“Hmmmm….Ucee who was that?”

“Madam FBI, the friend I told you about from NYSC.”

“Nawa oh! It pays to be a fine girl oo. Now now you don already get another catch”.

“ONYINYE na you get your mouth sha.”

“Before nko! Biko (please) how far did you go with GERALD?”

“Hmm… GERALD came here and was just playing important anyhow”.

“I don’t understand what you mean, please explain in simple slangs”.

“He came here in the disguise that he came to check up on me. He was just feeling too important as if he heard what’s going on between REX and I. He didn’t even spend close to 15 minutes and left with the story that his girlfriend stays close to our street and he wants to go see her”.

Onyinye bursts into uncontrollable laughter for 30 seconds.

I giggled to her laughter.

“But wetin dey funny naa?”

“It’s funny naa…I warned you to LET GO”.

And she started laughing again.

“ONYINYE you are a foolish girl”.

And we both burst into loud laughter.”

“Wait oo, was that all that kept you busy?”

“No oo, oga Landlord came with im pikin”.

“Wonderful! Na now you de give me correct gist,” she exclaimed with a tap on my right arm.

“No dey hit me abeg! Amebo (gossip) like you”.

“Abeg leave me with my amebo and complete the gist”.

“They came, and Landlord smartly excused himself, and left me with the son”.

“But Ucee, that boy fine oo.”

“Yea…he is, just that he came at the time I have lost it with men. He is a medical doctor in the USA.”

“Can you imagine! Babe you de get suitors wey make brain…I dey tell you”.

“And your own suitors dey make head bah?”

We both burst into loud laughter.

“Abeg complete the story for me.”

“Nothing again oo, I had to tell him that I was engaged”.

“Beautiful. I no know say you get brain like that oo.”

“My dear, I’m tired of man palava”.

“I understand. Time don go oo. Almost 11pm, Ucee abeg, Good night,” she said as she stood up to leave for her space.

“Sweet dreams nne!” I replied as I locked the door behind her.

I went into the bathroom, had my night bath, prayed and went to bed*****

I woke up the next day very late.

Probably because I slept late!

I started cleaning up my house, from the bedroom to the sitting room and back to the kitchen.

I had to rearrange some things for a new look.

When I was done, I quickly had my bath and left for market.

I went to the close by market, so I had to trek it.

I passed ONYINYE’s beauty shop, and she was there.

“Babe where to?” she screamed.

“Market oo.”

“Okay, buy something for me oo.”


“Onyinye and her troubles, I know she would be discussing me right now with her customers,” I muttered to myself.

After like 30 minutes, I was on my way back from the market.

I changed the direction of my face as I passed ONYINYE’s shop because I needed no quizzing.

After an extra 10 minutes, I was climbing the stairs to my flat.

I unlocked my door and entered.

I decided to rest for 10 minutes before starting with my cooking.

As I was resting on my two-sitter cushion, I slept off****

I woke up after 45 minutes by my ringtone.

It was my mum!

“Maybe REX has called her,” I thought to myself as I picked the call immediately.

MY MOTHER: Hello baby girl.

ME: Mummy good afternoon.

MY MOTHER: How are you?

ME: I’m fine.

MY MOTHER: It’s okay. I want to discuss something with you, are you in the right frame of mind?

ME: Yes mum. I’m okay, go ahead.

MY MOTHER: REX called, and he said a lot of things that I didn’t believe you could do.

ME: Mummy is it about the fight?

MY MOTHER: Yes! Why would you fight in the open?

ME: Mummy did he tell you that the crazy lady slapped me twice? And that wasn’t her first time slapping me.

MY MOTHER: Yes he told me. But they are other ways you would have handled that.

ME: Mummy like what way?

MY MOTHER: Dialogue!

ME: The crazy lady would never give room for that.

MY MOTHER: It’s alright. So tell me why you blacklisted your fiancé?

ME: Because he refused to see my pains and blamed me for his past that he kept unopened.

MY MOTHER: I understand darling. But two wrongs can’t make a right.

ME: I was sick for five days and REX never called nor cared.

MY MOTHER: But he didn’t know.

ME: How would he know when he never called.

MY MOTHER: Forgive him please, and you two should fight your battles. I wouldn’t want this to get to your father’s ears. He might do something stupid…you know him.

ME: I have heard you, mum. Thanks.

MY MOTHER: You are welcome.

ME: I got a new job.


ME: No mum, a big marketing firm. I might be starting tomorrow.

MY MOTHER: That’s lovely, I’m proud of you. Let REX know about this!

ME: I will mum.

MY MOTHER: Congrats.

ME: Thanks, mum.

MY MOTHER: We will talk later.

ME: Alright mum. Greet Daddy for me.

MY MOTHER: I will. Bye!

And she hung up********

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