I woke up very early that morning.

I said my prayers and went straight for my bath.

I spent 20 minutes in the bathroom.

I came out and rushed my wardrobe.

“I think I need to be on my best wears since I have Larry as my driver.”

“I need to always look smart for the attraction to work.”

“Chai! Ezinna, this is not you oo.”

“Working so hard to impress a man.”

“Chai! God punish marriage pressure.”

“It can really bring out the worst side in you.”

Those were my thoughts as I searched for the appropriate clothes to wear.

I later settled for my blue colored midi-gown.

And I brought down my nude-colored stiletto shoes to match with it.

The ‘combo’ wasn’t bad.

I sat down immediately and did my mild make-up.

It was almost 6:40 am, and my phone rang.

“Hmm…Is Larry here already?”

“I wonder if he slept at all,” I muttered to myself as I reached for my phone to know the caller.

It was Austin!

“Ugh! Not again this morning,” I thought to myself in disappointment as I picked his call.

AUSTIN: Hello dear, Good morning.

ME: Same to you dear. Hope the night was good?

AUSTIN: It wasn’t. After I told you to let me know when you get home, you didn’t. Instead of that, you switched off your phone or did you spend the night with your friend?

ME: I’m sorry for that. Just that I came in very tired. So I switched off and slept.

AUSTIN: That means I’m nothing to you…right?

ME: I’m sincerely sorry dear.

AUSTIN: I didn’t expect such attitude from a lady of your age. Even if you slept over in your friend’s, you should have at least reached out to me.

At this point, I lost it with Austin.

ME: Wait a minute; what do you actually take me for?

AUSTIN: I don’t understand that question.

ME: So if I slept in my friend’s place, I would not be allowed to make a call or what?

AUSTIN: Maybe, since he is a man.

ME: I can see you are a control freak. But you met a wrong match.

AUSTIN: I’m not possessive, just that your attitude got me stormy last night.

ME: The last time I checked, I don’t owe you any explanation. Please, just hang up because it’s too early for arguments.

After saying that, I didn’t even wait to hear his response as I abruptly hung up on him.

“Can you imagine?”

“What arrogance?”

“What insolence?”

“This Austin of a guy is such a big fool.”

“If they sent you to come and spoil my day this morning, abeg! tell them say you miss me for road.”

“Which kind person be this?”

“I’m not your girlfriend yet, and you are already showing your controlling skills.”

“Biko (please), let me wait for Larry jare.”

Those were my thoughts as I sat on my bed trying to get over Austin’s early morning annoyance.

“But wait oo, Larry doesn’t have my number. How will I know if he’s here already?”

“It’s almost 7:00 am”.

“But I wonder why he hasn’t requested for my contact.”

“Maybe he’s taking everything systematically.”

“And which is the more reason I should stop fantasizing and imagining things.”

“He might just be a nice person with nothing in mind.”

“Hmm…let me wait a little.”

As I was traveling in my thoughts at that moment, my phone rang.

I was holding it in my hand already.

It was Linda!

I picked up the call.

LINDA: Hello Babe. Good morning.

ME: Same to you babe. Hope your night was great.

LINDA: Yes oo. Abeg, your driver dey for your gate. Make you try give am your number, so that you two will stop making me jealous with una romance.

ME: Him never ask for the number naa. Meanwhile, there is zero romance and thanks for alerting me.

LINDA: You are welcome. But package all the gist wey you dey owe me, we go gossip plenty today.

ME: It’s alright babe. See you soon.

LINDA: Alright.

And she hung up***

I took my handbag and left my apartment immediately, to meet up with Larry.

When I approached his car, he came down and gave me a warm hug.

“Good morning Zinny.”

“Same to you dear. Hope the night was good?”

“Sure!” He replied as he opened the front door for me to enter.

I entered and beamed a smile that made him wink.

“He looks good on formal wear too,” I muttered in admiration.

He joined me in the car and drove off immediately.

“I’m sorry I haven’t demanded for your contact all these while. I have been disturbing your friend. Please, can you give me your phone number?”

“I’m sorry, my complementary cards are in my car. But I can call it out to you.”

“Just take my phone and key in the digits.”


I took his phone and typed the number for him.

As we were approaching my office, he asked for another favor.

“Can I come and pick you for lunch?”

“If that won’t be a bother to you.”

“It won’t Zinny.”

“It’s alright.”

“Thank you so much.”

“You are welcome, Larry.”

He stopped the car in front of my work premises and came down to get the front door for me.

I came down, and we shared a parting peck.

“I will see you by 12:30 pm,” he said with smiles.

“Alright dear.”

“Hey. You look good!” he added.

“Thank you, Larry,” I said with smiles as I walked into my office.


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