I had to change the direction of my face to avoid what wanted to happen.

“Can we start going dear, I’m almost late,” I said while helping him to unlock his door.

He had no option than to snap out of that erotic mood.

“Alright pretty,” he replied as he opened his door and led me outside his house.

He held my right hand as we both stepped outside the gate to where he parked his SUV.

He still opened the front seat door for me to enter before opening his driver’s door to enter.

Of course, you know how that “opening of door” experience makes me feel…….like a queen; even though I drive too.

“Ucee, I just feel like kidnapping you right now, I’m deeply falling in love with you every day,” he said while starting his car ignition.

I giggled while re-adjusting my seatbelt.

With his left hand on the steering wheel and his right hand holding my left hand, he drove as fast as he could to meet up with time.

“I have never felt like this for any woman, believe me when I say that,” he said while entering the gate of my workplace.

I just kept mute and beamed up a deceptive smile because something in my head told me he was just over exaggerating as most guys do.

“Should I come and pick you up on Friday or you will drive yourself?” he asked while offing his ignition for me to come down.

“Friday? Why the rush Rex?” I snapped back.

“I will still work on Friday and might be very tired to do any visiting, please let’s leave it on Saturday,” I added.

“I’m sorry baby if that got to you badly, just that it’s going to be pretty hard for me to go through these remaining days to weekend without seeing you. Please try and understand me pretty…..I’m only a man in love”.

“Don’t bother REX; you will survive because you’ve been surviving before meeting me. I should be going down now to get back to work before I receive a query.”

“Alright pretty, I’m coming down with you too. I want to say hi to a friend in the accounting section, you should know him; his name is David,” he asked as he equally jumped out of his car.

“Of course, I know David” I replied, as we both climbed the stairs to my office.

Oh! My God, so these two know each other?

I wonder what he will tell David right now.

Choi! Rex don pour sand for my garri oo (in Onyinye’s voice).

My mind started racing as I reached the door of my office.

“Alright REX, you know his office right?” I asked.

“Yes I do” he replied.

“Here is my office, so I’m stopping here. Talk to you later dear” I added as I made my way to my office while he climbed upstairs to see David.

After rounding up with work around 4:45 pm, I was ready to head home bearing in mind that Gerald said he was visiting that same evening.

As I stepped out of my office and was about to lock my office, David interrupted.

“Hey. Ucee! So you are equally through for the day?” he asked as he walked towards me.

I quickly turned back and replied him with a welcoming smile.

“Yes David, I hope you were able to finish up your hectic task?”

“Sure! I did finish up dear” he responded while offering to help me lock my office. The door was proving a little difficult to lock.

As we climbed down the stairs to the parking lot, he apologized for not showing up for our scheduled lunch.

“I’m deeply sorry Ucee for not keeping to my appointment with you earlier today.”

“It wasn’t your fault David, I perfectly understand.”

“Thanks for your understanding, but we are doing that tomorrow please” he pleaded while walking me to my car.

“No problem dear, tomorrow is fine” I responded.

“Thank you Ucee, please drive carefully,” he added as he walked to his car.

“I will dear” I replied as I started my ignition and drove off.

I got home by 6:15 pm and as I was pulling over in the compound, my phone started ringing.

“It must be Gerald; it’s like he timed me,” I said to myself.

I had to park well before picking up the phone to see who the caller was.

By the time I was done parking, the call had ended.

So I picked the phone to check who the caller was.

It was my first love……my father.

I was a bit relaxed seeing it wasn’t Gerald because I didn’t want him to start coming right away.

I needed some minutes to fix something to eat and freshen up before he showed up.

So I locked my car and climbed upstairs to my apartment before returning my father’s call.

ME: Hello Daddy, good evening.

MY FATHER: Ada obodo oyibo m, how are you?

ME: Daddy I’m fine oo.

MY FATHER: It has been a while I heard your voice, so I decided to call to know how you are doing.

ME: haba Daddy! It’s not up to 4 days we last spoke oo.

MY FATHER: So you don’t know that 4 days is a long time…….okwaya?

ME: Daddy it’s not what I’m saying oo. How are you and everyone at home?

MY FATHER: We are doing fine.Your sister just came in for a holiday from school yesterday. I overheard her saying she is coming to stay with you for some weeks.

ME: It’s alright Daddy, greet everyone at home and tell Nmachi (my sister) that she should call me before coming.

MY FATHER: Nsogbu adiro nne.

ME: I will call you tomorrow, I just came in from work, and I’m very hungry and tired.

MY FATHER: Okay my daughter, good night.

ME: Good night daddy.

Typical of my father, he wants me to be calling him every minute.

Well, I miss him though.Our bond is so strong that it sometimes makes my mother jealous.

Even as a working-class woman, my father still offers to send me upkeep money from time to time; the life of an Igbo business man….but I love him like that.

As I reminisced about the relationship between my father and me, I got a knock on my door.

Could it be Gerald?

It can’t possibly be Onyinye because the knock was very responsible.

Well, let me check

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