We got to the mortuary and deposited Larry’s mum’s body.

It was a sad day for everyone.

“God! I can’t bear this anymore,” Larry said as he broke down in tears in his car.

“Baby, I understand how you feel. I’m speechless too.”

“Who would have believed that Mummy just wanted to see us all happy last night?”

“This is difficult for me too.”

“I don’t even know what to tell you. But you need to be strong, baby,” I consoled as I held his right hand.

He cried so hard as he rested his head on the car steering.

After about an extra 10 minutes, he started the ignition to drive off.

“Baby wait! I don’t think that you are in the right frame of mind to drive, please can you allow me to drive you for today?” I requested.

Larry quietly climbed down and handed the car key to me.

We switched positions, and I drove off.

We got home after an hour thirty minutes because of the traffic.

Michael and Linda were already in the compound.

Larry and I walked into Larry’s apartment.

Larry went straight to his bedroom.

I had to make juice and take up into his bedroom to calm his nerves.

As I entered the bedroom, Larry was in the bathroom.

I dropped the glass of juice on the bed cabin.

I sat on the bed and waited for Larry to come out of the bathroom.

After an extra 10 minutes, Larry came out of the bathroom and laid on the bed.

“Baby, I know you are confused right now and need some rest, but please, take the juice,” I said.

Larry brought me closer and kissed me passionately.

I didn’t see that coming, but I had to loosen up to make him feel better.

We ended up making love and Larry slept off.

I was happy that I achieved my aim of calming him down.

I had to enter into the washroom for a bath.

After which, I had to enter into the kitchen since every of Larry’s workers were thrown into mourning.

I made Egusi soup because I knew Larry would be hungry once he wakes up.

I patiently waited for him to wake up since I didn’t want to disturb him.

Then my phone buzzed…

It was my Mom.

“Hmm….right on time,” I muttered as I picked her call immediately.

MOM: Ezinna baby, how are you.

ME: Good afternoon Mom.

MOM: How are you?

ME: I’m not fine.

MOM: Ogini(What’s it)?

ME: My fiancé’s mom just passed on.

MOM: Chukwu aju (God forbid)!

ME: Hmm, it’s a sad day for everyone mom.

MOM: Was she sick?

ME: Yes naa, I thought I told you about it. She was discharged yesterday from the hospital.

MOM: Chai!

ME: We all ate together yesterday night; she was strong and okay. She just slept and didn’t wake up this morning.

MOM: Chai! This is not good news at all.

ME: Yes Mom.

MOM: Biko (Please) take care of him.

ME: Thank you ma.

MOM: Is he close by?

ME: No, he’s sleeping.

MOM: It’s alright. I will call later to tender my condolences.

ME: Alright mom.

And she hung up*****

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