After an hour and some minutes, I woke up from sleep.

I checked my phone, and I saw three missed calls.

One from Kelvin and two from ONYINYE.

I had to return ONYINYE’s call immediately.

Luckily she picked!

ME: Hello babe!

ONYINYE: Ucee I have knocked countless times on your door.

ME: OMG! I was sleeping.

ONYINYE: Biko come and open it now, I got some things for you.

ME: Alright.

And I hung up*****

I had to stand up almost immediately and walked into the sitting room.

I quickly unlocked the door for her.

Although she wasn’t there immediately.

But she came in after 5 minutes.

“Babes! What’s wrong with you?” she noisily asked.

“Biko (please) lock the door oo.”

She locked it as I instructed.

“Idikwa (Are you) sure that you are not pregnant? Which kind sleep be that?”

“ONYINYE welcome.”

She came in with so many food items and goodies.

“Biko (please) sit up,” she commanded jokily.

I giggled as I sat up on the two-sitter cushion I was laying.

“What is wrong?”

“ONYINYE I’m fine jare, I just came in tired.”

“Came in from where?”

“I went job hunting.”

“Hmm! Job hunting kwa?”

“Yes naa, I needed to be going out of this house.”

“Does REX knows about that?”

“So because I know REX my life should now be brought to a stop……right?”

“No naa! Not what I meant. I feel he should know because he might not authorize it”.

“Please Onyinye, forget REX.”

“I won’t Ucee! What has come over you?”


“It’s the whole drama getting at you?”

“Onyinye please what drama?”

“REX called me and complained that he has been trying to reach you for days, but you barred him from calling your line. He said he has been here twice and didn’t meet you at home. Now my question is; where do you normally go in the day?”

“See ONYINYE if you want us to talk about REX now, I’m truly not in the mood.”

“Then you are coward. Why would you not express your feelings? Why? Meanwhile, he demanded your mum’s number to report you to her, and I sent the number to him”.

“See ONYINYE! Never you call me names because of a man.”

“I’m sorry, but you are punishing yourself by not letting it out. Don’t you think so?”

We both went silent on each other for some minutes.

I was already angry that everyone is trying to condemn my actions without hearing my side of the story.

“See ONYINYE! REX made me cry for days”.


“Do you know that day we fought with Gina?”

“Yes, he came here with ALEX, but ALEX and I didn’t know when he left.”

“Good! REX came here and condemned the fact that I had to defend myself in a fight. He was practically angry with me that I had to walk him out of my house”.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes! You can ask him”.

“But his friend didn’t see anything wrong with one defending his/herself. Besides, Gina started the fight”.

“I’m sorry, REX saw it differently. Not only that…; Do you know that I walked him out hoping that he would go and have a re-think about his blame games and apologize but I waited in vain because such never came”.

“I fell ill the next day, and it lasted for five complete days and REX never called. His niece who kept me company can testify to this. And suddenly he woke up from his slumber and you expect me to welcome him with open arms because I’m Ucee? Hell no.”

She stood up and joined me on the two-sitter cushion.

She held me close and apologized.

“I’m sorry Ucee, he never told me about all this. I never knew you were hurting and still putting up those smiles”.

I burst into tears as she consoled me.

“In fact let me call him immediately.”

ONYINYE brought out her phone in anger and put a call to REX.

But luckily for him, he didn’t pick up.

I cried for few minutes and cleaned my eyes.

“I would never judge my fellow woman without hearing her side of the story. I’m sorry for judging you U-baby. Above all, I regret giving him mummy’s number to call her”.

“It’s alright Onyinye. I trust my mum; she is one person I know that will never judge me without hearing from me”.

“It’s alright. So tell me how the job hunting process has been going!”

“It has been moving well until today that I got an appointment letter from a big marketing firm.”

“Wow! That’s lovely”.

“Yes… it worked like a miracle.

I told ONYINYE of my experience with my two NYSC friends.

We talked about it and celebrated with the goodies she brought.

As we were in that merriment mood, Kelvin called back again.

It was almost 9:00 pm in the night and I had to pick up this time.

“Excuse me ONYINYE, let me take this call.”


KELVIN: Hello baby girl.

ME: Hi Kels, sorry I missed your call earlier on.

KELVIN: It’s okay. Hope you are good?

ME: Sure!

KELVIN: Alright, I just wanted to check up on you.

ME: Thanks, I appreciate.

KELVIN: Are we seeing you tomorrow at the office?

ME: Not sure, according to Segun, he said I can resume next day after tomorrow.

KELVIN: Alright. Talk to you tomorrow, Goodnight.

ME: Sweet dreams.

And he hung up*****


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  1. Come to think of Onyinye’s question, did Ucee flush out like she said she would or she forgot? Hope she’s not pregnant oo.

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