DAY 14 – EPISODE 1 (DAY 1)

Nigerian Valentine stories

It was the month of February, and that was the first time I was experiencing the love month at work.

I started work last year, precisely the month of November.

And work has been moving smoothly unless for the disturbing fact that my young Boss has an eye for me.

“Hey, Isabel, I need the report on the last contract on my table in 30 minutes,” he said as he walks into his office.

“Alright Sir,” I replied as I hurriedly did some final changes to the document.

“My problem right now is not getting this document ready; the big problem is not knowing how today’s admiration is going to be, inside that office,” I muttered to myself.

His advances are too obvious that my colleagues are beginning to notice.

The other day I was out on a break with Christy, she boldly asked me if my Boss has eyes for me.

And she even went on to encourage me to give it a thought since I wasn’t dating at age 27.

It left me wondering how many more of my colleagues that know already.

…BUZZ>>>BUZZ>>>………(the office intercom)

I hurriedly picked the call.

ME: Hello Sir.

BOSS: Yea, Isabel you can come in with the document I requested.

ME: On my way sir.

He hung up*****

I stood up from my chair and arranged my clothes, took the document and proceeded to his office.

“Lock the door,” he commanded.

I said a short prayer in my mind as I locked his office.

“Sit down,” he calmly demanded.

“Thank you, Sir,” I replied as I sat with fear.

He took the document from my hand and flipped through it.

As he did that, his eyes were fixed on me.

“Tell me, what is about me that you can’t deal with?” he asked.

“Nothing Sir,” I retorted.

“I have told you to drop this ‘Sir’ thing.  Call me Jason or Jay for short.”

At the sound of that, I went speechless and exhaled deep.

“God! Does this guy want me out of this job?”

“Why me?”

“Am I the only pretty Lady in this firm?”

Those conflicting thoughts went through my mind in a split of seconds before he called back my attention with his next question.

“Just tell me the truth, are you dating?”

That was a confusing question for me at that moment because I felt like to lie and say ‘yes’ if that will make him leave me alone; and at the same time, I wanted to say ‘No’ and be confident about myself.

Finally, I muttered a more confused answer.

“No, yes.”

“Mm-hmm, which is ‘Yes and No’?” he asked as he stood up from his seat and walked closer to me.

He sat 90 decrees on the table in front of me.

“Isabel, you and I know that you are not dating. I know you might be scared about giving me a chance in your life, but I promise you, girl, I’m not going to ruin such great opportunity,” he said holding my right hand.

I saw the look in his eyes; he sounded so genuine to me.

At that point, I needed to break the silence between us by saying something.

“I will think about it,” I replied.

“Wow! Perfect. What about dinner tomorrow after work?” he suggestively asked.

“Alright Sir,” I replied.

“Isa…can you drop the ‘Sir’ thingy?”

“I’m sorry, it’s pretty hard for me; maybe with time,” I replied with forceful smiles because I was getting uneasy with the tension that was building up because of our closeness.

He kept rubbing my hand and looking at me in a certain way.

“I wish to go back to work now, Sir,” I chimed in.

“Alright, you can,” he retorted as he left my hand, stood up and went back to his chair.

I quietly stood up and left his office to my desk.

“What a temptation!” I thought to myself.

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