GERALD: Hello baby! I called earlier.

ME: Yes dear, I was busy.

GERALD: I want to see you……..please.

ME: What for?

GERALD: As I said earlier on, it’s not what we can discuss on the phone.

ME: GERALD! I want you to move on with your life. Or do you want me to stop taking your calls?

GERALD: No baby. The problem is that I have tried, but I just can’t see my life without you in it.

ME: Well, I’m sorry to break your heart this evening. I’m currently at Elegushi beach with my fiancé. I’m engaged dear.

When he heard the word ‘engaged,’ he went silent on the phone for some seconds before replying.

GERALD: Baby! But you were with my ring before his. Why didn’t you accept my own? Why?

He burst into tears.

ME: See GERALD, I can’t do this with you this time around.

And I hung up on him abruptly.

His tears and comment melted me that I felt a little sober.

Although I tried my best to fight such feelings so that REX won’t notice; but I think I didn’t fight it enough.

“What’s it pretty?” REX asked.

I beamed up a forceful smile before replying.

“Nothing sweet.”

“Hmm…you can’t tell me ‘nothing’ when there’s actually something.”

“Sweet please don’t start.”

“No! I think I should be the one to say those exact words to you. Ucee! What do you take me for,” he replied with a noticeable rage in his tone.

I had to shift away from his body and turned to look him straight in the eyes because he was about creating a scene.

“Can you tell me what your problem is? You overheard my conversations with GERALD so why are you overreacting?”

“So I’m overreacting huh?”

“Yes, you are.”

“I don’t blame you. Instead, I blame myself for falling in love with a lady who doesn’t know what she wants”.

“Do you know what? Damn you REX!” I exclaimed as I stood up to join ALEX and ONYINYE, but he aggressively drew me back.

“Don’t dare work out on me…Ucee”.

Immediately, ALEX and ONYINYE intervened.

“Bia nwokem ogini (come my man, what’s it?),” ALEX asked REX as he tried stopping him from creating a scene.

“Is it not this insensitive lady that I fell in love with. She is there calling and loving up with her ex,” REX replied in a fury.

“REX you are very stupid for calling me insensitive. You are an immature idiot”.

“Ucee! Mummy will be so disappointed at you with such words coming out of your mouth. Why can’t you control your emotions and close your mouth. So this is how you both are going to run a home?” ONYINYE said as she tried dragging me away from REX’s presence.

“ONYINYE, I didn’t do anything to this man. I just don’t know why I’m easily misunderstood. Everything I said to GERALD was for this idiot (pointing at REX) to be convinced that I love him,” I replied in tears.

“It’s alright. Calm down please. Remember we all came here to have fun. But I want you to understand that whatever REX did tonight was out of love and jealousy”.

“The truth is; I don’t want anything with REX again. I just want to go to my house tonight,” I responded as I stood up and hurriedly tried walking away from the beach.

“Ucee! Ucee! Ucee!” ALEX and ONYINYE called out as they both ran after me.

I had to stop since I didn’t see REX with them.

“Adanne, you know things are not done this way. Calm down please,” ALEX pleaded.

I started crying again, and this time around, I cried aloud.

ONYINYE had to console me as she gave me her shoulders to cry on.

“See baby, if you don’t talk to your friend about such unhealthy attitude, I will be tempted to stop seeing you too,” ONYINYE angrily said to ALEX.

“Is it her fault that she’s beautiful? This girl has passed through a lot from men recently, which REX can’t say he’s ignorant of. I’m not happy,” she added.

“Baby you should be calming your friend down and not trying to worsen this issue.”

“Biko (Please), just take us home. Because if anything happen to this girl, her mother will not forgive me”.

“Let me call REX I will join you girls soon,” ALEX replied as he ran off to call REX that was in a sober mood at one side of the beach shores.

“Ucee stop crying. You have to be a strong woman. Don’t always cry when he misbehaves because it will give him the room to deal with your emotions the more,” ONYINYE advised.

“I know that REX loves you so much and that’s why he’s very protective of you. Just this evening, you both just finished the battle of DAVID. Stop crying and show him that you can withstand his outburst by controlling your tongue whenever his tongue is loose”.

I was encouraged by her words that I decided to clean my teary eyes and reduce my sobs.

After like 10 minutes, ALEX and REX surfaced.

REX tried talking to me, but I played deaf to his words.

“ALEX, please take me to your house since it’s close,” I soberly said.

“It’s alright Adanne. Let’s go,” He replied as he held me by the hand and we both walked to his car while ONYINYE entered REX’s car.

We drove to ALEX’s house abandoning the drinks we bought at the beach.

I was very angry, but I had to listen to ALEX as he told me some secrets about REX, and how best to follow him.

In his words, “Everyone has a manual; it’s just for you to study that of your partner.”

He encouraged me and begged me to forgive his emotional outburst because of GERALD’s call.

After like 20 minutes, we were at ALEX’s house.

Although ONYINYE and REX reached before us.

REX humbly came to open the front door for me, but I refused to look at his face.

I ignored him and followed ONYINYE inside ALEX’s house.

“Come in let me show you around,” ONYINYE said as we entered into ALEX’s mansion in my description.

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