As I approached where he was parked, he came down from his car and hugged me.

“Good day Larry.”

“Same to you Pretty.”

“Hmm…first time of Larry calling me a pet name. It’s like this lunch is going to be filled with surprises,” I thought to myself with smiles as we disengage from the hug.

He opened the front car door for me to enter.

I quickly did as he joined me and we drove out of my work premises.

“What would you love to have for your lunch?” He asked.

“I think I would love something light.”

And we both burst into laughter at my response.

“Water is light oo,” He said.

“No, I would love to eat rice.”

“Wait a minute; it’s like Rice is your best food?”

“Yes dear. I can eat that food every day.”

“Well, I’m not surprised, women are generally like that.”

We both giggled at his conclusive statement as he navigated to a restaurant and parked there.

“I would have wanted us to go to the restaurant we first met but; I don’t need you to remember how annoying my mistake made you feel that day.”

“It’s Okay Larry. I think this restaurant is not bad, although this is my first time here.”

“Sure! Here is equally cool.”

He came down and opened the door for me to come down.

I came down, and we walked into the restaurant holding hands.

At that moment, I sensed fun in the air.

We went to a corner and settled down.

He kept looking into my eyes, and that made me a little shy.

As we were at it, the waiter came and took our order.

“Good day Sir. Good day, Ma’am.”

“Same to you.”

“What can I bring for you?”

“Two plates of fried rice with chicken and orange flavor smoothie.”

“Alright, Sir.”

And the waiter left immediately to get our order.

Larry brought his hand close to mine and held me.

“I think I need to come out clean with you…Zinny.”

“Okay. Hope no problem?’

At that point, my heart was beating so fast.

I kept wondering what he wanted to say to me.


“Yes, Larry.”

“I like you a lot.”

“The truth is; since the day of that car accident, I have been unable to get you out of my mind. I want to ask if we can be more than friends?”

“Wow! Finally?” I muttered to myself in excitement.

We both went speechless for some seconds as our eyes were fixed on each other.

“Please, give me an answer.”

As I was about muttering out something, the waiter interrupted with our order.

He served us and left almost immediately.

The mood between us didn’t change much as we instantly went back to our discussion.

“Zinny I’m still waiting to hear something from you?”

“Larry, you will agree with me that I was not expecting such request from you. Please, can I think about it for some time?”

“It’s alright. But please, don’t take too long.”

“I won’t dear.”

“Thank you. Let’s eat please.”


We both concentrated on the food for some minutes.

“I think I should let him know that his driver job will be terminated today,” I thought to myself.

“How is your mechanic going with your car repair?” He asked.

Just as if he read my mind at that moment.

“Yes dear, he’s through with the repairs according to him. I was about telling you that your driving job will be terminated this evening because; he will be bringing back the car to my office.”

“No oo, I was actually enjoying my new driving job.”

We both laughed aloud.

“But seriously, this is not good news to me.”

“So Larry, you were praying for my car not to be brought back?”

“No pretty, don’t get me wrong. I just wanted more time with you.”

“But you can always get that.”

“Not as much as I would have wanted if the car wasn’t there.”

“You are really funny…Larry.”

“Since I won’t be needed to take you home this evening, can I stop by your house in the night?”

“It’s alright.”

“Thank you Zinny.”

And we both rounded up with our eating.

“Waiter! Waiter!” I called out.

And the waiter came….

“Please package a plate of fried rice and fried chicken, with Chivita juice for me.”

“Alright, ma’am.”

And he left to get the takeaway order for me.

“Who are you buying that for?”

“Linda, My friend. We usually go out for lunch together, but since you requested to go with me for today, she demanded I get her something for lunch too.”

“That’s okay.”

After five minutes, the waiter brought the order and Larry settled the bill.

And we left immediately to where he parked his car.

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