It was 8:20 p.m. as we both were woken up by my loud ringtone.

“Pretty your phone is ringing,” REX concernedly said to me with a tap on my right arm.

“Who could that be this time around,” I muttered to myself as I grudgingly reached for my phone.

It was GERALD!

“Hmmm…I thought he has really moved on; what does he want this time,” I thought to myself as I picked the call.

GERALD: Hello baby! Sorry for calling by this time.

ME: It’s alright. Good evening GERALD.

GERALD: Thank you, baby. I have been to your apartment in the past two days, but you weren’t around. I just wanted to see you, bearing in mind that if I had called you; you wouldn’t have given me such opportunity, so I decided to visit without prior notice.

ME: I’m sorry about that. I’m not in my apartment currently. What do you want to see me for?

GERALD: Nothing serious, but it’s not what we can talk over on the phone.

ME: Why?

GERALD: I miss you baby. I can’t live my life without you. The pain is too much, and it can kill me if not taken seriously. Please give me the opportunity to meet with you again even if it’s for the last time.

ME: GERALD! We shouldn’t be doing this now…or don’t you think so?

GERALD: I know, but I can’t take it. I love you so much.

ME: It’s alright. I will make out time to see you.

GERALD: Thank you.

ME: You are welcome.

And he hung up*****

REX couldn’t hide his insecurities and jealousy.

“Who was that?” he asked.

“It was GERALD!”

“What does he want?” he further asked.

“He wants us to see.”

“What for?”

“Sweet! Don’t disturb your head with that,” I calmly said as I placed my head on his chest.

He went silent for two minutes, and that got me a little uneasy.

“Are you angry?” I asked.

“Why won’t I? You weren’t even able to tell him about us. I thought he was an ex,” he replied with a tone of rage in his voice.

I went silent for some seconds.

He gently pushed my head aside and left my room.

He was really jealous and insecure with GERALD’s call.

I stayed for two minutes in my room before going to the kitchen.

As I got to the kitchen, I found out that RICHARD made porridge yam that he stored in the hot-retaining thermos food flask.

I had to dish it out and heat it a bit in the microwave.

I served the meal in the dining with a bottle of fruit wine and some fruits.

REX didn’t even look at my direction.

He distracted himself with the TV program he was seeing.

“Sweet! Food is ready and set. Come let’s eat,” I calmly beckoned on him.

He stood up immediately and joined me at the dining table.

As I was about taking my cutlery, he held my hand.

“I’m sorry pretty for overreacting. It’s not as if I don’t trust you, but I wouldn’t want to experience what I did with DAVID,” he apologetically said.

“Sweet! I was wrong. I would have told him about us. I promise not to behave like that next time. I’m sorry. I love you, and I’m not ashamed of you. I’m sorry for making you jealous and insecure with the call, it wasn’t intentional,” I replied with every atom of sincerity.

He stood up from his dining seat and came closer to me to plant a peck on my forehead.

“I love you so much. This is your first time of saying ‘I love you’ to me. You have made my evening,” he whispered in my right ear.

I giggled as he went back to his seat for us to continue our dinner.

“It’s your turn to pray,” he said to me with smiles.

We both laughed about his sarcasm.

“It’s alright. Close your eyes let’s pray,” I beckoned on him.

I said a short prayer, after which, we started with the meal.

The yam porridge was very tasty.

I couldn’t believe that RICHARD made such meal.

We both ate happily, holding hands and constantly stealing glances.

Finally, we were through with the delicious meal.

I had to clear the dining table and went into the kitchen to wash the used plates.

He ignored me this time around, and took a glass of the fruit wine to relax in the sitting room.

After like five minutes, I was through with the dishwashing, and I had to join him in the sitting room.

“Pretty come and join me, this program is really interesting,” he said to me as he shifted for me to sit, in the three-setter cushion.

It was a program on MTV Base.

I rested my head on his chest as we laughed through the program.

It was really an entertaining program.

He started stroking my hair, and that romantic ecstasy started to build up.

“Pretty! I want to tell you something you should know”.

I quickly made a U-turn to face him and hear what he had to say.

“I own an oil serving company, and I want you to be part of it, especially now you are in need of something to do.”

I pretended as if I was hearing about his oil-servicing firm for the first time.

“Wow! That’s lovely. Was that why you told me to delete the issue of job hunting?”

“Yes. Because left for me, I would have just wanted you to always be in the house with me; until we are done with having the number of kids we would want to have. But I know you wouldn’t want that…right?”

“You already know naa,” I replied as we both laughed about my response.

“My stubborn wife,” he added.

“I hear oo,” I admittedly echoed.

“So tell me, how many kids do you want us to have?” he asked as he tried playing with my fingers.

“No…you go first. How many do you want?” I chimed in.

“Hmmm…..three kids. Two boys and a beautiful girl like my wife,” he replied as he attempted tickling me, but I dodged him.

“You have started again oo. Don’t tickle me again,” I playfully warned.

“So how many do you want?” he asked.


“Wow! That’s lovely. So we are making that happen soon…right?”

“That’s if you are potent,” I sarcastically replied.

He laughed aloud at my response and chased me around the sitting room.

I got tired of the playful race and fell down on the rug pad.

“I have caught you,” he said as he fell on top of me.

“You can play too much eeh…,” he added.

“But you love me like that!” I sarcastically replied.

He came down from my body and lay beside me on the rug pad.

We looked at each other with so much passion.

This time around, I had to make the first move.

I kissed his lips so passionately before our tongues began to roll in and out.

Our emotions were already high that the kissing became so intense.

I placed my right hand on his cheek while we kissed so passionately.

He grabbed me close to him until I was pressing myself on top of him.

And his hands started to move.

This was so intense and hard to resist.

His hands moved from my hair, to my breasts and finally to my butt as we kissed.

But I couldn’t stop him because the feeling was quite mutual.

I moaned into his mouth, and that aroused him the more.

“OMG! Having sex is inevitable tonight,” I thought to myself.

I felt the hardness of my nipples as he took his hands into my underwear, feeling my bare skin on my butt.

I felt like stopping him but I couldn’t because he was already aroused to his elastic limit.

He moved his lips to other parts of my body; running from my ears to my neck.

Until he got to my left nipple and sucked it with his teeth; while taken the right nipple in between his fingers.

I moaned so loud…..

I tried to push my waist up and grabbed his head.

I didn’t see us stopping anytime soon because the passion was mad.

Seeing that he was enjoying it as much as I was; added to the buildup inside of me.

I had never experienced an orgasm of that magnitude because my whole being was shaking.

I leaned forward, held his head tight and literally screamed the orgasm out, as he flipped me over for me to be on top of him.

He kissed me more as he tried undressing me with his hands.

But stops abruptly…

He lifted me up immediately without removing his lips from mine and carried me upstairs.

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