After like 45 minutes, we were at REX’s house.

It was 5:15 p.m.

We all entered the house, and I just dived into the three-setter cushion in excitement.

“OMG! Oga REX your house is fine,” ONYINYE loudly complemented.

“Thank you ONYINYE,” REX replied with smiles.

“Biko nne (Please lady) go and get ready so that we can start going,” Alex requested of me.

“So we are still going?” I asked REX.

“Of course pretty! It’s more fun at night”.

“Alright. I will join you guys soon”.

“Biko (please) wait for me,” ONYINYE retorted as she stood up to follow me.

“Meanwhile, sweet you have to change into something casual too oo,” I chimed in as I and ONYINYE climbed upstairs to my room.

“Nawa oh! This una love de sweet me oo. Stubborn Ucee is finally in love,” ONYINYE said.

I giggled at her choice of words as I opened my wardrobe to collect the beachwear I got from the boutique.

“Biko (please) gist me joor. How did he propose?”

“Onyinye abeg when we get to the beach we will gossip about that. Right now, I want to run a quick shower.

“That gist is essential to me. I will stay in the bathroom door as you bath and gist me”.

“ONYINYE! Ara gist agbakwalagi oo (don’t grow naughty because of gist oo),” I responded as I rushed into the bathroom and she followed me.

“Wait a minute; REX is not sleeping with you in the same room?”

“Yes naa.”

“Hmmm…. I can imagine. Ukwu gi bugodu (Your hips are) enough temptation”.

We both laughed aloud at her comment.

“So you and ALEX sleep in the same room?” I inquisitively asked.

“Yes oo. But we haven’t done that thing”.

We both burst into loud laughter.

“I don’t know what I have that made ALEX fall in love with me.”

“It’s God at work. You deserve it dear”.

“I pray it lasts, because I’m madly in love with him now.”

“Oooooo, love nwantinti.”

“Biko (please) come out of that bathtub.”

“If only you can allow me to concentrate a bit,” I replied as I came out of the bathtub to towel-dry my body.

I immediately changed into my beachwear.

I looked so alluring in the lace cover beachwear.

“Nna eh! If REX sees you on this wear, he will rape you oo,” ONYINYE sarcastically complemented.

“He should oo. I will not even stop him again. The guy has really spent these few days for my safety, because of that devil called DAVID”.

“The truth is; I can’t just wait to be ALEX’s wife oo.”

“Lekwafa…..” I mimicked with a funny facial expression as I started my light make-up.

“ONYINYE you don’t want to collect my mummy’s number….. okwaya (right)?”

“My dear oo, no be so. Abeg give it to me right away,” she replied as she collected my phone to take my mother’s contact from it.

“I saved her with ‘my twin,’ so search for that.”

“Alright. So what is it that she gave me as her parting gift?”

“I don’t know joor. You don’t need it. I have been telling you to send your account number, which you haven’t sent”.

“Biko nwannem (please my sister), don’t be angry.”

“Well…mumsy say make I give you #200,000 naira”.

“Chi….ne…ke…, Ihea ka  Igi nwayo ekwu? (OMG! This is not a small gift)”.

“In fact, I’m sending my account number immediately,” she added.

We both laughed at her exclamation.

“Biko I’m ready, let’s go and meet the guys in the sitting room,” I beckoned on ONYINYE as we both stood up to leave my room.

We went downstairs and saw that the men were already outside waiting.

“Sweet! Come and lock up please”.

“Alright pretty. Thank God you ladies are finally out,” he replied as he walked towards us at the door to lock up.

“Come on, let’s get going,” ALEX called out to us.

We all entered the two different SUVs as we drove out.

“Sweet! This is almost 6:30 pm. Will it still be fun at the beach?”

“Why won’t it be? When you’re dressed in alluring beachwear, to ‘kill me finish’ tonight”.

“Naughty man.”

“I pray I would control myself around your body at the beach.”

“You better say those prayers louder.”

We both laughed at his sarcasm.

“So pretty, did you call Daddy?” REX asked.

“Not really, but I spoke to my mum, and she said she would find out from him. So I will call her tomorrow and then give you feedback”.

“That’s fair enough.”

After like 30 minutes, we were at Elegushi beach.

We all came down from the cars and walked down to the beach, holding hands.

ALEX held ONYINYE while REX held me.

We got to the quartz-rich sand at the beach, and they all sat on the sand.

But I ran to the beach shores to feel the cool air.

My love for beaches though!

I felt the peace and serenity that emanates from there…..

I started dancing to the Naija hip-hop song that was playing, and REX started capturing me on his phone camera.

I was too excited that I wanted to step further into the waters, but REX interrupted me as he carried me away.

“What! Allow me to feel myself a bit,” I demanded.

“No pretty, I don’t trust all these beaches,” he replied with smiles as he dropped me down to where ALEX and ONYINYE were sitting.

“So you love the beach like this Mrs. REX?” ALEX asked.

“I do oooooo,” I replied with a disarming smile.

“Bia nwoke m (come my man), this your wife can attract any man with these her smiles,” ALEX said pointing at REX.

“I know what I have,” REX replied with smiles.

“Pretty, let’s shift a bit from ALEX and ONYINYE before ALEX will be another DAVID to me.”

We all laughed about REX’s sarcasm as we shifted a bit.

“REX what should I get for us to eat and drink?” ALEX asked.

“My usual.”

“Pretty what will you take?” REX asked me.

As I was about answering that GERALD’s call came in.

I didn’t know what to do as REX has already seen the caller because I was sitting in front of him, while he wrapped his arms around my neck.

“Pick it up and tell him to come here and see you,” REX said with a little tone of rage.

“God! What kind of ‘kill joy’ is this?” I muttered to myself as I picked GERALD’s call.

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