DAY 14 – EPISODE 6 (Day 9)

Nigerian Valentine stories

Jay freshened up and had his breakfast which he insisted I order for him.

“I will miss you, baby, I pray the bank transactions won’t take much of the time so that I can run back into your arms,” Jay said with a warm hug and a peck as he was about leaving.

“It’s alright, have a nice day,” I replied with smiles.

“I will baby. Just eat anything you want…okay? Your man is not broke,” Jay whispered as he walked out of the room.

I giggled to his comment as I shut the door right behind him.

I dived into the bed and grabbed my phone.

“Haba Isa! This is Friday morning naa. It’s too early for gossips,” I thought to myself as I restrained my hands from dialing Zoe’s phone number.

I was still in my nightie and wasn’t feeling like having breakfast yet.

I had to drop chats for Zoe on WhatsApp because the excitement was just too much for me alone.

I told Zoe in the chat that she should call me when she’s free.

I tried distracting my thoughts with the television program that was showing, but it wasn’t just working for me.

My mind kept drifting towards Jay’s perfect show of love and affection.

“I pray he’s real because I’m already caught in his web.”

“He’s just too good for his kind of man.”

“Waking up in the same bed without moving his hands towards my body?”

“Hmm…it’s just so unbelievable for his kind of guy.”

“He’s handsome, rich and well-educated.”

“What again is remaining?”

“I know we are not in the same class in life, but he could still fall in love genuinely with me and settle for me.”

Those were my fantasies as my phone just beeped.

“It was Zoe!”

I hurriedly picked the call immediately.

ZOE: Holiday girl, good morning o.

ME: Bestie of life, how are you missing me?

ZOE: I miss you so much, you can’t just imagine it.

ME: Hmmmmmm….Zoe that tune in your voice is something sweet. Tell me, what is it?

ZOE: I was waiting for you to come back first naa.

ME: Tell me jare, before I will announce mine.

ZOE: Hian! Announcement ke, abeg tell me yours first.

ME: No I asked first.

ZOE: Stubborn girl!  Okay, Kingsley proposed last night.

ME: It’s a lie. It’s a lie (I screamed with excitement).

ZOE: (Chuckles) my dear I was surprised o. I wasn’t expecting that so soon.

ME: Which one is so soon, you guys have been together for three years, OMG! I’m happy for you bestie. So you want to marry and leave me in this our singlehood?

ZOE: Hahahahahaha, crazy girl, no be small singlehood. Don’t rush it dear; the most important thing is to find who is compatible with you.

ME: I have found him (I cut in).

ZOE: How do you mean?

ME: I think I’m in love with Jay.

ZOE: So fast Isa!

ME: I don’t know Zoe. I can’t just control my feelings for him anymore.

ZOE: Tell me, what happened?

ME: See eh! We changed the hotel we lodged previously to a new one closer to the ministry.

ZOE: Okay.

ME: And we are staying together in the same room.

ZOE: Why?

ME: Zoe! We are dating already naa.

ZOE: Hmmm….

ME: Wait joor! We slept together last night, and he didn’t even touch me.

ZOE: So? Is one night of no-touch enough to trigger love in you?

ME: Zoe! Jay is so charming and irresistible.

ZOE: In as much as I wouldn’t want to spoil this your feelings of excitement, I would want you to trade with caution. Please hold your emotions so that you don’t fall for Jay so quick. I’m not against you having sex with him if that will quench that adrenaline pump in you right now. But while you are at it, strip off emotions of love. Just see everything as once in a while fun, if he proves to be real; then you can gradually loosen up.

ME: Zoe! I understand what you are saying, but no one can actually tell his or her heart not to fall in love. It just happens! When you try to fight it, you see yourself sinking deeper and deeper.

ZOE: Do you know what? I will call you later, work calls right now.

ME: Alright, have a beautiful day.

And she hung up****

“I understand that Zoe is trying to look out for me, but it’s been a while I had a man in my life, talk more of Jay’s kind of man.”

“I can’t just control my feelings around him anymore, and there is this part of me that feels he’s real.”

Those were my thoughts as my phone beeped again.

“It was Jay this time!”

I picked up the call with smiles.

JAY: Hey. Baby.

ME: Yes dear.

JAY: Just got to the bank, have you had breakfast?

ME: Not yet, but I will do that once I drop your call.

JAY: Alright. I was just checking up on you.

