I walked back into the sitting room as I thought about the meaning of life if we keep losing our loved ones.

My thoughts ran to my late father.

The way he died and was forgotten by his brothers who are selling his lands and inheritance.

“We just have to live without considering all these fake relatives because, in the end, they will deal with your family when you are gone,” I said in an undertone as tears rolled down my cheek.

After about an extra 20 minutes, Larry joined me downstairs.

“Haa! Baby, you are awake already,” I said as he walked towards me.

“Yea, Michael’s calls woke me up. He said that people are coming to pay condolence visits and I need to be in Mummy’s apartment with him,” Larry replied.

“It’s true, do you want me to come with you? Although I thought you would be hungry,” I chimed in.

“You can come with me, but I don’t feel like eating right now,” Larry retorted.

“I can understand, it’s okay. You can join Michael. I will join you soon,” I said.

Larry sluggishly turned around and walked out of his apartment.

“OMG! He’s in deep pains. I just don’t know the right words to say to him now.”

“What is food compared to the pain in his heart but he still needs to eat.”

“I can imagine how it feels to be an orphan in this lonely world.”

“God! Why did you allow this to happen now?”

“Just at the time I was getting to love Larry’s mom.”

Those were my confused thoughts as tears rolled down my cheeks.

I had to clean my tears, rushed upstairs into Larry’s bedroom and changed my casual wear into something better.

After about 10 minutes, I left Larry’s apartment and walked to his late Mom’s.

Before I could get there, I met Linda halfway.

“Babe! This thing tire me o,” Linda lamented.

“My dear, this life is really useless,” I cut in.

“The worst is that Michael is losing his mind. He acts so confusedly right now,” Linda further complained.

“What do you expect from someone who just became an orphan? It’s not easy on them Linda,” I replied.

“The worst is, I’m speechless, I don’t know the right words to console him with,” Linda said.

“You are not alone in that confused state. I’m equally confused,” I echoed.

“Hmm! Well, I want to go and make something for him. It’s getting late and he hasn’t eaten,” Linda said in her attempt to walk away.

“Please do, let me join Larry inside,” I replied as we both walked towards different directions.

I sat and held Larry for hours as friends and neighbors paid their condolence.

It was already late in the night, and Larry was looking so tired and sleepy.

“Baby, let’s go to the apartment so that you can eat, bath and sleep,” I whispered into his ears.

He accepted and stood up as I held him and we walked into his apartment.

I served him with the food I made.

Although he ate a little in silence and pains, he walked into the bedroom, had his bath and slept off immediately.

I stayed up awake to clean the kitchen before joining him in bed.

It was a sad day for us all.

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