I rushed ONYINYE’s door, and there he was on his bended knees with his face downwards and a beautiful rose flower in his right hand.

I looked at him with pity that I went and dragged him up.

ONYINYE came out from the kitchen to enjoy the drama with us.

She handed over my house keys that I left on her cushion.

I opened the door and REX, and I went inside immediately.

When we entered the sitting room, he hugged me in tears.

We both started crying in each other’s arms.

He gently dragged me to the closest cushion and carried me on his laps.

“I’m sorry pretty; I will never treat you the way I did. The truth is; I’m so ashamed of myself right now. I hope our unborn child will forgive me for treating you the way I did”.

“I’m sorry sweet, maybe I was a little arrogant and didn’t feel the pressure you were facing at that moment. I promise to always understand you in your days of confusion and anger. I missed you so much”.

We both kissed and kissed and kissed.

“I love you Ucee! And not even the devil can change that”.

“I love you too.”

He took me into my bedroom, we packed some clothes and left for his house.

We spent the whole day in each other’s arms.

He was thrilled that I was carrying his child.

He stripped me off house chores and tedious exercises.

I got my pampering back.

But he wasn’t happy with my choice of work.

I convinced him that we don’t work too stressful in my department before he allowed me to continue.

To cut a long story short; He went with his kinsmen the next week and concluded the marriage rites.

Winnie! You need to see the video of our wedding party.

It was fun and fun and fun.

When mummy got to know that I was pregnant already, she felt disappointed, but she didn’t judge me.

Look at me now; I’m pregnant with my second child.

“OMG! Winnie, I will join you soon let me check my food on fire”, Ucee said as she stood up and walked to the kitchen.

“Hmmm…. Nwanyi afo ukwu (Big belle Woman),” I exclaimed.

She laughed aloud.

But she came back after 10 minutes.

“So Ucee, what happened to David and his cohorts?”

“Winnie dear, after the judgment in court, he was sentenced to two years imprisonment with hard labor, Richard got a fine which REX paid for, and Gina was released with conditions.”

“Wow! This your story is really nice. It will encourage so many ladies out there,” I said.

“Yes Winnie, that’s your job to do. You need to tell them everything I have told you on how to attract and keep a man of your choice. REX is rich, and he’s the dream of every woman, but there are things you need to know that will attract such men and equally keep them.”

“Hmmm…Thank you so much Mrs. REX”.

We both laughed at my last statement.

“I should be on my way now!”

“Alright Winnie, I know you will marry a man even wealthier than my husband because you have what they are looking for.”

“Hahahahaha, Thank you, ma’am.”



————————————-THE END——————————————————————




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  1. Awwww! This story is amazing, I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. Thank u so much Winnie for sharing this story with us. I learnt there’s a thing line between the peace that the holy spirit gives and that which our knowledge gives. At a point in time Ucee said she felt peace when with David but we later got to know that wasn’t peace at all. But for the intervention of her mother who of cos was more spiritually inclined than her she could have made a mess with her love life. It pays to be patient, humble and thorough in our findings when making very important decisions in our lives. Thank you once again Winnie, may your oil never run dry. Kudos

  2. Wow wini for a moment I thought u where telling my own story. The story is so amazing and educative. Truely ladies will learn a lot from these. Am so happy am part of these lovely story. Thanks wini. Love u

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  4. Wow the story is very nice, I learnt a lot from it, no matter any suitution you fine your self dont throw away your dingititie , wille god bless you , waiting for the next story to start

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  6. Wow wini lov, you are wonderful for the wonderful story you have been giving to us all these while,thanks so much dear,we love you,so keep the flag flying

  7. 😱 OMG I love this story I wish it never ends. I feel like having a man like Rex in my life right now he’s just what I need even with the flaws I can tolerate him. I love u Winnie.

  8. I felt like this story shouldn’t end but it did…and it ended well.

    I learnt to always be myself and not form. I learnt that I shouldn’t tolerate nonsense. I should stand by my man in his trying periods. I should also discipline my man like ucee but with a soft hrt…

    I learnt a lot jare. Thanks Ucee

  9. Wow! The love it like mad!
    It has really taught me a lot ranging from Romance,care..life partner decisions..courage to go for and fight for what I want…how to love my woman…
    Winnie darling you are indeed a gem!

    More inspirations dear….

    Bia! Where are all those #TeamGerald…come here now and receive flogging… Lolz!!!

  10. And my prediction was right yes! That happy ending kind of story! It pays to be good, it pays to be prayerful! Its so good to fear God and always ask for his directions in our decisions because you can never miss your way!

    God bless you Winifred for this story! I enjoyed every bit of it from Episode 1 to 100.
    Please let me know when the hardcopy is out.

  11. Wow… Winnie, I learnt so many things, starting from episode 1 to 100… I learnt to be more understanding, develop self love and contentment, to build My own world for myself not for a man and above all talk to God always because he is the author and finisher of our faith.

    Thanks Winnie, I’m looking forward to more stories like this and the hard copy…

  12. Wow, this is so beautiful. So many interesting lessons. Self development, Always hold on to God, self control & dnt be too quick to judge. Thanks Winnie

  13. Winnie thank you very much for sharing this with us, At first when you started writing it was all about my wrong relationships, pains and heartbreak, thou it’s not like ucce’s story but almost, I envy her, she is the definition of a strong woman.
    I have learnt how to be patient, my God she is patient I pray for that grace,
    God continue to bless your home ucee.
    I really appreciate you, thank you again and again I love you Winnie.

  14. wow! this story is amazing and thrilling. i really learnt a lot from it. i pray many singles would read it and gain some tips from it in making their relationship work. Winnie u did a marvelous job. well done dear

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  17. I must confess that this story is soul lifting. You must set your standard as a woman and never settle for less. Building yourself is important and not appearing like a pest to a man. And finally we must involve God in all we do. Thank you Winnie for the wonderful story
    For those who are thinking they have lost all, you are yet to be seen in the light of relationships again. Adjust and adapt. The grace of God is available

  18. I learnt that prayer is the solution to all and always obeying and sticking close to our parents advice

  19. Great piece of story. The Good book says “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom and in all thy getting, get understanding”. These virtues Ucee did not have but for her mum, she would have been doomed.
    I pray for more in your future write ups. Your stories will take you places. Keep up the good work.

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