I finally summoned the courage to pick the call from the accounting section.

ME: Hello.

ACCOUNTING SECTION: Ucee it’s me, David. Please, something came up. I have many urgent assignments on my table and might not finish them if I go for lunch. Please, can we do this tomorrow…please?

ME: No problem dear.

ACCOUNTING SECTION: Thank you so very much Ucee!

ME: You are welcome.


And he hung up the call***

“WOW! Thank God for this cancellation…..what a relief,” I said to myself.

I waited for two more minutes to see if REX was actually serious about his coming before stepping out for my lunch.

Reaching for my car keys and my bag, my phone rang again.

It was REX.

“Could this guy be serious?”….was the exact question on my mind as I picked his call.

REX: Hello pretty.

ME: Hi dear.

REX: I’m downstairs in the parking lot.

I quickly looked through my office window, and there, I saw his car.

“Jezzz! This guy mean business oo,” I muttered to myself.

ME: Alright, I will join you soon.

REX: I’m waiting sweet.

As he hangs up the call***

I had to quickly re-adjust my hair to look as elegant and pretty as ever.

I rushed out of my office, hoping and praying David doesn’t see me driving out with REX because, I also wished to hear his own style of wooing.

Getting downstairs and close to where Rex parked his car, he hurriedly came out of his SUV to open the door for me to enter.

Oh! My God, I so much love that.

“Hello pretty, you look smashing you know,” he said as we both exchanged greetings with side pecks.

“Good day REX,” I responded while entering his car.

“You made my Monday a blessed one pretty,” he replied while closing his car door after me.

He entered his car, and we drove out of my work premises.

“Sweet, do you know where we are headed?” he asked with a lovely smile.

“No I don’t, where are you taking me to? I have barely 40 minutes before getting back to the office,” I replied.

“Well, you will meet up with time pretty, don’t bother you are in safe hands.”

“I pray so Rex.”

After 5 minutes drive, he stopped in an apartment, at Ajose Adeogun Street Victoria Island.

“What are we doing here?” I fearfully asked, because there wasn’t any sight of a restaurant around.

He smiled at my question, and removed his driving seat belt.

He climbed down from his car, and came to open the door for me to come out.

I was just looking confused; I couldn’t hide such looks though!

“Sweet come down please,” he said while reaching for my right hand to help me get down from his car.

I came out, and he locked his car.

While still holding my right hand, we walked into a compound with a duplex.

“Good day Sir,” a gate man greeted.

“Thank you Adamu,” he responded.

“Sweet, this is my house,” he said while unlocking his door.

“REX! What a way to bring me to your house,” I responded while walking into his sitting room as he led.

“Wow! You stay in this space all alone?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes pretty, I do. Welcome to my house darling,” he added while leading me to the dinning that was already set.

“Come here baby, I made lunch for you,” he said while dragging out a dinning seat for me to sit.

“This is so lovely. You mean you made this by yourself?” I asked.

“Anything for you pretty,” he replied as he opened the big plate and started dishing out the fried rice and a big lump of fried chicken for me.

Oh! My God, REX is so romantic. I felt like planting a kiss on his lips right there, but I had to control my emotions for a start.

I was filled with smiles that I didn’t really know what to say.

“But finally my net caught shark oo.

From the look of things, this guy is doing well. His house is a proof to that,” were my exact thoughts.

“Eat up pretty, so that I can take you back to your office,” he said while sitting to eat the little he dished for himself.

“Alright Rex…thank you for this treat, I promise to retaliate” I responded.

And we both laughed about my retaliation mission for few seconds.

I had a taste of the fried rice, and it was very tasty to have been made by a man. That went a long way to tell the kind of person REX is.

“Hmm….this food is very tasty. REX you are such a good cook,” I said with all sincerity.

“Thanks, Love,” he responded.

“And I must confess, your house is beautiful.

“Thanks Ucee!”

“Don’t say anymore word, please just eat,” he said while giving me a spoon of rice from his own plate of food.

I opened my mouth and took the spoon of rice from him.

Finally, we finished eating the tasty fried rice and chicken. I had to help him clear the dining table, after which, I had to take a glass of juice and joined him in the sitting room.

“Thanks for the food REX.”

“You are welcome pretty; I will allow you to rest for 3 minutes so that I can drive you back to the office,” he added.

“Alright dear, thank you; this is the best lunch ever,” I said with smiles.

“You are welcome anytime pretty.”

“So you stay very close to my work station, and you never mentioned it?” I asked.

“I wanted it to be a surprise and thank God I succeeded,” he replied.

Well…pretty, let me take you back to your office, I wouldn’t want you to be late because of me.

“Alright Rex, let’s go.”

As I stood up to reach for my bag on his dining table, he stood on his doorpost waiting for me.

I came to the door, and he collected the bag from my hands and asked if we will still see by weekend since I now knew his address.

“Sure!” I replied while looking straight into his eyes because we were quite close to each other.

We were both engulfed with a passion that he came close to kiss me, trust what I did.

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