Monday morning came, and I woke up around 5:00 am to get ready for work so I’ll be able to beat the Lagos traffic.

I got to the office by 7:45 am, and the first person I met as I was parking my car was David.

David, an intelligent young man, probably in his early thirties, though still single, was my colleague at work and was our chief accountant.

Tall, slim and chocolate in complexion…….he is a handsome man. He is very introverted, and you rarely see him talk at work. Even when he’s called to speak at office meetings, he struggles to get the words out of his mouth.

I think he likes me because I have caught him more than once stealing gazes at me and he is always willing to help me whenever I have a task to complete in the accounting section.

But our encounter that Monday morning was a bit different.

We got into the premises at almost same time, and I parked my car beside his 2005 silver-colored Honda Accord (EOD).

Since we had up to 10 minutes before it was 8 AM, we weren’t in a hurry to exchange greetings and disperse to our different sections.

“Hello pretty Ucee, good morning,” he said while walking up to meet me.

“Oh! Mr. David, same to you dear,” I responded with my disarming smile.

In his blue colored well-ironed plain trousers, a sparkling white long-sleeved shirt to compliment, and a pink striped tie with a shiny designer’ shoes, he was looking good and neat.

“How was your night?” he added, as he stood right in front of me looking straight into my eyes to weaken my defense mechanism and probably succeed in making me shy.

Trust what I can do in such situations!

I had to think of an escape route immediately, and one came to my mind.

“Sorry I think I forgot my laptop charger inside my car, let me get it and join you soon dear,” I hurriedly said to him while rushing back into my car as if I actually forgot something.

“Alright,” he replied while still standing there to wait for me.

I wasted a little time in my car and acted as if I was looking for something with the sole intention of making him run out of patience and get into his office for good.

But it seemed as if I wasted my time because, after about 3 minutes, he was still standing there.

So I had no option than to come out of the car.

“Sorry dear, hope I didn’t waste too much of your time?” I asked him as I locked my car and made my way to meet up with him.

“Not really, hope you found what you were looking for?”

“Yes dear, I did,”

“Alright,” he responded as we both walked together into the office complex.

When we got to the annex between my office and his section, something happened.

David requested for something strange and surprising….

“Ucee, please can we have lunch together during break time today?” he begged.

“Is that necessary?” I replied to a question as he was eagerly waiting to receive ‘a Yes or a No.’

“It is important to me dear….please,”

“Alright, your request is granted,” I replied.

A quick smile ran through his cheeks, and he happily replied, “Thank you Ucee.”

He went away toward the accounting section while I continued on my own route.

I started feeling a little lifted that morning; like someone whose net had caught another fish.

The problem is that I disliked this colleague relationship thingy.

“But why are all these men coming at once? Lord! Could this be a sign?”

That was the thought that filled my mind as I walked into my office.

After about 5 hours of hard work, just 10 minutes were remaining before the lunch break.

I had to get ready for my lunch with David. So I started dabbing my face in readiness for lunch.

While at it, my phone rang and it was Rex.

REX: Hello Sweet.

ME: Hi REX, Good day.

REX: Same to you pretty.

ME: How are you?

REX: I’m fine pretty, I’m sorry I haven’t called not until now, I have been busy.

ME: It’s alright dear, hope you are okay?

REX: I wasn’t okay until now I called to hear your voice…so, I can conclude that I’m okay now.

I giggled at his flattering.

ME: You have a way with words though!

REX: So, what’s my pretty up to right now?

ME: About to go for lunch.

REX: Wow! Can I tag along?

ME: Sure, why not

I answered this way because I was very sure he wouldn’t come….after all, he doesn’t even know the address of my office.

REX: On my way baby.

ME: On your way to where?

REX: To your office of course.

ME: But you don’t know the address.

REX: Don’t be too sure about that pretty, I’m close enough that you will see me in the next 5 minutes.

ME: Alright.

REX: See you soon sweet…as he hung up***

This guy sounded very serious oo…he could probably be on his way.

“Chai! God, why am I always in a mess” I spoke to myself.

What will I tell David that will probably be waiting for me right now?

Am I really enjoying all these?

I still have Gerald that will be visiting my house this evening.

Why is my life with men becoming too dramatic these days?

I was just very confused as I continued dabbing my face with my brown powder to appear still smart and pretty in front of David.

Finally, a call came in from the accounting section.

“It must be David,” I said to myself.

I got confused on whether to pick or not.

What if Rex is actually on his way as he claimed?

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