“Really? How come my father didn’t tell me that?”

“Because he doesn’t know.”

“This is not good at all.”

“I’m sorry dear.”

“It’s okay dear. I perfectly understand”.

I saw the disappointed look on his face.

He suddenly started feeling uneasy with my company.

“So which of part of the States are you?”

“New York!”

“That’s good. So what profession?”

“I’m a medical doctor.”

“Wow! That’s an intimidating profile you have dear. Doctors earn well in the US”.

“Thank you Ucee.”

“Please I would be leaving now, can I get your number?”


I gave him my number and walked him to the door.

“Thank you dear…I enjoyed your drink”.

“You are welcome dear,” I replied with smiles as he left.

I locked my house immediately and went back to the kitchen to clean up the glass cup he used.

“Wow! That was a good one. I told him straight up to avoid further men drama,” I thought to myself.

I took a little of the smoothie and went into the bedroom.

I went online and listed some places that I would check up for job opportunities.

I prayed and went to bed*****

I woke up the next morning a little late.

I hurriedly rushed into the bathroom, had my bath and rushed back into my wardrobe.

I picked a midi-gown that can go for formal wear.

I made up slightly and rushed out to my car.

“Damn! It’s almost 7 am and I need to beat traffic,” I muttered to myself as I drove out immediately.

I went straight to the first firm, and I was lucky to meet with the manager.

It was a digital marketing firm, and since I’m good with content marketing, I needed the opportunity there.

Yes! The first meeting went well after looking at my CV and my experience; he told me that he would discuss with their director and get back to me in few days.

It was a definite feeling because it motivated me to try other two firms that same day.

The second firm arranged for an interview for me in the next three days while the third firm told me to check back later.

It wasn’t really a bad try….

Above all, I was happy and hopeful.

I drove back to my house immediately, because I was tired and hungry.

But on my way home, my phone rang….

It was REX!

I suddenly grew thick skin that I decided not to pick the call.

He called twice, and I refused to pick up.

After two hours of hectic Lagos traffic, I was home.

I went straight into my kitchen and microwave a plate of white rice with the tomato stew I made on Sunday.

I couldn’t even remove my clothes as I started immediately with the food without wasting time.

But my ringing tone interrupted me again.

It was REX still calling.

I refused to pick up and vowed not to pick his calls again.

I ignored the excessive calls and concentrated on my food.

When I was done eating, I went to my freezer and took a glass of my smoothie.

I rested for 20 minutes before going in to change my clothes and equally have my bath.

After the rest, I had my bath and went to my bed to sleep and rest.

As I was about hitting my dreamland in my sleep, a call interrupted me.


“Why would she be calling now?” I murmured as I picked the call.

ONYINYE: Babe! What’s up?

ME: I’m fine.

ONYINYE: Nawa for you oo, you didn’t even call to check up on me.

ME: Onyinye I’m sorry, immediately you left, I fell ill. I didn’t want to disturb you with my attention. Besides, you already had ALEX to care for.

ONYINYE: I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were sick. Well, I’m in Imo state now. ALEX came to see my people.

ME: Wow! That’s lovely. I hope REX is there with him?

ONYINYE: Which kind talk be that? So you don’t know the where about of the man you love?

ME: Not that, just that I feel he needs to return ALEX’s gestures when he visited my state.

ONYINYE: Well, he couldn’t join ALEX because of Gina’s issues.

ME: It’s alright. So when will you be coming back?

ONYINYE: Tomorrow.

ME: Alright, safest. Greet ALEX for me too.

ONYINYE: Alright.

And she hung up*****

“So REX is still battling Gina’s issues?”

“Then why is he calling me?” I thought to myself in anger as I pulled out the expensive engagement ring from my finger and kept it in my drawer.

“Please I need to drop it before someone makes me ‘lord of the rings,’” I muttered to myself as I still found a way to continue my siesta.

After an hour, I woke up to five missed calls on my phone.

Three of the missed calls coming from REX and two coming from ADA.

“This one ADA is calling me; I hope all is well?” I thought to myself as I returned her call immediately.

ME: Ada how are you?

ADA: I’m okay Auntie. Hope you are good?

ME: Yes Ada, I’m fine.

ADA: Alright, I wanted to check up on you and your health.

ME: Thank you so much. I appreciate.

ADA: Alright, bye.

And I hung up****

I stretched myself and decided to read up some publications on my laptop.

It was already 7 pm and I felt a little bored.

I had to go to the fridge to bring out GERALD’s chocolate to keep my mouth busy.

I began feeling fulfilled again as a strong woman.

“Maybe because REX has started calling me and I have started with my own shakara,” I sheepishly thought to myself.

I started enjoying my company again.

I read throughout that evening, and I was happy I did.

REX kept calling and calling until I got angry and blacklisted him.

“Wow! That’s was some guts in display,” I muttered to myself.

I went to the kitchen, prepared Noodles for myself and ate my dinner.

After which, I had my night bath, prayed and read the bible.

Then I went to bed******



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