“Frank what’s the problem,” REX inquisitively asked.

My legs were already shaking, and I became terrified.

“OMG! What could be the problem? My genotype is ‘AA’….so what could be the problem,” I muttered to myself with tears in my eyes.

“See REX! The problem is that…. Mtcheeew! in fact, let me see you privately,” Doctor FRANK demanded as he stood up and beckoned on REX to follow him outside.

God! I was sweating even as the air conditioning was on.

I felt like crying because so many questions were going through my head.

“Could I be the one with the problem?” I asked myself.

After like 2 minutes, both of them came back inside….laughing aloud.

And that got me more confused.

“Pretty please, don’t mind this madman….he decided to get back at me with something that happened like 20 years ago,” REX said to me.

And they both burst into a bigger laughter.

My nerves calmed down that moment.

“So it was nothing serious after all….but this kind of joke is quite expensive,” I thought to myself as I forcefully beamed up a smile.

“Pretty, listen to what happened. FRANK and I attended same secondary school, an only BOYS’ boarding school. It happened that FRANK was my bunkmate, but he had a problem….he sleeps too much. He was always the last to leave the hostel, and he equally received several punishments because of that. So one night, I planned with some of the friends, and we carried him to the praying ground while he was sleeping”.

“Pretty could you believe that this guy didn’t wake up during that process? So when he finally woke up, it was already morning.  Many junior students surrounded him and made a mockery of him. When he got into the hostel, and some gossips told him the people that did that to him. He met us one after another to tell us that he must retaliate as long as he lives”.

“Obviously, this is my own retaliation,” he conclusively said as the two of them burst into another round of laughter.

“Congrats pretty Lady, I don’t know how he found such a beauty as a wife,” Doctor FRANK complemented as we shook hands.

“Thank you Doctor,” I replied with smiles.

“There is nothing wrong. You both are perfect,” Doctor FRANK added as he handed a copy of the result to me.

“Thank you once again,” I chimed in.

“Bia Nwoke m (Come my man), I will be your family Doctor oo, no deny me such privilege,” he said while referring to REX.

“You and who? So that you will come and play this nonsense prank with my wife when she’s pregnant,” REX sarcastically replied.

They both laughed and laughed as we stood up to take our leave.

“Thank you so much man. We will talk on the phone,” REX said as we finally left the Doctor’s office.

He held my right hand as we walked to where his car was parked.

“Pretty, can we still visit my Elder sister or probably leave it until tomorrow?” REX asked as he opened the front door of his car for me to enter.

“Sweet, let’s go there tomorrow,” I tiredly replied.

“Meanwhile, ALEX called and requested we hang-out together at the Elegushi Beach tomorrow,” he chimed in as he tightened his seat belt to drive off.

“That will be nice, so are you suggesting that tomorrow won’t be okay to visit your sister?”

“Not really, besides the beach visit should be in the evening,” he replied.

“She doesn’t work?” I asked because tomorrow was a working day.

“She is her own madam, so all I need to do is to tell her we will be coming.”

“That’s okay.”

The traffic wasn’t as it was when we were coming so, we got home earlier.

It was already 5:30 pm and we both were very tired.

“Pretty I know you are tired right?”

“Yes…so tired. I want to sleep”.

He knocked on his door for RICHARD to open up.

After a minute, RICHARD finally opened up.

“I’m sorry Sir, I was in the backyard,” RICHARD apologetically said.

“It’s alright,” REX replied.

“Good evening ma’am,” RICHARD greeted.

“Thanks RICH! Hope you enjoyed your day,” I replied as I sat on the closest cushion to rest.

“Pretty do you care for a glass of water?” REX asked.


“Should I serve the meal ma’am?” RICHARD asked.

“Meal? You cook too?” I asked in a surprised tone.

“Yes pretty, he helps with the cooking but, if you are not comfortable with it, he will stop and concentrate on the chores alone.  He is a good cook,” REX replied.

“I’m not complaining, just that I didn’t know about the cooking. Well, RICH I’m not hungry right now”.

“Sweet! Are you hungry?” I asked REX.

“Not yet.”

“RICHARD doesn’t bother, you have tried for the day. We will handle the rest,” he said to RICHARD.

“Thank you Sir. Thank you ma’am,” RICHARD responded as he left our presence.

REX handed over the glass of water to me and sat on the arm of the one-sitter cushion I was sitting on.

“Sorry for stressing you today pretty.”

“It’s the traffic that stressed me not you.”

I dropped the glass cup on top of the side stool.

“Sweet! I want to go in and bath and probably sleep a bit”.

“Same here,” REX replied as he took back the glass cup to the dining.

I stood up, with my handbag; I went straight to my room.

When I got to my room, I had to go through the medical report myself since it was in my custody.

From the report, I and REX had the same genotype…’AA,’ same blood groups O+ and everything was perfect as the Doctor said.

I went ahead to undress and have a thorough bath.

After like 5 minutes in the bathroom, I decided to leave the bathtub.

I wore one of the casual mini gowns that I got from the boutique.

I wanted to rest, so I didn’t feel like wearing a pant.

Suddenly, REX started knocking on my door.

“Pretty! Pretty! Open up it’s me”.

“God! Which kind wahala be this?” I muttered to myself as I rushed into the wardrobe in search of a pant.

“I’m coming,” I replied as if I was still in the bathroom.

So after I hurriedly wore my pant, I quietly opened the door for him.

“Sorry for disturbing you, are you with the medical report?”

“Yes…see it here,” I brought it out from my bag and handed it over to him.

“There’s no problem; I felt we forgot it in the hospital. Thank God you are with it,” he chimed in as he opened the result to go through in front of me.

I went straight and lay down on the bed.

“You must be very tired. Can I join you?” he requested.

“On one condition,” I replied.

“What condition?”

“That you won’t tickle me.”

“I promise…I won’t”.


I shifted for him to join me.

He drew me closer to his chest…..and we slept off.

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