He came out of his black Toyota Highlander (2016 model) and locked it. In a pair of blue colored trousers, an ash colored polo and a black suede shoe; he was looking good I must confess.

Trust my curiosity; I was peeping through my window to assess him before he gets close to my door to announce his arrival with a knock.

He was looking good and simple (exactly the way I like it). A tall and dark in complexion guy, his body size was exactly the way I love it (masculine), and I started building up sweet fantasies (I’m perfect at that); those sheepish smiles of mine overwhelmed my lovely made-up face….. thanks to the Knock on my door, which brought me back from dreamland.

You know the trick….right?

To delete the impression that I was very much expectant, I had to wait for the second knock before getting close to the door.

“Who is there”? I hurriedly asked as if I didn’t know who it was. He answered so innocently: “It’s Rex,” and I opened the door.

ME: (exchange of harmless hug) Good evening Rex….sorry for keeping you waiting at the door.

REX: It’s alright, I didn’t wait for so long.

ME: You are welcome to my house (a well-equipped one-bedroom apartment) please make yourself comfortable.

REX: (he quickly sat on my black leather cushion on his right) Thank you!

ME: What can I bring for you?

REX: What do you have?

ME: (we both giggled about his question) I have some good French and Italian wines both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. I equally prepared sweet smoothie, so you make your choice.

REX: You are hospitable you know!

ME: I wonder why you are saying such….because I’m offering to share my smoothie with you?

REX: (He laughed so loud that I didn’t have an option than to smile) It’s not because of your smoothie dear….alright, I would love to have a taste of your smoothie.

ME: Alright…please make yourself comfortable. I will join you soon (I handed the DSTV remote to him, bearing in mind that he might prefer sports channel to the MTV base that I was watching before his entrance).

I moved straight to the kitchen to serve the smoothie he requested.

Getting to the fridge, I thought about his lovely smile and innocent stares, “I think he is a good man,” I said to myself.

“Hmm…was that not how Gerald, Patrick, and Chuks made me feel on our first meetings?”

So I asked myself… “I think all of them are just the same,” I added.

Gerald, Patrick, and Chuks are all my ex in the past three years.

My experience with all of them was somewhat similar.

According to Gerald, I was too kind-hearted and trusted easily. He said I was very much predictable and he knew how to maneuver his way where I was to get whatever he wanted.

I caught Gerald with my best friend, and he couldn’t deny it.


According to him, I was too good to be true. He felt my openness, and kind-heartedness was a pretense.

Although it didn’t end there because, my best friend came crying and begging for forgiveness, telling me the list of women she has seen him with.

According to her, I don’t deserve Gerald….at that point I had to lick my wounds.

Patrick wasn’t any different, and he started disturbing my younger sister that came in from school for sex.

Thank Goodness that my sister had to open up to me and I confronted him with that…..all he was able to mutter was that he was sorry. But this is a guy I helped clear his debt when his business was experiencing downtimes.

That of Chuks was very pathetic! He got his neighbor’s house-help pregnant.

Funny…. isn’t it?

Seriously, sometimes I keep asking myself this particular question, “where did I go wrong with men?”…. I can’t just say if my village people are after me oo (laughs).

What do men want? Or have I been meeting the wrong men?

God knows I put in my best in all my relationships….then what’s wrong?

Maybe I’m very DEEP as Gerald complained. I have a big heart and very free-spirited. I always speak my mind, and I’m a very hard-working Lady. I don’t pretend when I show care and love….maybe I show too much right?

The fact that I see the best in people doesn’t make me naïve….or does it?

I’m very much empathetic because I feel other people’s feelings. I make the problems of those I love my puzzle…. so I’m referred to as being too sensitive and emotional.

Maybe because I love to stay committed to my relationships, my passion for love is easily misinterpreted as DESPERATION. My positive attitude is perceived as FAKE…..this is not just good!

So, because I remember everything you tell me you feel I want to have some sort of advantage on you…right?

That I notice things, you don’t see for yourself…is that a fault too?

That I know your quirks like no one else….does that make me complicated too?

That I help you fall back in love with who you are and find your place in the world, you think I’m complicated and too deep …right?


I think this is the right time to introduce myself!

My name is Brenda Uchechukwu Ubah; I’m THE MISUNDERSTOOD WOMAN.
I’m a 26 years old Lady who prefers to be addressed as “Ucee” because I love my Igbo name so very much.

I’m chocolate in complexion, robust and average height. Of course, I wouldn’t just forget to mention that I’m hippy with sizeable breasts to compliment. My skin glows to attract, and my eyes are sexy enough to sway you.

I work with a digital marketing agency in Lagos, and I earn very well as a single lady. I drive a black colored 2.2 Toyota Camry, and I can comfortably say that I’m comfortable.

Well, let me stop overbearing myself with my past, lest I become sad and it shows before Rex.

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