ME: Thanks, baby.

JAY: Yea…have fun. I will still call you later.

ME: Alright.

And he hung up***

I jumped out of bed and went into the bathroom to freshen up.

After about 15 minutes, I came out of the washroom and called the kitchen for my breakfast.

I surfed the internet as I waited for my breakfast with my phone.

After about 20 minutes, the hotel staff brought my breakfast.

I ate almost immediately because I was hungry to an extent.

After eating, I laid on the bed, and I slept off without knowing when I did.

At about 1:00 pm, my phone rang again.

My ringtone woke me up from sleep.

I picked the call without checking who the caller was because I was still feeling sleepy.

JAY: Hello, baby.

(I opened my eyes forcefully as I heard Jay’s voice)

ME: Good afternoon dear.

JAY: Yea…how are you?

ME: I’m fine, was sleeping.

JAY: Yea, the tone in your voice explains that.

ME: Are you through?

JAY: Not yet o. I’m still here.

ME: Nawaoh! You should be hungry right?

JAY: Yea…but that’s the least of my worries.

ME: I understand, so sorry.

JAY: It’s alright, please try and understand with me okay?

ME: No problem, just be fine.

JAY: I will as long as you are you too.

ME: (giggles) I am.

JAY: Alright, talk to you soon.

ME: Okay, bye.

And he hung up****

After Jay’s call, I had to wake up from sleep forcefully.

I was feeling tired and a little hungry.

I had to order proper food from the kitchen.

I waited with a Nollywood movie that was showing on the television.

After a while, my food arrived, and I ate.

The movie was so entertaining that I was carried away.

When the movie ended, I had to grab my phone to check the time.

“Damn it! This is almost 4:00 pm; Jay is not here yet?”

“I can imagine what he’s going through right now.”

“The worst of it is, he’s hungry, and there’s no food in banks!”

As I was wallowing in my thoughts, my phone rang.

It was from Jay!

I picked up without wasting time.

JAY: Hello, baby.

ME: Yes dear.

JAY: I’m close to the hotel, but please place an order for me; I’m starving.

ME: I will do that now.

He hung up after telling me what to order for him.

I called the kitchen and placed the order.

I became so happy like a woman that has missed her newly wedded husband for a week.

I arranged the bed and applied my sweet scenting body spray on my body.

After about an extra 10 minutes, a knock came at the door.

I quickly went and opened up.

It was Jay.

He hugged me as he closed the door with his legs.

“I’m sorry baby,” Jay whispered into my ears.

“It’s okay,” I retorted with smiles.

We disengaged from the hug as he quickly undressed and walked into the bathroom to freshen up.

As he was at it, a knock came at the door, and it was from the kitchen.

They served his food and left.

He came out of the bathroom and met his food.

“OMG! Perfect timing,” Jay said.

We both giggled as he sat down and ate his food like a hungry lion.

I watched him stylishly as I deceived him with my phone that I was using as camouflage.

After eating, Jay joined me in bed.

“I’m sorry I left you all to yourself today,” Jay said.

“It’s okay. You never intended to,” I replied as he drew me closer to his body.

“I missed you all day baby,” Jay said.

“Same here,” I retorted.

Jay gently held my face as he planted a kiss on my lips.

“I love your lips,” he muttered out in ecstasy.

We kissed more passionately that his hands started moving to my bosom and thigh.

It was the best feeling ever as we flipped on each other countless times.

I didn’t even know when our clothes went off as we made love like two wild animals that have been starved for weeks.

He romped me like a horse.

I have never experienced sex in that way.

We both got tired and slept off holding ourselves so tight in our nude state.

His gentle touch woke me up as it was accompanied with pecks.

“Baby it’s getting late. Are you hungry?” Jay asked.

“Snacks and juice will be fine,” I replied.

“Alright baby, let me tell them,” Jay said as he called the intercom.

I had to turn around to see my clothes scattered on the floor.

“Haa Isa! You are really wild,” I thought to myself.

Jay noticed how I looked at my clothes; he brought them up for me in the bed.

Funny enough, he was still in his nude state.

He wasn’t even feeling shy.

I wore my clothes and reached for my phone.

Jay had to wear his boxers as he heard knock at the door.

He opened the door as the hotel staff brought in the snacks and the drinks.

We both ate in bed as we talked about his bank experience.

After eating, he held me close to his chest and we both slept off.


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