Gerald? Why is he calling now? I thought to myself.

(Picks the call before it cuts******)

ME: Hello

GERALD: Hello baby

ME: Hmm…baby kwa? Since when?

GERALD: Baby stop acting up naa…you have always been my baby, and that’s not about to change anytime soon.

ME: (laughs for about 6 seconds) really?

GERALD: Yes Ucee!

ME: I wonder why you sounded so confident. Let me guess…..because I’m too good that I will fold my arms and probably cross my legs and wait for you to come back to me… right? Nonsense, please why did you call my line?

GERALD: No baby, I don’t know you to be rude, please I want to see you?

ME: What for?

GERALD: Baby, please calm down for me, I know I have fucked up. Please Ucee, we deserve a second chance.

ME: Continue, I’m listening….

GERALD: All I’m trying to say is that we need to sit down and talk…please, don’t say no.

ME: Are you done?

GERALD: Ugh! Yes…I’m done.

ME: Good. Straight up answer,…I don’t want another chance with you. Secondly, I believe we have both mature to the extent that we can respect each other’s decisions, please….I don’t want to see you or to sit with you and talk about anything. Let’s leave everything in the past because that’s where they actually belong.

GERALD: Please stop talking like this naa…meanwhile are you at home?

ME: I’m not, why did you ask?

GERALD: Because I’m around your neighborhood, just want to see you desperately.

ME: If you still want to be a friend, please never you near my doorpost anytime soon. I wouldn’t want to show you the madness in me.

GERALD: Ucee please you need to hear me out.

ME: And I just told you that I’m not interested…(incoming call***REX).

GERALD: Baby I’m sorry please, don’t give up on us I beg of you.

ME: I’m sorry too GERALD, because right now, my man is calling me and I am dropping your call to pick his. I hope you understand?

GERALD: (sounded surprise) your man? Since when?

ME: What kind of a silly question is that? All the same, thanks for calling….I’m hanging up dear (hangs up the call to call REX back).

I was so surprised at myself.

How could I have assumed so fast that Rex was my man?

As I was about calling back Rex, I spoke out to myself loudly, “Hmmm…Ucee you better reduce your speed oo”.

His number started ringing*** and finally he picked up….

REX: Hey. Pretty lady.

ME: Sorry I was on another call (such can be healthy you know! Before he starts feeling like he is the only one onboard).

REX: Please, can I cut the call and call you back immediately?

ME: (I smiled) Sure!

REX: Thank you (as he hangs up).

“Hmm…this guy is really a gentleman, he is just making me fall so quick,” I said to myself.

And his call came in immediately***I picked up.

REX: Hope I’m not disturbing you?

ME: (giggles**) not really…(as if I wasn’t enjoying the feeling).

REX: I’m home right now and just felt like thanking you again for putting smiles on my face today.

ME: It’s nothing dear, you are welcome.

REX: Ucee!

ME: Yes

REX: I like you very much…I do.

ME: Thank you.

REX: Please I would want you to know me better.

ME: Okay…hope you are not Evans the kidnapper oo (we both busted into 10 seconds loud laughter).

REX: I’m not. What’s the nature of your job? What time do you usually dismiss from work every day?

ME: At most 5:00 pm. Why do you ask?

REX: Because I can’t wait for another weekend to see your face again.

ME: (laughs) you flatter me a lot.

REX: I don’t flatter you, sweetheart, I mean everything I say to you.

ME: (If only he knew my “work leave” will be starting next week) But the weekend is close, besides don’t you go to work too or are you into “Yahoo plus things”?

REX: (he laughed over the “Yahoo plus things”) well Ucee, I work from home. I trade in Forex.

ME: hmm…interesting. Will you teach me right?

REX: Sure! Even if it’s what I use to payback for your sweet smoothie and your lovely smiles.

ME: Biko Rex, I’m serious oo.

REX: I will, but you will promise me that you won’t quit your job when the money starts coming.

ME: If the money is much, why go through the stress of everyday Lagos hassles? I will quit oo.

REX: (he laughed) It’s alright, we will talk about that over the weekend right?

ME: Sure!

REX: Alright darling….I will talk to you later tonight, hope that’s okay with you?

ME: As long as your call wouldn’t call too late to wake me up from sleep.

REX: I promise I wouldn’t call you late.

ME: Alright. Thanks

REX: Talk to you soon pretty.

ME: Alright. Bye for now (as he hangs up **).

And I kept smiling for 3 minutes before I got back myself.

Love sweet oo, abeg make this one last oo.

Standing up to go and plug back my phone and I get a disturbing knock at the door.

Hmmm…who can that be this time around, at 7:15 pm? (as I walked to my door to open up).

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