(Pours out the last glass of my homemade smoothie and moves back into the sitting room to join REX)

ME: (chuckles) hope I didn’t take too long?

REX: (beams up a lovely smile) not at all dear, at least I’m enjoying the sports news.

ME: Men and football games (I was right when I guessed he would prefer the sports channel anyway), I wonder when you guys will stop.

REX: Football is part of us you know!

ME: I see…(handing over a glass of my homemade smoothie to him).

REX: Thank you very much (sips it immediately).

REX: Hmmm…this tastes good! Thanks for sharing with me.

ME: You are welcome.

REX: (lowers the volume of the TV and turned to my direction) Ucee!

ME: Yes dear (looking directly at his handsome face).

REX: I’m happy to meet with you today, and I must confess, you are a very pretty lady.

ME: (blushing with my nice dentition on display and an unpopular black colored teeth gum) thank you Rex.

REX: (stares at me for 3 minutes)…. I LIKE YOU VERY MUCH.

ME: (with a disarming smile) “thank you….now you make me shy”, I added.

REX: Please don’t be dear…I’m just a man of few words and I always mean what I say.

ME: (hmm…this is getting all romantic, I told myself) it’s alright, I appreciate.

REX: “….Please, can we go a little bit personal?”…he asked.

ME: (I smiled) sure!

REX: I wouldn’t want to pry into your private life but can’t help to know if I can be accommodated… (Draws closer towards me), Ucee! Can I be your friend? “I mean a very close one at that?”

ME: (beams a confusing smile) we are friends already…you are in my house, remember! I can’t possibly invite my enemy here…(added a little sarcasm to free myself from the romantic mood he was about creating).

REX: I perfectly understand that and I appreciate…but just like Oliver Twist, I want more babe!

ME:  This is pretty tough I must say…but I’ll suggest you slow down a bit because you can’t just judge me with my warm reception and my homemade smoothie.

REX: (he laughed very loud) Ucee you are very funny you know!

ME: Someone can’t afford to always be serious in this country you know… (We both burst into a bigger laugh that lasted up to 30 seconds).

REX: (finishing up the last part of his smoothie) I enjoyed this…(keeps the glass cup on a side stool)…thanks so much once again.

ME: you are welcome dear.

REX: Ucee!

ME: (I was distracted a little bit by the TV but caught his constant stares at me once or twice) yes Rex… (Turning my eyes to his direction).

REX: You strike me like a very bold and fearless lady…please tell me something that my ears are itching to hear… “Are you in any serious relationship right now?”…. (He finally asked).

ME: (60 seconds of calm followed his question before I was able to answer him) I’m single.

REX: (he had a deep breath and rushed to hold my hands)…. “Please be my friend” he retorted. I would have asked for a relationship right away, but I know you will say it’s too sudden. (He looked straight into my eyes) I like you very much Ucee.  I don’t know, but there is something in you that keeps me glued to your personality. Please be my friend?

ME: (At this point, I saw the sincerity in his eyes and felt the urge to give him a chance)…. “it’s alright Rex. Let’s see how it goes.

REX: (he held my hands so tight hearing “let’s see how it goes” from me) Thank you very much…I promise I won’t misuse this opportunity.

ME:  “It’s too early to promise anything Rex,” I added.

This time, I decided to be that bold, fearless and confident woman with an open heart. I wanted to try again with REX but this time; with a heart that expects nothing more than a good friendship.

At this point in my life, I have decided to live my life and enjoy living….so, I will avoid complications as much as I can.

This time around, it is going to be, as I desire it to be….so I told myself.

Although the excitement was getting overwhelming inside of me that, I only prayed and wished REX understands me and accept me with respect. I was equally ready to work towards that because, this time around; I won’t take chances.

I will also listen and obey my inner voice to know the right time to walk away….so I advised myself. The days of vulnerability are over, I will learn from my previous mistakes.

…..finally back from my faraway thoughts to the present, and REX is still starring at my smiling face…..

REX: I see my world in your eyes Ucee.

ME: (smiles) you aren’t done with the flattering….right?

REX: I can’t flatter you, babe….I’m no longer a boy but a man. I mean every word I say to you.

ME: Those words sound like flattering to my ears.

REX: (smiles) they are not dear…those words are from the inner part of me.

ME: Just wondering why a good-looking man like you doesn’t have a woman?

REX: Because you have been hiding from me for years….and thank God, I finally found you.

ME: (laughs) you aren’t serious Rex.

REX: Hmmmm….I think is the time I let you be for today babe.

ME: You have a way with words though….it’s alright dear. It was nice having you today…(as we both stood up from the cushion)

REX: (He held my left hand and while walking his way to the door) Thanks for the smoothie.

ME: You are welcome.

I wanted to unlock the door for him, but he stopped me suddenly and guessed what?…… it finally happened.

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