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Getting close to my doorpost, they brought back power…just as if they knew I needed it so badly.

I unlocked my door to see who was knocking, lo and behold; it was GERALD.

“Hey. Good evening dear, it’s just as if you timed me. Come in please,” I said while moving aside to enable him to enter my apartment.

“Thank you, baby,” he replied while making his way into the sitting room.

He moved to the two-sitter cushion and sat comfortably, while I locked my door.

“As you can see, I’m just coming in from work. So just give me some minutes to freshen up and please do make yourself comfortable, I will join you soon”.

“Alright baby” he responded as he reached for the TV remote to relax and wait.

I hurriedly went in, had my shower, and changed into something stunning.

I wore blue colored see-through velvet top and a pink colored bum-short to compliment.

I had to enter into the kitchen to fix something fast.

Since I had a tomato stew in the fridge, I had to boil spaghetti and equally prepare my smoothie to wash it down.

After like 30 minutes, I was through with what I was doing in the kitchen and quickly had to set the dinning for two.

I called him out to join me in the dinning because I was very hungry and tired.

“Gerald, please come let’s eat.”

He stood up and joined me in the dinning as I requested.

“You don’t have the faintest idea how I have missed your cooking, baby,” he said while sitting on the next dinning seat.

I just beamed a smile as I dished out his food.

So we sat opposite to each other at the dining table while we ate.

One thing l so much love about Gerald is his hygiene. He is too neat, and I love that about him.

His eyes were fixed on me while we ate.

One of his legs got in contact with mine, and I quickly shifted mine before he starts playing footsie with me on the dining.

Although that was my thought because it could still be a mistake for all I may know.

“Baby, I’m not here to eat. I want to hear from you Ucee, can you give us a second chance please?” he said while reaching for my left hand.

“Gerald, please let’s finish this food in peace” I replied as I gently withdrew my hand from his.

“Alright baby, let’s eat up.”

The truth is that I still felt something for Gerald.

He is caring, loving and very romantic.

His only problem was his cheating habit which every woman abhors.

At the dining table, I started battling with my emotions because I already knew it was going to be an emotional night.

We finished eating the food, and I went to the kitchen to get the smoothie that was in the fridge to help wash down the food.

“Oh! My God, Baby so you still prepare this your sweet smoothie,” he said while accepting his own glass of smoothie.

I just giggled as I poured out mine and took back the rest into the fridge.

I kept my glass of smoothie on the dining table as I cleared and cleaned up our used plates.

When I came back to the dining table to take my glass of smoothie, I found out that Gerald had already taken it down to the sitting room and placed it on a side stool that was beside the two-sitter cushion he was sitting on.

I had no option than to join him there, although I had mixed feelings about sitting close to him.

“Are you through baby?” he asked while handing over my glass of smoothie to me as I sat close to him.

“Yes,” I replied.

As I was about taking a sip of my smoothie, my phone rang.

It was REX.

I didn’t shy away this time around to protect Gerald’s feelings like the other time.

I had to pick up this time.

REX: Hello pretty.

ME: Good evening Rex.

REX: Good evening? It’s almost 8:00 PM and so should bid good night.

We both laughed at the joke.

ME: Don’t mind me, dear. Thanks for your hospitality today.

REX: Pretty, it’s nothing. I just called to know if you got home safely.

ME: I did dear, thank you.

REX: You are welcome baby. Talk to you tomorrow morning.

ME: Alright. Goodnight REX.

REX: Good night my queen.

And he hung up****

I continued with my smoothie while I enjoyed the music channel he selected on the DSTV.

I caught his eyes severally looking at me.

At the same time, I noticed he had finished his glass of smoothie.

“Do you want more?” I asked while turning to my left to look at his face directly.

“Yes I want more, but not more of the smoothie. I want more of you…Ucee” he replied as he held my two hands and collected the glass tactfully from my right hand.

He knelt in front of me and pleaded the more.

“Ucee, I know I have messed up. But you are the only Lady that came into my life and made an indelible impact”.

“Baby I love you, I have always loved you. Please, just a second chance…please”.

I was already in tears….soft hearted Ucee.

“It’s alright, please stand up” I responded.

“Baby I will only stand up if you say yes to my proposal.”

“Gerald, I have forgiven you and will think about “the second chance” request. This is what I can say to you right now,” I replied as I cleaned my tears that rolled down as I reminisced about his betrayal with my best friend.

“I’m sorry baby; I’m sorry that I’m responsible for those tears. Please find it in your heart to forgive and forget, I promise it will never happen again,” he said while giving me a forceful hug while on his knee still.

I started crying and sobbing the more.

He held me so close and tight that at that point, I was so porous and vulnerable because I practical lost control of my emotions.

He whispered something to my ears.

“Baby, thank you for forgiving me. But the request I was actually talking about is the marriage proposal”.

“I want you to be my wife, be “my everything,” be my peace of mind as you have always been….please just says yes,” he added as he brought out something from his pocket.

God! This is not happening.

Could that be an engagement ring?

Does he want to engage me?

What should I say?

Those were the troubling questions popping on my head successively, and that forced my sobbing to stop abruptly.

He suddenly removed his arms around my neck, and lo and behold, my suspensions were right.

It was an engagement ring.

“Baby, I know you are confused right now. And because of that, I won’t ask you this question the way other guys do” he said as he flipped the pack of the ring.

“I want you to hold this ring; don’t wear it until you have decided to walk this path with me. But if you don’t want to marry me, feel free to return it to me” he added while handing the ring over to me.

For 3 minutes, I was confused on what to do or say.

This guy was really prepared for tonight.

He was still on his knee waiting for me to say something.

“Alright Gerald, let’s see how it goes. You will definitely hear from me” I replied while looking straight into his eyeballs.

He drew closer as he held my face with his right hand, which was a clear signal that he wanted to kiss me.

I felt like backing away, but another part of me was somewhat receptive.

Before I knew it, I moved my face closer to his in a slow pace; his sweet fragrance was something I always find hard to resist.

He quickly grabbed the opportunity, placed his lips on mine, and covered my mouth with his.

His lips and tongue were hot and demanding as he tangled his passion with mine and set us both on fire.

The mood between us charged up as the movements laced with a sense of urgency.

He threaded his fingers through my hair as he went ahead to kiss me deeply, and he pressed his body against mine, and that aroused me the more.

Before I knew it, his hands were all over my body, moving from the thigh, over the hip, to ribs and up to my bosom.

As his fingers touched my bosom, intense desire gathered momentum, heating me up from within and I started to moan.

At this point, I was ready for anything because I was already carried away by our sexual ecstasy. I wasn’t in control of myself and feelings anymore as we kissed even deeper on that cushion.

But we were interrupted by Onyinye’s knock on the door.

“Babe open this door oo, make I tell you who came looking for you specially oo” she screamed as she knocked heavily on the door with no intention of stopping.

We had to adjust ourselves, and I finally came back to my lost senses.

“I’m sorry baby,” he guiltily said while readjusting his trousers.

“It’s Alright, let me get the door, it’s my neighbor” I replied as I stood up to go and open up for Onyinye.

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