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As we got to Larry’s mum’s apartment, Michael and Linda were already there.

“What is it?” Larry screamed in fear.

“Mum is dead!” Michael replied in a weary tone.

“That can’t be true,” I rebuked as we rushed into her room

She was lying cold on her well-made bed.

“Mummy! Mummy! Wake up. Goddddd! I can’t be an orphan now.”

“Mummy please don’t do this to me.”

“I’m ready to start giving you grandchildren, mum.”

“Please wake up!”

“We can’t do this world without you Mum.”

“Oh! God, Mike, we failed Mummy.”

“We should have flown her abroad for treatment. I didn’t know this High blood pressure thing will kill her now.”

Those were Larry’s lamentations as he cried aloud.

The whole house was in tears.

What looked like a fun weekend suddenly turned into a sad one.

I cried as if I lost my mum looking at Larry’s.

I felt the exact way I felt when my father passed away.

It was a bitter experience for me.

The truth is, at a point, I became confused on what I should be doing.

“Should I hold Larry or should I leave him to grieve as he wanted?” I thought to myself.

In other not to be offensive, because I didn’t know how best he might want to process those feelings.

I stood up from where I sat and went closer to him.

As I was getting close, he hugged me.

“Oh! Baby, I know this is huge for you.”

“Take it easy on yourself.”

I said in consolation as he held me tight and sobbed all through the time.

I watched Linda as she equally held Michael.

Soon, neighbors and friends started coming to condolence.

You know what they say about bad news, “it travels faster.”

So Larry and Michael had to man up their emotions and started with the arrangement of depositing the corpse in the mortuary.

It was a painful weekend for everyone.

I sat at a corner and allowed my mind to travel a bit.

“That feeling of emptiness will set in for Larry and Michael.”

“I can understand what it feels to be empty without a father or mother.”

“It’s not as if you can trust all these wicked uncles and aunts with advice when you get confused.”

“God! Why did you allow this to happen now?”

“Just at when I felt I was already bonding with her.”

“So last night dinner was the last supper?”

“This is so painful.”

Those were my thoughts as Linda interrupted with her presence.

“Ezinna! I’m so scared!” Linda said in a fearful tone.

“Me too. Is it how people die?” I replied in tears.

“Is it not last night that we all ate and cracked jokes? What kind of life are we even living?”

“I know she came back from the hospital, but the woman I ate with last night seemed so strong in my eyes.”

Linda lamented in tears as we both consoled each other.

As we were at that emotional outpour, I heard Larry’s voice.

“Where is my wife?” He asked.

I stood up immediately and met him.

He dragged me to a corner and held me close.

“I’m sorry you have to go through this hard time with me,” Larry apologized.

“Baby, please stop that, I should be consoling you,” I retorted.

“It’s alright my love, stop crying. I want you to go to our apartment, change into something better and get me a shirt from the wardrobe. But before you do that, find Linda and tell her that Michael is waiting for her in their apartment.”

“Alright baby,” I replied as we disengaged from the hug and I went to inform Linda.

As I was entering Larry’s mum’s apartment to inform Linda, she was already walking out.

“Don’t worry Ezinna, Michael has called me already,” Linda cut in.

“It’s alright,” I replied as I did a U-turn and walked to Larry’s apartment.

I hurriedly changed into something better as the apartment looked deserted and I was a bit scared.

I picked a shirt for Larry and walked out immediately.

The ambulance was already ready, as I quickly hopped into Larry’s car and we all drove off to the mortuary with the ambulance.

“What a sad day!”

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