“See Winnie; sometimes, you just have to wait!”

“Don’t ever give in to the pressure out there.”

“You will find what you want in a man as long as you are busy making yourself useful too.”

“My mother that pressured me has even forgotten all those early marriage stories she used to tell me. Why?”

“Because she is enjoying the grace and wealth God brought me into.”

Those were the words of Mrs. EZINNA LARRY OMENKA.

“Hope you and Linda are still good friends?” I asked.

“No Winnie, Linda is now my sister. Our bond keeps getting strong every day,” She replied.

“Let me ask you the last question now. Have you noticed any changes on the side of your husband since your marriage is now four years old with two handsome boys to show for it?”

“Winnie, I can only tell every woman to live right. Sometimes I will be asking God if the love Larry feels for me is real. But I have come to understand that his unconditional love is a payment to all my right living. Nature rewarded all my bad experiences with men. My husband has not changed; instead, our friendship keeps getting better by the day.”

“Hmm…I had fun with you Mrs. Ezinna! You are truly blessed,” I reaffirmed.

“Thank you, Winnie! Keep doing you my darling; you are having someone better than Larry.”

“Amen ooo…,”  I replied as I stood up to leave her home.

“What a story?” I said in an undertone as I walked out of her compound.

……………..THE END……………………………………………………………….


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  1. Wow what a story indeed, God see your daughter, bless me with a better Larry and Rex, I want happiness amen.
    Winnie thank you one day you’ll write mine too, God bless you.

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