As I was standing there, still confused whether to open for Gerald or not, an idea came to my head on how best I can come out of this messy situation that can cost me my newly found joy if not handled probably.

“Yes! I think I should call him back and tell him to go down to where he packed his car that I will be joining him soon,” I advised myself.

Immediately, I had to call him and did exactly what my spirit told me.

ME: Hello, Gerald.

GERALD: Yes baby

ME: Please go down to your car, enter inside and drive out of the gate….even a little down the street. Let me change into something better and meet you up there.

GERALD: Alright, please don’t keep me waiting for so long.

ME: I’m coming right after you.

GERALD: Alright.

ME: See you soon (as I hung up the call***).

I immediately had to rush into my ward rope and change into a pair of pink colored shaped trousers and a sexy v-necked dress.

I made sure I was putting on what he had never seen me on before.

You know what they say, “let your ex see you are always looking and doing great without them.”

I equally removed my hair net to free my long weave.

“Ucee, you are pretty,” I said to myself as I took a glance at my look on my standing mirror.

“Wow! Good to go” I muttered to myself as I rushed out of my apartment to meet him up.

On my way downstairs, I reencountered Onyinye at the gate.

“Nwa (babe), where you dey go this night biko?” she asked.

God! Why this girl again, “babe make I buy airtime,” I quickly responded.

That was the only lie that could come to my head at that point…. Maybe I wasn’t such a good liar because her next question threw me off guard.

“Hmm! Airtime na abania (this night)? Babe I think say you be big girl oo, who still buys airtime when we have online banking codes for recharging phone?” she asked again.

“Maybe I still buy Onyinye,” I responded back.

“Biko I will see you later,” I added as I left her at the gate to meet Gerald up.

Immediately Gerald’s call came in, but I refused to pick up because I was already close to where he packed his 2009 Toyota Corolla.

Don’t blame me for cars; I’m just a car freak that’s why I know the name and models of cars unlike most of my fellow ladies.

Finally, I got to his car and knocked on his windup glass, and he unlocked his car for me to enter.

I entered his car, and we observed 2 minutes silence.

During those 2 minutes, I started recounting every lies Gerald told me.

I remembered giving a girl he called his cousin sister some money when he was out of town without knowing she was his side chick.

I was getting very angry in my spirit and started regretting why I even had to come down and see him in the first place.

And I had to talk.

“Why did you demand to see me? You know tomorrow is Monday, and I was actually ironing my clothes when your call came,” I asked with a little tone of anger in my voice.

“So I would appreciate it if you can go straight to the point because I don’t have the luxury of time down here with you,” I quickly added.

“Baby! Please you need to calm down for us to get back on track please,” he responded.

Trying to reach for my hands to hold me…but trust what I did.

“Leave my hands for me please,” as I resisted and shifted his hands.

“So Gerald, I’m not calm enough for you right?” I added, as I forcefully wanted to open his car door and take a bow. Fortunately for him, he was smart enough to have locked the car when I entered.

“Ucee! Please, I’m sorry please,” he said while holding my shoulders forcefully because I was resisting it.

His strength overpowered mine, and I had to start struggling with my emotions because I didn’t want him to overpower me emotionally too.

“Gerald I have forgiven you long ago,” I responded.

“Baby you haven’t, you haven’t,” he screamed and burst into tears.

He left hold of my shoulders and rested on his car steering.

He cried heavily for close to 10 minutes.

“God what should I do, what should I do?” I kept asking myself.

I remember I cried for months when we broke up and he is just crying for 10 minutes and some seconds, and I’m here almost melting with emotions.

I’m sure all these was a planned emotional blackmail to get me back and probably mess me up even the more.

As he was still crying, a thought came to me, and I decided to act on it immediately.

As I raised my left hand to hold Gerald’s, my phone rang, and it was Rex.

I got even more confused.

Gerald’s sobbing was loud enough for anyone to hear it and I won’t want this guy to pour sand sand for my garri.

I have to do something very fast.

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