It was 7:15 am on that faithful Wednesday morning.

And I was woken up by my mother’s call.

“Pretty! It’s mum on the phone,” REX said with a gentle tap on my right arm.

Because of my sluggish waking up style, I missed her first call.

She called the second time, and I had to pick it up immediately.

MY MOTHER: Adanne, sorry for waking you up.

ME: Good morning mum. It’s alright.

MY MOTHER: Yea…I’m on my way to the hospital right now. I spoke with your Dad last night about your request. I don’t think all is going to be as planned.

ME: Mummy what did Chief Ubah say?

MY MOTHER: First, he said that you must further your studies before getting married. Secondly, if REX must marry you, he has to wait until you are back from the states.

ME: God! Which kind wahala be this?

MY MOTHER: I don’t have you alone my daughter. You have to obey your father because I did my best to convince him otherwise but all proved abortive.

ME: But did he consent on REX coming to see him?

MY MOTHER: Sure! He doesn’t have a problem with that.

ME: Seriously mum, I’m just tired. At this point, I don’t even know what to say nor do. I’m not getting any younger oo.

MY MOTHER: That’s how your father wants it. So you can communicate with REX, if he still wants to come; he is very much welcomed, but he has to wait for 18 months, counting from whenever you decide to start, before he can marry you.

ME: Mummy, this thing Chief Ubah is doing is not funny oo.

MY MOTHER: Just calm down and tell REX first, then get back to me on what he decides by the end of today.

ME: Alright mum. Have a nice day!

MY MOTHER: And you too.

And she hung up******

As I turned around, my eyes caught that of REX’s.

He beamed up a forceful smile.

“Good morning pretty,” he said as he gave me a warm hug.

“Same to you sweet. Hope you slept well?”

“Yes pretty.”

“Come here, I need my early morning kiss,” he said as he flipped me to climb on top of his body.

We kissed and kissed and kissed….

And finally stopped.

The kiss was long though….with mischievous tendencies of leading into something more than a kiss.

“It’s too early, thank God we stopped,” I muttered to myself as I calmly flipped to the right of his arm.

“So tell me what Chief Ubah said?” REX sarcastically asked.

I smiled at his sarcasm.

“Chief Ubah said you could come and see him but.”

“But what?”

“That you have to wait for me to start and equally finish my post-graduate studies outside Nigeria, before we can get married.”

“No no no no no…” he screamed out in disappointment.

I felt for him because that can be so disheartening.

“Seriously, in times like this, I just regret having Chief Ubah as my father.”

“He’s a very difficult man.”

Those were my angry thoughts as I was called back by REX’s anger induced laughter.

I went close to calm him down.

“Sweet please just calm down.”

He turned around and hugged me instead.

“I love you pretty. And not even 100 Chief Ubah(s) can change that,” he whispered to me.

After like 30 seconds in silence, we disengaged from the hug.

“Pretty, it’s like your father is a difficult man?”

“No…Difficult is an understatement. My father is simply rigid”.

We both laughed at my harsh description.

“Don’t bother too much pretty; we will go down to the east on Friday. On Saturday, I will be in your compound. Alex will accompany me. Then, I will wait for Chief Ubah to look me in the face and repeat what he has just said,” he sarcastically responded.

“Sweet you play too much. Do you think this is a small problem?”

“Our love has conquered many fights. This is too small for me,” he confidently replied.

“Me I’m scared of my father, and he’s strict laws.”

“You don’t need to be.”

“The truth is: you will further your studies in any country of your choice. But let him just allow you to do that under the umbrella of marriage”.

“On a second thought, I don’t blame your father because he doesn’t know what I have signed for myself,” he added.

“How do you mean?”

“Yes naa. Your father wants me to be celibate for the next two years. Seriously that man no like me,” he sarcastically replied.

”Naughty man! You play too much joor,” I replied with a loud laughter.

“No naa, pretty check it. I cannot agree to that one oo. I want to be enjoying my full package”.

“Naughty! Naughty!”

We both laughed aloud.

“See, if your father proves stubborn to our request, I will simply tell him what I signed for myself with you.”

“He will congratulate me for making him proud as a daughter.”

“Is your father not a man? Biko (Please) he should not allow me to fall inside temptation oo”.


“Pretty m.”

“You are a naughty man.”

“I know my love. But just know that if your father punishes me, you must carry belle go that your obodo oyibo oo (Abroad oo).

I hit him with the closest pillow as we both laughed away our newly found challenge….Chief Ubah.

“Come here my love,” He said as he drew me closer to his chest.

“I’m deeply sorry for yesterday still.”

“It’s alright sweet.”

“I love you, but we have to go to our house now,” he playfully added as he tickled me more than once.

I had to shift away from his body because of the tickling effect.

He was fast enough, as he jumped out of bed.

“Don’t bother; I have counted that one for you. Let’s get to the house first,” I playfully said to him.

He kept laughing as usual.

I climbed down from the bed to change into my swimwear.

He equally wore his ‘polo shirt’ and short.

I had to arrange my scattered braids.

“Pretty come let’s get downstairs and announce our leaving.”

“Get going; I will join you soon. Let me make the bed”.

“No! I will wait for you”.

I just giggled at his hyperactive attitude that morning as I made the bed.

After that, he held me by the waist as we climbed down to the sitting room.

We met ONYINYE and ALEX at the dining having breakfast.

“Good morning ONYINYE, please your nightie is in the wardrobe. I appreciate so much,” I said as I and ONYINYE exchanged a warm hug.

“Good morning Alex,” I equally greeted, as he was engrossed in whatever discussion he was having with REX.

“Adanne how was your night? Your face is brighter than last night,” he sarcastically replied.

And we all burst into a loud laughter.

“Guy we will speak on the phone,” Rex chimed in as he held me by the hand indicating our departure.

“No naa. Breakfast is served already,” ONYINYE screamed in disappointment.

“Don’t disturb yourself Nneoma, ka odizie (Leave it until) next time,” REX replied with smiles.

We left to where his car was parked in ALEX’s compound.

He opened the front door for me, and I entered with smiles.

He immediately joined me in the car as we drove off to his house.

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