Fast-forward all these happenings to four months after Larry’s mother’s death.

Linda was engaged, and I was partly staying at Larry’s apartment.

We all bonded more and better.

But we had to plan Larry’s mother’s burial.

We all had to relocate to Larry’s village in Enugu state.

That was when we got to know the kind of wealth God brought Linda and I into.

Linda and I took our work-leave for that month in other to help.

But did we even do much of the stressing? No!

God blessed us with Good twin brothers that didn’t believe in stressing their women.

We barely did much in the village because we were staying in one of their father’s estate at Enugu town.

“Babe! You are my destiny helper,” Linda said to me, as we were getting ready to move down to the village for the burial the next day.

“It’s God my friend!” I replied with smiles, as we got ready and waited for the driver.

“But God cannot come down to help us! He uses humans,” Linda retorted.

“You are right, but I didn’t pitch you to Michael,” I cut in.

“Ezinna! I know that. But if I wasn’t friends with you, he might have ended up with another,” Linda chimed in.

“It’s fate, my friend,” I replied with a tap.

We both giggled.

After about an extra 20 minutes, the driver arrived.

“Sorry madam, the queue at the petrol station was much,” the driver apologized.

“It’s alright. Take the luggage into the boot,” I replied with a demand.

Linda and I entered immediately because Larry was already missing me and calling countless.

We got to the village in an hour 30 minutes.

We settled in and didn’t even see our men as we arrived.

We gathered that they were in a meeting with some elders.

They came into the house late in the evening, very tired and worn out.

Everywhere was busy with the wake-keep and all other activities.

“I missed you, baby,” Larry said as he hugged me so tight.

“I missed you more my love. Have you had something to eat?” I asked.

“I’m not hungry. Don’t eat everything you see here. Remember, this is the village!” Larry cautioned.

“I know baby, I made spaghetti for you,” I replied.

“Alright then, let’s go in so that you can serve me some,” Larry beckoned as he held me and we walked into his bedroom, which I locked.

“I’m impressed baby,” Larry said as we entered into his bedroom.

“With what?” I asked.

“You are security conscious too,” Larry commended.

“Baby! I’m fatherless too, so I understand all the village security conscious thingy.”

“Lovely,” Larry replied as he drew me closer for some passionate kiss.

“Baby, can’t you wait and eat the food first?” I hesitantly queried.

“No, the food can wait! This food here is served already,” Larry said as he locked his lips with mine on the bed.

After about 5 seconds, I aggressively pushed him away and rushed into the bathroom to throw-up.

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