“Could you imagine that? Mummy is even taking sides with REX. I’m angry,” I muttered to myself as I stood up and went into my kitchen.

I immediately started making the different meals to store in the fridge since I would be starting work soon.

“But I haven’t heard from Segun them oo, hope I would still be starting tomorrow?” I thoughtfully asked myself in panic.

I had to concentrate on my meals.

I made Egusi and okro soup.

I  equally made tomato stew and carrot sauce.

After all that, I became exhausted.

I had to retake my bath and relax a bit.

After having my bath, I came out to the sitting room to relax with the television and my glass of smoothie.

But I wasn’t allowed to enjoy in peace as a knock came on my door.

“Who could that be this time?”

“If it were ONYINYE, she wouldn’t knock responsibly like this,” I muttered to myself as I stood up to go get the door.

It was KELVIN!


“I never gave him my address,” I thought to myself as I tried to wear a pretentious smile as a welcome message.

“Wow, KELVIN! How did you get my address? Please do come in,” I asked as I paved the way for him to enter into my sitting room.

“How are you Brenda?” he asked as he sat on the closest cushion.

“I’m fine Kels, this is just a surprise,” I said as I locked my door.

“Yea, you should be. I got the address from your application letter and your CV. Meanwhile, I’m equally here to give you your starting letter with your allowances”.

“Wow! That means you came with good news. Please, what can I offer you?”

“Anything soft!”

“Alright. I will join you soon,” I responded as I went into my kitchen.

I took ‘Chi vita’ juice from the fridge with two glass cups.

I went back into the sitting room to meet up with KELVIN.

I poured out some juice for him and took a little too.

“This your house is just as pretty as you are.”

“Thank you dear.”

“So how have you been?”

“Kels I’m fine.”

“I decided to bring the letter to you by myself.”

“Thanks dear, I appreciate that!”

“You are welcome.”

He sipped some of the juice and looked at the television to see the program that was airing.

“Can I have a look at the letter,” I asked.


He handed over the letter to me.

I opened it to read….

“Wow! A fun trip to Dubai by the end of the year, clothing allowance, transport allowance and many more,” I muttered out to KELVIN’s hearing.

“We have so many allowances dear. You will get to enjoy them,” Kelvin retorted.

“This is lovely; I’m impressed!”

He giggled as he looked at me lustfully.

I had to remove my eyes immediately to distract myself a bit from his erotic stares.


“Yes Kels”

“I want to ask you some personal questions.”

“You are free.”


“Please, are you single?” He asked.

I giggled and went silent for few minutes before answering him.

“I’m engaged.”

“Really? But I didn’t see any ring on your finger”.

I laughed aloud for few seconds.

“I hardly wear it dear.”

“So I’m late?”

“I never said so dearly. We could still be friends”.

“But I want more than friendship.”

“I’m afraid there is no room for such at the moment.”

“OMG! This your response is heartbreaking”.

“I’m sorry Kels.”

“It’s alright; it’s not your fault.”

“Thanks for your understanding.”

“You are welcomed.”

He hurriedly finished up his juice and stood up to leave.

“I will be on my way now, we will see at the office tomorrow.”

“Alright Kels, thanks for everything.”

I walked him to my door to unlock and lock it back once he has left.

“Alright. Bye!” I said as I closed my door and bolted it.

I giggled at the drama that just displayed.

“Kels want me.”

“How old is he?”

“Well, …age doesn’t really matter if you are mature in mind.”

“See how I’m confidently turning off serious suitors because of a mare engagement that I don’t even know my stand.”

“I think I should unbar REX so that he can reach me if he wants.”

Those were my thoughts as I cleared the two glass cups to wash in the kitchen.

After washing the glass cups, I went into my bedroom to read some business proposal letters on my laptop.

I needed to refresh my brain and be in the mood for work since I was starting work the next day.

As I was doing that my phone rang….

It was ALEX!


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  1. It’s no longer funny ooo..
    But the mum seems to be optimistic about the Rex and Ucee…
    I just pray it work out between them

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