I woke up to the warm cuddles from Larry.

“Good morning my love,” Larry whispered into my ears as he held me so tight.

“Good morning baby,” I greeted with kisses.

“Tell me, did you sleep well last night?” Larry asked.

“Yes baby, but I’m feeling weak.”

“Don’t worry; you will be fine…okay?”

“Alright. How was the wake-keep last night?” I asked.

“It went well. But I have to get ready immediately and leave. If you need anything, call the driver. Linda will come to stay with you until we are back from the mortuary,” Larry retorted.

“Alright baby, be careful,” I cautioned.

“I will,” Larry replied with a peck.

He jumped out of bed and walked to the bathroom to get ready.

His phone kept ringing, as he got ready.

After an extra 20 minutes, Larry was ready to leave.

“Be fine and strong for our baby and me …okay?” Larry said with a wink.

I giggled to his comment as he walked away.

I stood up from the bed and walked to the kitchen to fix something and eat.

After an hour, I was ready and stronger for the burial service.

Linda joined me as we waited for them to come back from the mortuary.

“Ezinna, I envy you,” Linda said.

“How do you mean?” I curiously asked.

“You are pregnant already. Sometimes, I get scared,” Linda replied.

“Scared of what?”

“If I would be pregnant.”

“God forbid Linda! You will,” I cut in.

“I pray o. Just that I wouldn’t want to put Michael under any pressure right now; I would have tried seeing if it will enter,” Linda chimed in.

“Linda calm down. Besides, no one is sure that I am. I haven’t run any test remember! Please don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure. When it’s time, you will be pregnant,” I advised.

“Thank you Ezinna! But I think you are actually pregnant; the signs are all over you,” Linda said.

As we were in that conversation, we heard the ambulance siren, signaling that the corpse just arrived.

We both rushed out immediately.

Larry was soaked in the pool of his tears.

I stood aside and watched how worthless this life.

“This is so sad,” I said in an undertone as I sat at a corner.

The ceremony began immediately because some people came from Port Harcourt for the burial.

It was a significant societal burial because Larry’s family is a well-known, influential one.

Before we knew it, it was evening already.

Everything went successfully as planned.

Larry and Michael insisted that we all would go back to town that evening.

“Baby, do you think going back to town this evening won’t bring up an issue with your community?” I asked Larry.

“There’s no problem baby; we equally have some special friends to take care of,” Larry replied.

So we all went back to their estate that evening.

But I was feeling so weak and dizzy that I didn’t partake in any of the evening outings.

I slept until the next day….

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