright Sir, thanks,” I replied as we shook hands.

He was a man in his late 40s, and he appeared very friendly.

“I have to write a good business email letter to impress this man. Remember the saying that first impression matters,” I thought to myself as he left my office immediately.

I had to put in my best that by dwelling on it for three hours.

After which, I had to forward them to him for business vetting.

When I did that, I quickly went for my lunch, anticipating his response in few minutes, after he must have gone through.

I had to trek to the restaurant KELVIN introduced to me.

I ordered snacks because I wasn’t famished.

As I was refreshing a bit, my phone rang….

It was REX’s Elder sister.

“So REX has reported me all around,” I thought to myself as I picked her call.

REX’s SISTER: Hello Brenda.

ME: Good day ma’am.

REX’s SISTER: Same to you dear. Where are you?

ME: I’m at work!

REX’s SISTER: Okay please can you stop by while going back home?

ME: Hope no problem?

REX’s SISTER: Not at all dear.

ME: Alright. I will.

REX’s SISTER: Thank you dear.

ME: You are welcome, ma’am.

And she hung up****

“Hmmm…this one REX is reporting me all around, is it how we are going to be?” I thought to myself as I finished up with my snacks and went back to work.

When I got to my office, I met a new mail in my inbox.

“You are a badass. You wrote a great copy”.

Those were the words of the man I’m working under.

When he noticed I was back from break, he summoned me through the intercom.

“Hello, Sir.”

“Please, can I see you briefly in my office?”

“Sure sir,” I replied as I hurriedly left for his office.

I knocked on his door and entered immediately.

“Good day Sir.”

“Same to you BRENDA. Please do have a seat”.

I sat immediately.

“You are such a good content creator. I’m impressed”.

“Thank you Sir.”

“You are welcome.”

“I called you to tell you about our working policy here,” he added.

“Okay, sir.”

“In this section, we work whenever we have a task to perform. Like right now, you are free to go for the day”.

“Alright Sir.”

“That’s all I wanted you to know.”

“Thank you sir,” I replied as I stood up and left his office.

“Can you imagine this kind of Job? You work for fewer hours with high remuneration,” I muttered to myself with smiles as I packed up to head home.

I got to my car, dropped my bag on the back seat, and drove to REX’s Sister’s house



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